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  1. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    One issue I hope they addressed was how much sound bled from the stats I tested with my Ygg / Carbon combo. I didn't realize them until I handed them to the gent next to me how loud I must have been blasting the folks next to me. It was literally like having a transistor radio playing. Some bleed on open backed headphones is perfectly natural and acceptable, but this was bordering on ridiculous. I can't speak to the man. Sounds like a great guy. I was simply focusing on the product. I will admit I struggle with all the fan boy crap on HF. Way too much support without sound critical thought IMO, but hey...maybe I'm just an old, crusty hard ass... HS
  2. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    Oh boy.... https://www.cnet.com/pictures/high-end-audio-show-dazzles-the-eye-and-ear/18/?ftag=CAD767ae48&bhid=25929228263003360050844531033783 Sincerely hope they are WAY better than the protos I heard a good while back at a local meet. Had to drive the heck out of them with my Carbon to get them to generate sound and then the sound bleeding into the room was A LOT. HS
  3. RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Mr. Dunsworth. You, sir, had personality. HS
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    This should be entertaining... HS
  5. RIP some fuck or another

    So much loss between Petty, Hugh, the senseless violence in Las Vegas. I have hardly had the heart to come out here, but one can't bury their head in the sand for long. Godspeed good people... HS
  6. Head Case Motorsports

    Nice turnout and great shots. Thanks for sharing! HS
  7. Head Case Motorsports

    A friend sent me the link and I couldn't make it past the first time it happened in the video. They had some interior and side angles...I couldn't keep looking into the sun. Hate looking into wrecks and such...they are seared into my psyche. HS
  8. Head Case Motorsports

    There was an Evo that went over that corner where the Hoonicorn (makes me chuckle...funny name) kicked up the dirt. Somehow the two in the Evo managed to walk away. I've got the link but I'm not a big fan of posting carnage. Personally, I love that the Mustang is twin turbo, AWD and they use those bad ass transmissions. I'm not all about that tire smoke unless it's functional, but I can't argue the son of a gun can drive...and has a brass set on him. HS
  9. Schiit Yggdrasil

    I once dated an exceptionally attractive, tall woman that you could describe precisely like this... Fortunately I married better. HS
  10. RIP some fuck or another

    RIP, Walter. Major loss. HS
  11. Watches

    Just seeing this, ER. Thank you for thinking of us! We are very fortunate. Very much so. The rains came hard and I literally swept water off my porch to keep it out of our home until 2am one night. Hours of sweeping and then finally the hardware store opened and I was able to acquire a sump pump. Dug a hole in the yard, placed it in a bucket, plumbed pool tubing and some plumbing fixtures...viola. Within minutes my yard was dry. Directly in front of us the toll way is under water up to the cross over bridge / road. So many heroic efforts. We are blessed. That's a sexy time piece. I might just have to bring one home... Cheers, Sam
  12. Deals

    You are correct. Here is an excerpt from my purchase from 2014 and a picture of when I received them. "Developed in tandem with the engineers at Capitol Studios, these reference monitors combine the Ultimate Ears Pro signature sound with a flat frequency response curve ideal for recording, mixing, and mastering. Thanks to the noise isolating construction and three balanced armature drivers, the outside environment never intrudes and the presentation is always upfront and powerful. As passive crossover technology tunes and separates the specific frequencies, you get clarity and detail across authentic highs, clean mids, and visceral lows." And an excerpt related to the sale with some specifics on pricing, etc... "Note: Ultimate Ears is offering an exclusive Black Friday special to our members for an additional $50 off the lowest drop price, bringing it down to $699.99. This promotion will be effective November 28 at 12AM PST until the drop ends. To individualize the UE Pro IEM to your ears, you will need to visit an audiologist for ear impressions. Visit the UE Pro preferred audiologist map to find one near you. We will contact you after the drop to coordinate sending the impressions to the manufacturer. You are responsible for the shipping of impressions to Massdrop." My bad. HS
  13. Deals

    I think it's a pretty good deal. A hundred more than I paid and you get the Zebrawood and add'l armature. Obviously you have to add in the add'l cost and hassle from the molds and mailing. Note Massdrop is slooooow.. I'd also consider how often you'll utilize them. I use mine mostly for travel. They seal pretty well and are easy to carry so I find them convenient. Best of luck with the decision. I expect they'll be some good deals coming up in November so if there's something else you know you'd prefer, I'd hold out for them. HS