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  1. Very nice, ER. I use a several year old food scale from Amazon we also use to weigh our pooch’s meals. That scale looks very high tech relatively speaking. HS
  2. Godspeed, Dusty. Grateful I got to see you before you moved on... HS
  3. Definitely need a scale that goes up higher than that, ER, but glad it went your way. I use the bleached filters and soak them properly. Don't care for those "natural" ones so much. I use between 20-30g of coffee on a 15:1 ratio (depends on time of day), bloom, then at a point where I'm at a high on the fill I'll take a metal straw or the like and give the slurry a brisk but short mix. Love my Chemex. HS
  4. Beans du jour… HS
  5. Nice looking! I was planning on swapping the Speedmaster Spectre back on the bracelet, which is nicer than I expected, but the seems made for the NATO so that’s where it has stayed… HS
  6. Very nice, ER. I'd like to see more of the bracelet if you have another shot. Do you happen to know when Omega went from the 861 movement and evolved it into the 1861? HS
  7. Any thoughts on siphon style coffee? HS
  8. https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/2021-ford-f150-vs-chevrolet-silverado-ram-1500-pickup-truck-comparison-test-review/?wc_mid=4035:21659&wc_rid=4035:34077707&_wcsid=1BDC12963F01F75244A2F56AAF617939D21C6CF956822E56 No comment... HS
  9. ^this...way too young. Godspeed, Biz... You gave me and my boys a lot of joy...hope you're in a good place. HS
  10. One of those gems just sold on "Bring too much money to a Trailer" for something like $211K if memory serves. Super sexy and definitely full tilt race car. HS
  11. That looks like a heritage...yummy chow, LW! HS
  12. I think I may be getting a bit obsessed with the idea of buying a Dodge Viper... Gen 2 or the Heritage version they put out on a limited basis in 2013. Really like the blue with white stripes... HS
  13. A boiling water rinse of those chemex filters is needed regardless of their age IMHO. The nice thing is it also serves to heat up my chemex carafe so the coffee is hotter once I'm ready to pour....I swirl around the hot water once it's made its way through the filter. I have the Japanese coffee on my agenda... I really like hot coffee so it's not often I'll drink iced. Need to try it anyhoo... HS
  14. Sweet Land Rover! Nothing like the smell of diesel... HS
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