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  1. HemiSam

    Head Case Motorsports

    LOL...I'm afraid you are correct, Hop. Not my thing but it's inevitable I guess. I so love the sound of a V8. Old school I guess.... HS
  2. HemiSam


    Beautiful Speedy, ER! I came very close to buying the 39.7mm "First Omega in Space". Mixed feelings about the band and decided to exercise some self restraint for once. I'll own one. Your Speedy is 42mm? HS
  3. HemiSam

    Head Case Motorsports

    Electric cars are a trip to me. I think it's the sound...or lack thereof. I was at a half mile event...standing half mile. This Miata pulls up with huge old school Goodyear slicks in the rear...big ones. Does a burn out and all you really hear are the tires....no motor to speak of. Then the thing just bolts and it's geared correctly...fast. This was some years ago. About the oddest thing I'd seen. That VW is one bad mofo... Driver is not to shabby either. HS
  4. HemiSam


    You are not alone, ER. I expect the majority of Rolex owners do. It's symbolic as well as functional. Just not my thing. HS
  5. HemiSam


    That's a good looking watch, SW. Too big for my wrist but if I could pull one of I'd enjoy it. HS
  6. HemiSam


    Great looking watch. I prefer w/o the cyclops but I expect I am in the minority. HS
  7. HemiSam


    I received good advice here looking back now that I have the watch in my hands. Much appreciated! HS
  8. HemiSam


    A good day HS
  9. A female friend of mine used to use the team and then do a meow thing but that's another story... HS
  10. HemiSam

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Mr. Ditko... HS
  11. HemiSam

    Head Case Motorsports

    I recall reading about Bloodhound a few years ago. The technology and expense in the wheels alone was impressive to say the least. Yeah...the numbers are interesting but like comparing an apple to a donut. They're both tasty but they're not the same. To be honest, the Lamborghini is not my thing. I've seen some similar audi's that were a bit more to my liking (Underground builds them as well...a lot of common components with the Lambo's). What I would argue is that having a car that can go that fast and still be street legal is pretty nifty. I'm a car nerd 🏎️ HS
  12. HemiSam

    Head Case Motorsports

    Wow....just wow! Underground has been building amazing cars for years and the Lamborghinis are there specialty. Brilliant platform if one can afford to play. AWD, great aero, and the aftermarket is there. They gear very specifically for the half mile. Great stuff! And they have the runway to slow down without a chute which reduces risks significantly. Im smiling...thank you, Grahame! HS
  13. Nice! The Smith & Cross will definitely put hair on one's chest. Saw it at the store during my short stint in London (my one expat job that didn't pan out nearly long enough...the roles in developing countries always seemed to last beyond their quoted tenures...LOL). Gosslings is good. I used to drink a good bit of Black Seal back in the day and use it where a dark rum is called for (e.g. Planter's Punch). Mostly I drink South Bay on ice (it's my daily). Can't beat the value for money....takes a few minutes to relax but it does so very nicely. The Opthimus I'll quote below is of the same maker. My favorite rums that are in the house now: Zafra 21 yr (amazing bang for the buck) and my absolute favorite although it's pricey Zafra 30 yr, Opthimus 25 yr (just the plain not the whiskey barrel aged yada yada others) is likely the second best I've ever had, Flor d Cana 25 yr, Gosslings Old Rum, Cartavio XO (great rum for the money...really needs time to breathe). I've got several more but that's a nice list IMO. HS