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  1. A lot of camshaft can provide a good bit of that “lope” or surge as well. Super cool group of cars! That movie holds a place in my once youthful heart. HS
  2. Godspeed, David…. You helped take the edge off of quite a few long days. HS
  3. We chose the correct joint....yummy chow EDIT: as long as someone takes their mushy peas seriously...LOL HS
  4. I'm determined to find the best fish and chips in town for lunch today. Likely means the Red Lion but I have a bit of reconnoitering to do in case things have changed over the years... HS
  5. LOL...I should have known better. I was thinking that was lake water. I'm jealous regardless! HS
  6. TN is a beautiful state. Looks like a Great Blue Heron....big dinosaur! HS
  7. Even touched my beloved Jon Spencer Blues Explosion....godspeed to a legend. HS
  8. I needed a replacement pour over scale after my Amazon jobbie gave up the ghost and the replacement was subpar. Was leaning towards an Acaia Lunar or Lunar S given my experience with the Lunar that got bundled with the espresso maker. I decided to check out the Timemore Black 2.0 based on some input here and a bit of research. It was my first purchase on Aliexpress (Alibaba related...again based on a suggestion here). $43 which is hard to argue with. Took a bit to arrive but not terrible. So far it has been pretty good. It is responsive and accurate. Only thing I'm still getting used to is the Tare...it's a bit slow and you don't know you got it right...you have to have a split second of faith. Also, the springs / mechanisms that allow the scale to move and thereby calculate weight are a big "springy or spongy". Not a big deal but it takes away a from a solid feeling. My conclusion after only having it a week...good for the money. HS
  9. Not sure if this belongs here, but last night I watched a movie about Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White: It Might Get Loud. Published in 2009 and made in 2008. Can't believe I missed this one. Very much enjoyed hearing about the individuals and getting to see them jam was pretty cool. Jack White...special. LOL. HS
  10. You had me at twelve-banger that redlines at 9500 rpm and weights 3440 lbs.... Sexxxxxy time! HS
  11. And the Weber is good for snacks...LOL HS
  12. I like seeing retro nods to past models which I think this one certainly accomplished. Overall, I like it. The engine compartment somewhat reminds me of a Dodge Viper (V10) but with the engine clearly set further back. Owning Italian is not for the light hearted or those on a budget...LOL. HS
  13. I have read a good bit about letting the beans "rest" (i.e. release gasses) post roasting and generally the roasters I buy from recommend 7-14 days depending on the bean/roast. Since I have not experimented other than drinking coffee, I can only offer that I used to buy my beans from Memli when they were local (he's since moved to CA). They improved with a bit of time and then tipped over....concept of peak deliciousness for my personal tastes and then oxidation I'm guessing got the better of them. My biggest complaint is most roasters I have tried over roast the heck out of the beans for my palate (reference to my pour over beans). HS
  14. From the Coffee Beanery....I have tried none of this, for the record. HS What is Flavored Coffee? Flavored coffee is made by infusing coffee beans with additional flavors to enhance the taste and aroma of the beverage. There are several methods used to create flavored coffee, and here are a few of the common ones: 1. Flavoring during roasting: One method involves adding flavoring agents to the coffee beans during the roasting process. This can be done by applying liquid flavorings or sprays onto the beans before they are roasted. As the beans roast, the flavors penetrate the surface and become absorbed, resulting in flavored coffee. 2. Flavoring after roasting: Another approach is to flavor the coffee beans after they have been roasted. This is typically achieved by using flavored oils or extracts. The roasted beans are mixed or coated with these oils, allowing the flavors to adhere to the surface. The coffee beans are then left to dry, enabling the flavors to be absorbed. 3. Natural flavoring: Some flavored coffees use natural ingredients to add flavor. For example, whole spices, such as cinnamon, vanilla beans, or cocoa nibs, may be added to the coffee beans during the roasting process. As the coffee beans roast, they absorb the natural flavors, resulting in a subtly flavored coffee. 4. Flavored syrups: Flavored syrups are also commonly used to add flavor to coffee. These syrups come in various flavors such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or chocolate. They are added directly to brewed coffee as a sweetener and flavor enhancer, allowing the coffee drinker to customize their beverage according to their preferences.
  15. I figured someone better informed would chime in. I believe this is the one... https://ikawahome.com/products/ikawa-home-roasting-system?variant=40582517653679 HS
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