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  1. Not sure if that was a rhetorical question, but if not: Ask the seller not to put them in a box so they rattle around. Tape them together and then just cover with a (thick) outer layer of bubblewrap and cardboard/paper/duct tape. //UFN
  2. circuitpeople.com is great for viewing gerbers as well. //UFN
  3. Got my boards, thanks. Probably the best quality boards I can remember seeing actually //UFN
  4. I think I might plagiarise that idea... Just a thought, how big is the footprint for R1 and would it make sense to choose a bigger one? (I could be wrong, but it looks like 10mm to me and it also looks like there's space for 12.5mm ) //UFN
  5. Maybe take orders for the amp and the PSU separately instead? I'd at least still want a full set but I might consider adding an extra amp board - just in case. That would allow people to order amp boards only as well? Does give mwl168 some addition complexity in packing and shipping boards though. //UFN
  6. Interested in one amp board and matching PSU. //UFN
  7. Pics or it didn't happen! //UFN
  8. Could be interested in a board as well if someone places an order. //UFN
  9. UFN


    Yes, that's also one of the reasons I don't want to volunteer. The 25% VAT + additional duty and fees I would be asked to pay doesn't make a lot of sense to pay for the whole lot. //UFN
  10. UFN


    Good initiative, but it might be good if we could get a more realistic cost estimate first? Spritzers $10 ballpark is just the factory FOB-price, so some estimate on what would be the final price (including shipping/import costs and a small contingency) would make it more realistic. If you commit to 50pcs the difference between $12 and $18 per unit suddenly matters //UFN
  11. UFN


    Thanks. Even if the final price ends up being in $18-$20 range I'm pretty sure they'd go fairly quickly. Of course doing this is either a ton of legwork to run a GB or quite a bit of risk for someone to front the cash, buy the lot and then sell them off afterwards. Not sure if we have volunteers for either? //UFN
  12. UFN


    What sort of price is the Alpha at 1k quantities? //UFN
  13. UFN


    Very interesting Kerry - looking forward to seeing the finished board! //UFN
  14. That was what I was thinking as well, although I can't seem to find any data sheet for a 2SC32725... DefQon: Not sure if you you already know, but 2SCxxxx is an NPN BJT in the Japanese system (2SAxxxx is the corresponding PNP). BCxxx in the European system is a silicon small-signal BJT, but no mention of polarity. //UFN
  15. Great work as usual Ti - must have been a pretty big job to do all of those modules. //UFN
  16. Caps arrived, they look great. Thanks SorenB for organising/handling this GB //UFN
  17. UFN


    That is seriously cool //UFN
  18. Finally got my boards as well (inexplicably long customs delay...). Much appreciate the effort from mwl and anyone else that made this GB happen //UFN
  19. Would you not mount the amplifier PCB with the transistors at the bottom of the heatsink? In that case, the balance pot is at the top and the standard straight pot should be OK to adjust even after the board is mounted? //UFN
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