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  1. I can't wait for the weekend to get some proper coffee in me... The compostable K-cups and recyclable Nespresso pods leave much to be desired... HS
  2. A good day to take off and enjoy my boy's company... Happy caffeinating... HS
  3. That's awesome, Augsburger. I also found the learning curve on espresso to be a bit steeper than I expected and despite all the video watching and reading I did, it still amazes me how much changes over time (i.e. w/o changing beans) and from coffee to coffee. Very dynamic and alive if you will. Cool when it is not torturing you...and very nifty when you really nail a pour. Happy caffeinating... HS
  4. My Memli order showed up just in time for the weekend. Sipping a Columbian El Vergel Lagoon Java pour over. There's a lot going on with this cup...very sweet and fruity. He also kindly roasted a Kenyan Kiunyu Washed for espresso that made a nice cup yesterday. I have to see the East African coffees are the sweet spot for me. I was a bit sloppy with the grind as I accidentally read a white wax mark I've made to ensure things stay in sink on the Niche vs the small chrome nipple. It'll be better this afternoon but it was still delicious despite my rushing. Love me a weekend... HS
  5. Sounds to me like the grind is a bit too fine on the Niche. I'm bouncing between a Chemex/pour over where I take it past the 50 setting to the edge of the hinge on the plastic lid. For espresso I'm anywhere between 14 and 12. It requires a reasonable amount of grip and a bit of force to go down from pour over to espresso up to a point and then it becomes easier for some reason. Very little effort to go the opposite direction from espresso to pour over. The bouncing back and forth was giving me a bit of grief by I've got it down pretty well now. Dialing in a fresh set of espresso beans...well that takes a bit of doing for me. HS
  6. RIP, Mr. Renaud. Godspeed, William... Exceptional actor. Accidental Tourist is another I'd toss up as a great work. HS
  7. I purchased a Baltic Aquascape some years ago as my true tool / beater watch. Told my older boy if he nailed his grades during a semester of college he could have it....well. He's been loving that watch since then on the beads of rice bracelet. I preferred the tropic rubber strap...such is life. Was looking to replace it and everything I wanted was sold out at Baltic. My impatience led me to this Peren. Micro brand. I bought it on the stainless bracelet but they had supplier issues and sent it on a super crappy black NATO. I put it on an olive one I had laying around which I think serves it much better. It hasn't fully grown on me yet... HS
  8. I'm looking forward to trying the Rwandan! HS
  9. Vieux Carre....simply delicious. 3/4 oz good rye 3/4 oz cognac 3/4 oz sweet vermouth (I'm a big fan of Spaniard Lustau as me and amaro / bitter are not friends) 2 tsp Benedictine (think half as much as the above pours) 1 dash Peychaud's bitters 2 dashes Angustura bitters All the above into ice... stir for 20 seconds. I prefer straining into a whiskey glass with a large cube although pouring into a chilled coupe glass is more traditional. You can express an orange peel and do the high quality cherry thing. It's basically a New Orleans centric riff on a Manhattan. Enjoy... HS
  10. Please accept my condolences, Todd. HS
  11. If you're going light / medium, I am in, Sir. HS
  12. I didn't take any as we were freezing out butts off and most the cars never got off the trailers. I really suck at taking pictures I have to admit...LOL Great to see on the TRX. Hopefully won't sink at sea (horrible story...apparently 20 of the Porsches were for Houstonians). My friends had two out for the rental: red one and a black one. Love those trucks! HS
  13. We had a track rental for today. Weather got the better of us...need to swap back to the street tires on my piggy. Bummer... The good thing is I can start my drink a bit earlier...LOL. This cold and wet weather is overrated for most things, but brown liquor compliments it. HS
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