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  1. I'm a fan of the fact they fancied it up with purple zip ties... HS
  2. This looks like way too much fun.... https://www.hagerty.com/media/motorsports/my-miata-sort-of-won-americas-oldest-off-road-race/?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=MED_UN_NA_EML_UN_DailyDriver_Monday&hashed_email=5a40c51c3d4254d5f58319200ca2ac8bb44b94437291b38bd1d989d5554293b0 HS
  3. That's awesome! Congrats and may your tires and brakes last long... Sam
  4. Godspeed, Lance. We loved The Wire from the first show. The man had presence…underscore. HS
  5. Something about video being private. Perhaps a regional limitation? HS
  6. Kevin has the correct idea IMO. I used to have to deal with o-ring issues, frequently on a system designed to support consistent nitrous flow from the bottle with either CO2 or O2...the o-rings would eventually deteriorate. Learned a few things...scuba shops and paintball shops are pros. They carry a compound that when applied it makes the rubber swell and often will be a fix if you do not have a replacement o-ring. A kit like the one attached (note the viton material handles temp swings and harsh liquids like race fuel well) I found to be well worth the money. Best of luck, Jacob! Sam EDIT: PS...I would be more than happy to send any that might work for you.
  7. FU V is correct for that kind of money...LOL. Great review. One thing that jumped out at me, though....I REALLY struggle not having a more analog tachometer and speedometer. I know I'm an old fart, but we have owned appliances that are all screens / touchscreens and it can end very badly when things stop working.... It's Italian after all. HS
  8. We were in Scottsdale (lovely place...takes a lot to make me feel young these days...LOL). Found a single bottle of 12-yr Knob Creek on the shelf at the local boozer. It's not inexpensive but if you can find it at MSRP I highly recommend it. Not a fan of the 9-yr...they began putting an age statement on the regular KC bourbon a few years back. IMHO, the 9 and 12 have very little in common. I also suggest that the 15-yr is not worth the incremental cost....12 is the sweet spot. HS
  9. Hoffman cracks me up…. “…I’m irked and I don’t want to be irked…”. Lol. HS
  10. That’s a loss. Godspeed, Mark…. Will bring out the ST vinyl for a listen. HS
  11. Sorry to see that, J. There has got to be a tee shirt in there somewhere: "you cannot break it more than broken"... Lord knows I have tried with a vehicle or three HS
  12. Ouch…but fair point! Now I feel bad…
  13. Godspeed, Ms. Raquel. You warmed this boy's heart many a time... HS
  14. Neither does the bourbon... 🤠 HS
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