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  1. Inconel is the real deal. I'm big on using it on seriously boosted cars' exhaust valves. Was good to me despite the mile long beatings. HS
  2. Godspeed, Mr. Plummer....and thank you for the great roles. RIP, Mr. Holbrook... HS
  3. The Niche has been a nice addition to my coffee routine. I have mixed feelings about the addition of the plexiglass disc when it comes to large sized Latin American beans, but that's a small thing and easy to remove. Nice to look at as well as I keep it on our counter. HS
  4. Godspeed, Mary Ann. You were most definitely the hottie in my heart... HS
  5. Some background for a great news man. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a34906773/walter-cronkite-racing/?source=nl HS
  6. Squiggy!!! Godspeed, David... Thank you for all the laughs in my youth. HS
  7. The purple heart done properly is pretty nifty. I am speaking as a buyer not a builder...those with the skills here are those that make the good looking stuff I seek out. I have a thing for wood boxes. The wife calls it a problem...I refer to it as an opportunity... HS
  8. Nice, Aura! I've gone back to DoubleShot and am enjoying a Panamanian El Bambito (or something like that) and a Costa Rican La Minita in my Chemex. Delish... I did notice they seem to be roasting a tad bit darker on these two, but still a medium roast I'd say. HS
  9. that was a good video. I like that young lady. Pleasant to watch and I learn something new every video. HS
  10. Please accept my sincere condolences, Fitz. Godspeed, Matilda... Sam
  11. RIP, James, Tony, Jerry and Viola. Amazing run, Viola! HS
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