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  1. LOL...that's one way of cutting it. HS
  2. That sucks! I am Houston based. If there is something I can be of assistance with just let me know. This chip thing is out of control. HS
  3. Oh no! Whitesnake video queen... Teenage crush. Godspeed, Tawny... HS
  4. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2021/05/03/bobby-unser-1934-2021-obituary?refer=news&utm_source=edaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-05-04 HS
  5. Exceptional...Godspeed, Bobby. HS
  6. Trucks these days are pretty impressive. A lot of luxury and great tech. They charge for it, but the market seems to drink it up. Miss my RAM 1500... Parking it less so. HS
  7. I've been reading about this for a while now. Saw a figure quoted that must be stale given it's a few months old...over 150K vehicles not produced due to the chip shortages. It will be interesting to see how it normalizes. Boom / bust cycles are tough but a pretty good rule of thumb... HS
  8. I think it's a great looking watch. Been loving the Spectre 300. If the build quality is similar I believe you'll be quite pleased, ER. HS
  9. I find that if I leave the last ounce or so in the cup most of that sludge drop and stays there. HS
  10. Thanks, ER. I saw it in an image and a friend helped me identify it as the Spectre version from 2015. At 41mm it works a bit better than the newer 42mm versions on my wrist. Did some research and found an "unworn" one. Had to have it... I did not expect it to be as nice as is it including the bracelet based on my prior Omega experiences. It is the finest watch I own which was a pleasant surprise. Now if that watch I ordered a couple of years ago would ever come in....LOL HS
  11. I finally found a local roaster that in my humble opinion is at the top of the coffee I have enjoyed. Memli and the gent does a nice job not only of sourcing and roasting but also attempting to educate his patrons systematically. Anyhoo, posting because I purchased something special...for me at least. It was about as much as I've paid for coffee and it reminded me of the Yemeni very cherry forward coffee grawk recommend from Levercraft in Austin. It is so fricken rich. A more progressive process to get to the final product (see below if curious). One thing I very much like is th
  12. I have been waiting on a watch I ordered a long while. Knew it would be a test of patience. That’s all fine and good but I broke down and bought myself a little something in the meantime.... HS
  13. Inconel is the real deal. I'm big on using it on seriously boosted cars' exhaust valves. Was good to me despite the mile long beatings. HS
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