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  1. My better half got to see them when they came through town a few years back. Said they sounded great. Godspeed, Mr. Williams... HS
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! We had a team fry 46 turkeys and two ducks yesterday for the "hood". I roasted a piggy Cuban style for the masses. Fun day. HS
  3. I was with the better half at one of her veg centric joints. Thank goodness they have a sister restaurant attached that allows for the rest of us... I have to say, they knocked the play on avocado toast out of the park... HS
  4. I could not get there with my V60. Underwhelming compared to the Chemex for my tastes. Time to hunt down some more good beans... I've been stuck on Onyx Coffee Labs and Intellegnesia....a good rut. HS
  5. The banana mango chutney is quite the touch... HS
  6. Definitely an acquired taste.... HS
  7. That's an amazing story....Godspeed, Mr. Kirke. A life well lived... HS
  8. Types as he stares down at ground in shame reminded of his commitment to kill every remaining Twix and Snickers in the better half's trick or treater's basket... HS
  9. We pay waaaaaay to much for XFinity wideband and cable, but it's reliable and if I'm indoors the speeds are pretty darned good (near the router it was 639Mbpd download and 41 upload). Our bigger challenge right now is my dated Orbi mesh system is getting glitchy. I was looking at replacing it and they are quite proud of them, but Costco is putting them up for sale. With my current setup I had to go and find a refurbished satellite so I could have one in the garage for a total of four around the house. I'm not sure if this is the correct thread, but any recommendations on a mesh system? Looking at 6 not 6E as I feel the E is too early yet. I do not mind paying for quality signal coverage / speed. Thanks in advance. HS
  10. The Cheeseburger Basket at Sam's Deli Diner... Note the delish onion rings tossed in because of "basket" reference. My failure was to not ask for a hand dipped shake....cookies n cream of course. An endearing greasy spoon that's been around a very long time... HS
  11. I find this valuation tool interesting. I'm all about trends vs data points.... https://www.chrono24.com/chronopulse.htm?utm_source=Chrono24_User_Mailings&utm_campaign=28cfbf39ce-ww-c24pm-ba-reach_2023_kw42_sa_chronopulse_uk-us&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-710f37000d-[LIST_EMAIL_ID] HS
  12. Godspeed, Suzanne Somers... Absolutely loved Three's Company as a boy. HS
  13. Under all that gooey, amazing looking cheese? We hit a ramen joint for a late lunch yesterday. Interesting in that they had a lot of less traditional dishes including this spicy one with pork and a poached egg. So much cilantro made it a lot like a pho in texture. HS
  14. Hopefully they left their abacus at home... Imagine having to push that pig. HS
  15. Probably ran over something it wasn’t supposed to…..lol. HS
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