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  1. Nice, Aura! I've gone back to DoubleShot and am enjoying a Panamanian El Bambito (or something like that) and a Costa Rican La Minita in my Chemex. Delish... I did notice they seem to be roasting a tad bit darker on these two, but still a medium roast I'd say. HS
  2. that was a good video. I like that young lady. Pleasant to watch and I learn something new every video. HS
  3. Godspeed, Mr. Trebek.... HS
  4. Please accept my sincere condolences, Fitz. Godspeed, Matilda... Sam
  5. RIP, James, Tony, Jerry and Viola. Amazing run, Viola! HS
  6. Charming young lady w/ a great accent IMO. HS
  7. RIP, Eddie...you marked my youth with some bad ass guitar. Cuts close this one. RIP, Mr. Nash... What a crap year. HS
  8. Godspeed, Mr. Dan B.... HS
  9. RIP, Ms. Diana... Lovely woman. HS
  10. I've driven through Greensboro several times for car stuff...cool town. HS
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