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  1. Very nice. HS
  2. Oh no. RIP Erin. Hope you are in a better place. So sad to see actors that slide after a great run. RIP Mssr. Scarponi. HS
  3. Yeah...I thought it was fairly befitting... HS
  4. This is just plain wrooooooong...LOL. HS
  5. I had a hoot of a time, S. Made it to the Unlimited finals but I ended up backing out. My transbrake was intermittently allowing the car to roll a few inches and I'd drop the second bulb / red light. Kind of a PITA so we loaded the car, had a cocktail and kicked back. Let me see if I can get some crappy vids loaded...photobucket is not being a friend. And here is my transbrake acting up. For those that haven't used one, what works best is getting the line pressure up a bit to help it "bite" so you footbrake and rev slightly then hit the button and hope it bites. I have a two-step I use in tandem so it keeps the rpm's at a set point yet allows me to mash the pedal. When it works it is an elegant way to focus on your timing of launch. When not...it looks like this...LOL vroom vroom.... HS
  6. Attended the Viper Nationals at Royal Purple Raceway last weekend. Needed a fix since I had to depart the Texas Mile early due to a family crisis. Some really cool rides there. I did a poor job of capturing pics of them (e.g. some Audi's, Lamborghinis and a lot of Corvettes). Here are a few shots though. Love the Snakeskin Green vipers. HS
  7. Dang....that makes me feel old. RIP, J. You made my dreams better with that video... HS
  8. LOL. Methanol is NASTY stuff. I used to use some for water/methanol injection in my race car before I went to turbos (far more efficient and cooler than supercharger). Made the mistake of buying some to mix my own. I should have just bought the pre-made stuff but I wanted to know what I was putting into the motor. Control freak I guess... HS
  9. ^^^^this. One hell of a run and he made the most of it. RIP, Mr. Rickles. You made your mark... HS
  10. LMAO....I needed the chuckle Nice call on Bring a Trailer! Was not aware of the site. HS
  11. Any internal shots? HS
  12. RIP, Mssr. Kakehashi. HS