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  1. Apologies for not being accurate. 😅 I'd like the following: (enough for one Mini T2) 2x GRHVxxx (bare) 1x GRLV79xx 1x GRLV78xx 1x Main Board 1x miniT2
  2. I wonder how it taste's like. Chicken?
  3. Will wait for the next meet i suppose. Better off than blind buying. Ah you're talking about that level of "boutique". Well best of luck to you. Haven't heard of Shinkoh tantalums and just did some reading on that, thanks. Thanks nnotis for confirming that they are on the bright side of neutral.
  4. Gotta agree with you there. It's become to the point of placebo or just plain impulse. Some OP-Amps are pretty close to night/day difference though, i would say. NE5532 to LME49720 for example. One is excessively bass heavy while the other focusing too much on treble. "Boutique" version? Any way to make it more boutique other than using Nichizon KZ, Vishay Dale Resistors, Wima Film, and OCC Wires? I'm still thinking whether i should go for potentiometer or stepped attenuator. As of this point a little fearful of not finding a good suited solid state amp for this HD800. Took too much time making a cable and changing it's internal driver wire out to litz occ.. Maybe I'll freak out and go try the Anaxilus Mod for that bright suppression. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/diy-modification-sennheiser-hd-800-anaxilus-mod
  5. Ah, just read it over at Head-Fi, that's pretty good. It would of hurt to try out a beta product and lose 15% for not liking it or if there was a defect and to pay for return shipping. I'm very jealous. I was trying to grab a GS-X MKII for the HD800 since the Schiit Mjolnir i have now sounds too excessively bright with them. Tried really hard to get into this beta to see if the Ragnarok was also bright with HD800's since there wasn't really any losses to be concerned about, it seemed like a great idea. Sadly i'm not that lucky. Gotta stay away from casinos.
  6. That's news to me as i've read many comparisons between the B22 & GS-X saying the B22 was more musical and bass heavy (colored). But if it's bright as you say, that'll mean the GS-X would be even brighter (If those statements were true). if that's the case, how can people prefer them so much with HD800's? Was the B22 you listened to a 3-channel (stereo) or 4-channel (balanced)? I can make one myself within a month or so, so that option seemed much easier to me than waiting for a GS-X MK2. Justin over at HeadAmp haven't replied to me yet regarding how long it'll take to make, so that's another concern. Sadly I can't go for the Woo Audio WA22 nor DNA Stratus. I need the amplifier to have balanced pre-outs for my powered Adam A7X's monitors. Not too keen on tube amps either. Rolling tubes just annoy the heck out of me. Same thing with rolling OP-AMPS. So far between the HD800 & LCD-2 i have at hand, the LCD-2 definitely sounds better with Schiit Equipment. It's so hard to find a dark/warm solid state amp with so many mixed information everywhere! Not looking for anything over $3000 as i'll still have to pick up a Matrix Audio X-Sabre DAC.
  7. Been trying the HD800 lately with solid state amps from Schiit but ended up getting very harsh and excessive brightness. Sounds too analytically and the bass is really lacking, overall music is not so musical. I recommend these with darker sounding solid state amps (which are hard to find), or tube amps such as Woo Audio WA22 or DNA Stratus 2A3. Currently trying to obtain a HeadAmp GS-X MK2 or AMB Beta 22 to see if solid state can be sufficient enough for these phones, otherwise i'll really have to switch over to tubes.
  8. Looks like a great product for those who intend on using it with passive speakers as well. Sadly i was not chosen for the Beta. :"3 I wonder if those who made the BETA and choose to return it, would the 15% fee apply? mhm....
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