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  1. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    While awaiting the Niche, needs continue... HS
  2. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    Well, I've got a Niche Zero ordered. Will be selling blood later this afternoon...LOL. HS
  3. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    For some reason I'm not receiving notices via email for posts although I'm subscribed...bummer. Glad I checked back in. The Niche is a stunner! Love the footprint and the quality.....hmmmmm. I'm going to investigate this little gem. I have to admit the aesthetics are very sexy and this review might have put me over the edge... HS
  4. HemiSam

    RIP someone or another

    Godspeed, Neil... My first few albums were Rush albums. 2112, Farewell to Kings. I don't think I really appreciated what they were until later (I was 11 or so then in the late '70's). I was fortunate to see him a couple of times when I was younger and concerts were somehow more accessible partly because my priorities were different. Life simpler. Good times... HS
  5. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    My mother is Cuban. I grew up with those brewers all around me. Good memories! That vid with the reviews of the grinders was very useful, TMoney..;thank you! CoffeeGeek is big on the Baratza Virtuoso. I see it and the Virtuoso+ on Amazon...the plus has solid marks. Any value in upgrading? I'm challenged more for space than the money delta and they're all the same size as best I can tell. HS
  6. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    Thank you, Rob. That's a good option for space. I am a bit lazy though...LOL. I really do like the idea of them for travel though... HS
  7. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    Sage advice, grawk. I need to get off my arse and get a grinder...it's been simply a matter of space in our smallish kitchen and the fact that our parents have gifted us way too much crap kitchen divecery...LOL. My boys are in college now and I figure a few more years and I'll call it a day at least at my current career (location is spectacular for commute and for restaurants and such). We'll likely move then and I'll get me a SPECTACULAR kitchen. OK...OK. Screw it. Grinder recommendations? Try to be a BIT sensitive to the size of the thing if possible. Medium is OK. Gargantuan not practical yet. Thanks Team HC! HS P.S. for some reason I quit receiving post notifications on subscribed threads. Glad I'm back
  8. HemiSam

    Coffee Drinkers?

    I've been a french press lover for a looooong time. Simple and the coffee is great...what you put into it. I'm curious about stepping out without large machinery...the wifey has gone whole foods plant based so there's no more room on the counters...LOL. Chemex or Aeropress? The Chemex to me looks the more logical conclusion but I am not well versed so thought I'd toss this out. I do have a gooseneck kettle. I redneck the grind though...don't have a precise grinder. HS
  9. HemiSam


    I seemed to have missed quite a few responses on the thread so apologies for the late input, Dave. I'm not feeling it....this watch is not harmonious IMO. It's awkward. HS
  10. HemiSam

    Head Case Motorsports

    That 68 Charger is very sweet! Love that it is a stick car. HS
  11. HemiSam

    RIP someone or another

    Oh no....RIP Mr. Forster. Great actor and loved many of his more recent performances. HS
  12. HemiSam

    RIP someone or another

    Thank you for all the chuckles, Rip... HS
  13. HemiSam

    RIP someone or another

    Godspeed, Ginger... HS
  14. HemiSam

    RIP someone or another

    Rough run, but he did not take the easy path. RIP Mr. Wilson. RIP Sid and Aron. Godspeed RH.... HS