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  1. Ran into the same problem a while ago. and found two potential solutions: 1) There is an equivalent size (as far as I can see) with an M3-hole called the SK437 xx STS 2 from Fischer Elektronik (xx is length in mm.). However, note that only the STS 2 version has the right pin configuration for our use. Available from TME in the EU, but I haven't checked for other sources. 2) I mounted my parts with a (nylon) M3 screw, where I trimmed the head slightly with a Dremel-type tool so it would fit between the fins of the original Aavid HS, with an M3 nut on the device side. A bit of a faff to do, but seems to work OK. //UFN
  2. FWIW I personally don't use teflon SPC for power because it's too stiff (no laughing in the back please ) but (surplus) silicone-insulated copper that's pliable and easy to work with. 18-20 ga sounds right for me (app. 0.5-0.75 mm2 in metric terms). //UFN
  3. Not sure if that was a rhetorical question, but if not: Ask the seller not to put them in a box so they rattle around. Tape them together and then just cover with a (thick) outer layer of bubblewrap and cardboard/paper/duct tape. //UFN
  4. circuitpeople.com is great for viewing gerbers as well. //UFN
  5. Got my boards, thanks. Probably the best quality boards I can remember seeing actually //UFN
  6. I think I might plagiarise that idea... Just a thought, how big is the footprint for R1 and would it make sense to choose a bigger one? (I could be wrong, but it looks like 10mm to me and it also looks like there's space for 12.5mm ) //UFN
  7. Maybe take orders for the amp and the PSU separately instead? I'd at least still want a full set but I might consider adding an extra amp board - just in case. That would allow people to order amp boards only as well? Does give mwl168 some addition complexity in packing and shipping boards though. //UFN
  8. Interested in one amp board and matching PSU. //UFN
  9. Pics or it didn't happen! //UFN
  10. Could be interested in a board as well if someone places an order. //UFN
  11. UFN


    Yes, that's also one of the reasons I don't want to volunteer. The 25% VAT + additional duty and fees I would be asked to pay doesn't make a lot of sense to pay for the whole lot. //UFN
  12. UFN


    Good initiative, but it might be good if we could get a more realistic cost estimate first? Spritzers $10 ballpark is just the factory FOB-price, so some estimate on what would be the final price (including shipping/import costs and a small contingency) would make it more realistic. If you commit to 50pcs the difference between $12 and $18 per unit suddenly matters //UFN
  13. UFN


    Thanks. Even if the final price ends up being in $18-$20 range I'm pretty sure they'd go fairly quickly. Of course doing this is either a ton of legwork to run a GB or quite a bit of risk for someone to front the cash, buy the lot and then sell them off afterwards. Not sure if we have volunteers for either? //UFN
  14. UFN


    What sort of price is the Alpha at 1k quantities? //UFN
  15. UFN


    Very interesting Kerry - looking forward to seeing the finished board! //UFN
  16. That was what I was thinking as well, although I can't seem to find any data sheet for a 2SC32725... DefQon: Not sure if you you already know, but 2SCxxxx is an NPN BJT in the Japanese system (2SAxxxx is the corresponding PNP). BCxxx in the European system is a silicon small-signal BJT, but no mention of polarity. //UFN
  17. Great work as usual Ti - must have been a pretty big job to do all of those modules. //UFN
  18. Caps arrived, they look great. Thanks SorenB for organising/handling this GB //UFN
  19. UFN


    That is seriously cool //UFN
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