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  1. Sorry how does this amp sound compared to the dynalo?
  2. Is the cost of building the mini T2 (much/slightly) lesser than a full sized one?
  3. Is baking your other big interest, Birgir?
  4. That's a minimalist, gorgeous design! Hopefully this will make the T2 more accessible to the masses...
  5. You should be a time piece reviewer. You make me want to get a Cartier myself! I'm looking for a nice time piece myself but can't quite firm up a choice. Maybe a higher end Seiko (Marinemaster) or a simple G Shock
  6. I noticed you guys prefer watches with clean dials and simple designs. May i ask which areas of the Santos that makes you so happy with it?
  7. A waste of money buying the mag? ?
  8. Nice. I should start saving up for one. Really like the Snowflake. And if I strike the lottery I'd go for the one with the 8 day power reserve too ?
  9. Nice one there that you have! Simple, clean lines and great accuracy. How do you find the hi-beat to perform in terms of accuracy?
  10. The GS Snowflake (spring drive) is a beautiful one. However, the 2018 model has gold colored indexes and hour/minute hands, which i found a bit too gaudy for my taste. The GS Diver (also spring drive) is another beautiful watch. Sadly, both are out of my price range.. One general question on automatic/mechanical time pieces - how anal are you guys when it comes to accuracy?
  11. Is the full metal g shock still available? Been looking for one but to no avail.
  12. Planning to sell this some time in the near future? ?
  13. The jubilee kinda defines the oyster, doesn't it?
  14. A Grand Seiko dress watch like the Snowflake or one of those hi beat versions is on the option list as well...
  15. Not too fussy with sizing, from 40 to 42 mm is good. Not too small like a 36 or even 39mm. There's a used Tudor Pepsi gmt up for sale locally for about $4500 equivalent and another BB bronze for about $3500. Good choices both?
  16. hmm..nice piece but i would prefer something more of a tool watch - divers or aviation.
  17. Barring a Rolex and a Speedy, what would be a nice watch to buy and keep with the aim to handover to my kids when they graduate or are old enough to appreciate a time piece?
  18. Lovely understated elegance!
  19. Happy Birthday, Birgir!
  20. You don't really need to go straight to the BHSE/009. Even a regular lambda/kgsshv combo sounds good. Or an 007/kgsshv combo to give u top tier sound.
  21. https://www.malaysiawatchforum.com/index.php?topic=19830.0 Somehow the pic doesn't come out on my office PC..but you can check it out from the link above. Here's another one, seen below :
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