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  1. HemiSam


    There are some Speedys that have gone haywire. My estimation is that the watch market will go the way of the stock market...just like vintage autos. Folks get spooked and feel wealthier after a good rally and begin shifting money into hard assets. I don't know what good / too hot looks like with watches. What I do know is that drunk men at the Barrett Jackson auction overpay for vehicles HS
  2. HemiSam


    LMAO. HS
  3. HemiSam


    err...in the eyes of the beer holder in my college experience... But I ask that we keep that in the Cone of Silence. HS
  4. HemiSam


    The Batman is a great looking watch. Wears very nice. HS
  5. HemiSam

    RIP someone or another

    RIP, Dick Dale and Rankin Roger. Both had an impact on me. We were in Paris in 2010 and stopped by to take in one of humanities grander accomplishments. Crushing to watch the spire fall... HS
  6. HemiSam


    Yes, honestly. I get the fetish with "tool" watches. I simply think the watch in yellow gold with an alligator strap or the TT with the bracelet reminiscent of how I think about the Santos from years past (and will come back as history repeats itself) is where my preference lies. Having every watch I own in stainless would be dull... HS
  7. HemiSam

    What Are You Building Today

    Stunning work, especially for early in your journey. Congrats! My first proper humidor was made a long time back for me of birdseye maple and Australian paduk. Something about wood boxes that makes me smile... HS
  8. HemiSam


    You, sir, are bad for my bank account...LOL. Yes, I've looked at those more often than I'd like to admit. I'm afraid to go try one on for fear of leaving with it. I think it would be a TT or the gold...I like the gold with the alligator strap other than the price tag. Perhaps the TT would scratch the itch as I have both the Speedy and the 39mm Oyster Perpetual in stainless and I'm hoping for a Daytona in stainless. Given my car fetish I hope I exercise some self restraint... HS
  9. HemiSam


    I simply suggested it for the build out tool...visuals given several varying options, Dave. HS
  10. HemiSam


    I agree. Looks great. Dave - if you want to play around a bit on a site, check out ABPconcept.paris. I was doing so yesterday and I found it an easy site to use and useful for some context / visuals. Best of luck. HS
  11. HemiSam


    The red on the bezel in the metal was darker than the photo above. I liked that. HS
  12. HemiSam

    Head Case Motorsports

    Well, I've held off on posting this one. Thought the 300mph barrier deserved its own space. Also, I've been to busy and or lazy. Weekend is finally here and I'm kicking back in the backyard after way too much foot traffic through the house...LOL. My daily was my beloved 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Creampuff with only 26K miles (I work a couple of miles from the house). All wheel drive, 392 cubic inch motor that made short of 500hp at the flywheel (i.e. not the wheels...I'd guess 10-15% drivetrain loss due to torque converter, etc...), 8-speed transmission with paddle shifters, big Brembo brakes, a lot of suspension flexibility with a dial...and a hilarious but beloved launch control should one ever need one. The wifey borrowed it a few weeks go to pick up her dad from the hospital and take him home as her coupe sits quite low. She got struck by another driver on the way home (fortunately she was perfectly fine) and the damage while not huge was enough for me to call it a day after 4 years with the big girl. It was days before the Texas Mile and my tow vehicle was down... I did not make it to the Mile with my Demon. Don't get mad, get even. After scouring for a similar vehicle I concluded there are not many and certainly not in the shape I'd be happy with. So..... 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the Hellcat motor and some nifty gadgetry was acquired. Traded in my 2015 at full trade-in value and handed over my insurance claim. The 2018's on the lots were discounted more, but I still managed to get a good bit of the 2019. Way to expensive a vehicle, but I have to admit I'm a sucker for the power, leather, and technology. vroom vroom... HS
  13. I'm way behind on this very cool thread. This one hit the sweet spot for me on a lazy Saturday catching up on some reading and with friends. Very cool! HS
  14. HemiSam


    My ideal watch would have an easily exchangeable bracelet/strap system like Cartier offers with the Santos (QuickSwitch). Dave - you do you. I think the watch could look good with the correct hide strap and I think black alligator in a semi-matte/gloss would be lovely. I do agree with the others that I prefer the bracelet. I can honestly say mine is sooooo comfortable. Love the 39mm size and feel. Putting a strap on it has not occurred to me as I love the brushed oyster bracelet. In unrelated news, a gent at the office was contacted by his AD indicating he had a new GMT II Pepsi in hand with the Jubilee bracelet. The gent bought it at the risk of divorce...quite the watch habit he has. Wife agreed he could keep it if it went in the safe until his upcoming birthday. He busted it out of the safe and brought it to the office the following day at the request of his fellow watch geeks and I was allowed to don it. A few things jumped out at me. First, the blue and red were darker than I expected and, for me personally, more tasteful. The brighter colors are a bit much in my eyes. Second, it was lighter and wore much smaller/comfortably than I expected...by a large margin. Third, the cyclops date window wasn't as bothersome as I expected although I only sported it for a few second. I think I could own one...LOL. Very nice piece that had me thinking on it the rest of that day. HS
  15. HemiSam


    Not my thing, ER, but I'm sure many Rolex aficionados were pleased. HS