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  1. Hahahaha...all very valid points. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and more often than not, there is no logical reason for loving something or someone :p
  2. Fair point that. I don't even swim, much less dive. So a diver on the wrist is kinda ironic. But i like the lume on divers hahaha
  3. Yes, love the broad arrow hands. That really catches my eye as compared to the pencil hands on the regular Speedies. Note taken. I was impressed that the Tudor BB Chrono has screw-in pushers. Does the Daytona have a similar type as well?
  4. Thanks for the pointer there. A FOIS popped up for sale but no cards. Bummer.
  5. Indeed..have wanted a Rolex but i prefer something dressier. I thought of an OP but it was too simple for my taste and the price regardless the brand and movement within. Pelagos not so much but the 2019 BB Bronze gets my vote. It looks really good in a strap! Tudor has a good price/value ratio and their BB range looks handsome too. Hahaha..valid point there. It's becoming too common. I'm looking at a pre-owned 2017 Omega Speedy '57 Co-axial 41.5mm in a strap. I think it looks handsome. There's one for sale locally at about US$4,300. What do you guys think?
  6. Good advice there. Hence I've not asked about prices when merely browsing. Truth be told, I've not found a piece that I truly want to own. Well, except maybe an Explorer II but I've only seen black dials at pre owned dealers. Polar dials must be all the rage now that none have come up for sale, yet. At least in my part of the world. The search continues I suppose.
  7. Thanks for the pointers guys. I have never been to an Omega AD with the intention to purchase..never even really visited one just to browse. Time to do so. On another note, i hardly see pre-owned Omegas with the grey market/pre-owned dealers. Maybe not as popular in demand as compared to Rolex and APs
  8. Have to check out the Omega AD and see if they have any on the counter. Strap would be preferable for me but i take note your point on resale value with a bracelet @SeaWolf
  9. Those are indeed beautiful watches in a simplistic way. I would change the straps as i'd be anal seeing the titanium bracelet being scratched all over the place :p
  10. Both beauties and not healthy to my wallet hahaha...but i must say i prefer a Sub to a GMT just because i prefer the Sub's bezel numbering fonts more.
  11. Just get on ebay and search for the tube types you need. Or just Google and there should be sellers like tube depot and the likes who sell new and used tubes.
  12. Yes a Nato would be fine. But first I need to find a watch to fit the Nato on. Maybe a Tudor BB.
  13. I can't wear it for long that's all. A day or two continuosly max. Then I have to wear it on the other wrist. Also why I mostly wear Swatch now. Hmm.. That makes me happy to know. There's an Explorer 2 (the earlier version with thin GMT hand) that I'm eyeing. @SeaWolf a DSSD is way out of my budget unfortunately.
  14. Really looking for a Rolex but seeing the Santos here makes me wanna check that out too. Only problem is I am allergic to steel so leather or rubber strap is preferred.
  15. Do they have a Santos with leather strap? Wow..the local Rolex ADs here have almost empty counters save for some ladies Datejust and the such. Even 39mm OPs are out of stock. Are these really that hot now? On the Explorer 2, is it true they have ceased production on them? The polar dials seem to be more in demand as compared to the black dial, which was quite the opposite years back when the first iteration of the Explorer 2 was released.
  16. Interesting..should get me a pair as well. When will they be ready for order?
  17. Thanks, HS. Your pics sure make them look better than what I saw at the dealership. My preferred model would be the Explorer II but way out of my budget. The OP is simplistic in design but those blue markers against a grey dial create an entrancing contrast to my eyes.
  18. Am looking at my very first Rolex albeit an entry level OP 39mm...the dark grey dial with blue hour markers look really nice. What's you guys' thought on this model?
  19. Oh gosh, am still waiting for my first Rolex and that Explorer II is top on the list!
  20. What do you guys think of the Yacht Master with the rhodium dial. Looks very similar to the GMTs n Subs..and a nice hue too IMO
  21. What a beauty! One can only wish on my part
  22. Is it good for high impedance headphones as well?
  23. Thanks. Thought the Squarewave would be a nice complement to the Dynalo.
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