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  1. There's a couple of pre-loved moonwatches for sale (even a FOIS one) at the local forums here in Malaysia. All within budget but the only one catching my attention is a broad arrow hand re-issue on stainless steel bezel. Love the broad arrow type hand versus the matchstick ones.. You have a good problem there, my friend! The dark side of the moon is pretty cool. Love the meteorite dial more. As mentioned above, i'm looking at a pre-loved broad arrow hand re-issue model. SS bezel. Or maybe a basic Rolex like the one HS purchased...
  2. I've seen a grey colored and white colored meteorite dial on their website. Both looks tasty but pricey. Are you looking at a purchase yourself?
  3. Ahh so you prefered the white dial one. The Omega is nice but for the price, i'd rather pick a Rolex. I do have trouble differentiating all the different Speedmasters and FOIS, Speedy Tuesday, etc etc..they all look the same to me haha
  4. The red grape Rolex does look very nice. Love the sunburst dial. So, which did you leave the shop with?
  5. Nice watches there but way over my budget. Any thoughts on Oris watches? I kinda like the Pointer Date.
  6. Thanks for the concise impressions. I have an SR-007 Mk 2 and i'm afraid the Octave 2 may not be sufficient. In any case, i have Birgir's "cheap" version of the KGSSHv and it drives the headphones marvellously. I'm just curious about his other amps and what they bring to the table sonically. As is the case with your set-up, mine is nowhere TOTL too but gives hours of listening pleasure. Happy to stop here but as in any hobby....that's not gonna happen I was contemplating the L300 LE but having once owned the regular L300, i find it wanting in terms of bass response and the thin ear pads was not too comfy. Still it is a nice headphone for the price.
  7. Curious to hear your impressions of the Octave 2 if you don’t mind
  8. Thanks, Kerry. Would you say the Yggy has a robust power supply and thus offer greater dynamics and headroom as compared to the Ares?
  9. Is comparing the yggy to the ares Apple to oranges?
  10. Guess i need to check em out too. Need a balanced dac.
  11. Do you see any reason to consider the higher range models (Pontus, Venus, Terminator)?
  12. Can't expect too much except it looks pretty nice. Just don't fancy the thin pads...
  13. About to pounce on a pair...any difference sonically from the regular L300?
  14. That's a very nice care package, Birgir!
  15. I'm more curious as to how the Audio Gd DAC sounds compared to the Denafrips Ares..
  16. We await the results with bated breath...
  17. Thanks for the kind reply. Guess I’ll stick to a less complicated watch for starters
  18. Guys, seek your advice - is it expensive to service and maintain a watch with perpetual calendar and moon-phase complications? Something like the JLC Master Calendar? Am looking at one that was initially purchased back in 2012...wondering if its time for a service and what it would reasonably cost. Appreciate your thoughts
  19. Perhaps you can get a pair, tear it apart and improve upon it. I'd buy it off you in a jiffy
  20. I had a pair of L300 which sounded pretty decent on its accompanying amp the SRM-252S.
  21. Fair enough. Its just that i didn't hear any excitement when i auditioned their Alpha dogs and Ether. Bland sounding and unexciting to my ears. To each his own then.
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