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  1. I was drinking DoubleShot's Panama Hartmann Natural #4 today. Good stuff! HS
  2. Do they roast in a medium style generally, darker or does it vary by bean? I'm off the super roasted stuff, but do love me a quality medium roasted whole bean. Generally stick to Central and South American and African grown. French press and Chemex now. No fancy espresso machine yet. Maybe in retirement with a bigger kitchen... Have to say I've really enjoyed the Niche Zero. It's over the top from a cost perspective but WTH... HS
  3. Nice find. I went to the website and could not find the Yemeni. Some other interesting coffee on there as well. HS
  4. I don't see the Yemeni, grawk. I just had a couple of pounds delivered on top of one I had already from DoubleShot, but I'd like to take a look at these folks as they are not too far from me. HS
  5. The Niche Flow Control Disk is available for order. Cost of shipping basically. Happy caffeinating... HS
  6. There have been articles suggestion just that...the HC motor will end up in the Durango. The SRT version sold well. I loved my Jeep SRT. If someone didn't hit it while my poor wife was driving it home after picking her father up from hospital (she was A-OK), I'd probably still have it. I wanted the TH so it was only a matter of time, but I was trying to hold out. Jeep only had 26k miles on it after 4 years. Great commute I have...with purpose. To be frank, the technology in all the HC based vehicles (and most MOPARs) is old as hell. No reason the block should not be aluminum...along with several suspension components. But...they love the V8 (as do I) and they throw power at them to overcome weight. They are roomy and I can modify them relatively easily to extract a good bit of incremental power (calibration stuff is a bit of a nightmare but I have a good man I've worked with since 2010). So I buy them. And...the Scandinavian cow, carbon fiber and Harman Kardon stereo in my TH are yummy. I'm old and high maintenance I figure. Apparently I also love depreciating assets... HS
  7. Great straight line car. Not so much for turning....LOL. The suspension was like an old brass bed. I was getting ready to modify it when it occurred to me that it is a perfectly well engineered vehicle to do exactly what it is supposed to do...run 1320 ft in a straight line. They are not that common....why mess with it so I sold mine. Wasn’t difficult, especially with the black and Demonic red leather interior. I’m now modifying a perfectly fine Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (hellcat based motor). Why not mess with one’s DD...LOL HS
  8. Power to weight...especially torque is a deal. The Demon I owned for a year and half or so was powerful, but nowhere near my turbo car. Tires were important and I rarely drove either in damp conditions unless the random Houston shower reared its head. Super soft compounds on both were critical for managing the power and even then they'd easily get sideways if you didn't know what you were doing. Corvettes and Vipers...that and earlier 911's. Potential train wrecks abound. Not the only ones, but boy they do seem to ring a bell statistically. vroom vroom.... Love me some RWHP. HS
  9. They also were not selling. Very low takers in the end. Interestingly they are number 1 or way up there in cars that get people hurt. I think it’s the typical middle aged but a fast car and assume that you can drive it. Vipers and Vettes...seen too much crazy crap with guys leaving Cars & Coffee and darn near putting them into the crowd. You need a lot of seat time. What year? I understand cabin temps were a bit rough in the early models and they got better with time. Great looking ride...mean! Congrats! HS
  10. Nice Viper coupe! Stick car? HS
  11. DoubleShot out of Tulsa (and I'm nowhere near OK) is my favorite. Drinking the Panama Bambito Natural right now. Very good. https://www.doubleshotcoffee.com/collections/central-america/products/panama-bambito-natural The Maduro is always good (Columbian) and what put them on the map. https://www.doubleshotcoffee.com/collections/south-america/products/maduro And the Ethiopian is always good. https://www.doubleshotcoffee.com/collections/africa/products/ethiopia-yirgacheffe-bedhatu-jibicho The owner / roaster is pretty amazing at his art IMO....certainly for my palette. I tend to lean towards a medium roast vs a very dark roast. Cheers... HS
  12. A stiff cup of coffee takes on a new meaning... HS
  13. Godspeed, Mr. Roback... That song brings back a lot of memories. Have it on a playlist or two and listened to it not long ago. HS
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