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  1. So much talent gone with the wind... RIP, Chuck Berry. Chuck Barris...well that was formative stuff for me. RIP, sir. HS
  2. I feel a whole lotta this coming.... HS
  3. RIP, Mr. Duva. I didn't know he was alive either. That's one heck of a run for a man, especially in that line of business. HS
  4. Godspeed, Mr. Surtees. You went very fast and lived long....no small feat. HS
  5. Thanks, purk. I need to listen to one of these out of my GS-1. HS
  6. Curious about the Elear. The Utopia won't work for me just like I don't bother with the 009. I listen to two dynamics: the HD650 from my GS-1 with dynalo+ boards upgrade (I listen to this chain most lately) and then the TH900 on occasion but the GS-1 is too sharp up top with them so I listen to them via a WA-7. I guess my hearing just doesn't do peaky treble anymore. I tend to the warmish. Is the Elear worth the climb vs say these two dynamics note above^^^? I need a listen. Local meet coming up in May, but only Utopia will be there so far....bummer. HS
  7. I ran into her music a couple of years ago. If memory serves me she's a bit of a trip in real life. I dig the edge she puts into the old school style and she's certainly not hard on the eyes. Nice to see proper videos made these days. Before MTV went seed with non-stop reality TV B.S. I was in a heavy '80s rotation today and the streaming service tossed me this tune I used to listen to quite a bit... HS
  8. No doubt! Best modern wagon ever. A buddy of mine has one with a 3.6L Kenne Bell supercharger. Calls it the BadWagon. Can't make that up... HS
  9. RIP, Mssr. Paxton. I vividly recall seeing him onscreen the first time in Weird Science....yep. Can't forget the role, the movie or the music by Danny Elfman in Oingo Boingo. RIP, Mr. Parlan. Great hands... HS
  10. LMAO...tough crowd HS
  11. definitely craziness they hopefully figured out. Is that a Magnum wagon in your avatar? Very cool. HS
  12. A lot of folks love them. If the e-stats are anything like the test pair I tried, only a fool would buy them. I had to crank them up hard and it was like having a radio on your desk if you were next to the guy listening to them....major shouty leakage. HS
  13. LOL....close. 2009 Dodge Challenger so they're in the same class, right?!? The car is so much fun right now I can hardly stand it. Took a long time to get it to a happy place. Hope it lasts... HS