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  1. Please accept my condolences, Chris. Godspeed Ms Lori… Sam
  2. Suggest you check out the anaerobic styles...a bit too rich for me but definitely unusual. They also have some experimental offerings that might be to your liking. https://onyxcoffeelab.com/collections/new-offerings-coffee/profile:modern HS
  3. You'll love the Niche, Sherwood. Although they irritate me with their she-she packaging (costly IMO), Onyx Coffee Labs has exceptional coffee. They have a sampler box that I think is a super value...might be worth a shot. Happy caffeinating... HS
  4. and here I am at the office getting ready to drink a sadly Laughing Man Hugh's Blend K-cup....whining noises ensue. HS
  5. Interesting. That would suck if Tudor elected not to make it right...poor judgement on their part if it's true. HS
  6. Great info, ER. Thank you for sharing. HS
  7. This is excessive but I have to say I'm excited to try many new coffees over the holidays... Onyx Coffee Lab out of AR is a bit proud of their coffees but I have to say all I have tried have been very good. https://onyxcoffeelab.com/products/2021-advent-coffee-box-early-bird?utm_source=All Customers that Accept Marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Phase 1%3A 2021 ONYX Advent Coffee%2C Early Bird (RuRtjf)&_kx=tvG9gPR3m8o0xXNo_z_Kgc7Ze5S0m24Jq8w0qHs_TTc%3D.X9pTrM HS
  8. Love me some Panamanian! I shifted away from darker roasts many a year ago, ER. Found the medium roasts were more to my liking, but I was using a French press solely at the time. I'm still of the same ilk but use the Chemex these days almost exclusively. Once retirement comes and I get a proper espresso maker I might be more inclined to darker roasts again...TBD. The Yemeni Levercraft I had at Grawk's recommendation a few years back was special....very Cherry forward. Pricey but I got it. Love me fruit forward coffees...Ethiopians are the top of the heap for me thus far. Sipping on this at the moment... HS
  9. ER, I understood after I read it a couple of times. That's a beautiful unit but it's a luxury and I definitely get the limited counter space dilemma. As for the imperial measures, I'm all for them... LOL HS
  10. https://clivecoffee.com/products/ratio-eight-coffee-maker Stupid expensive but oh my...purdy. HS
  11. I’ve read good things over the years about those. HS
  12. @EdipisReks shoot us a pic. I'm curious. HS
  13. My sincere condolences, Gentlemen. Sam
  14. mm, He is pushing roughly 25psi...maybe a bit more. Running 1/8 mile at these events. It hauls the mail and he is an exceptional driver. I help out where I can...pleasure to be useful and get to hang out with folks that are running cars like these. I just fly in so it's good to have something to do other than just drinking and talking smack...LOL. HS
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