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  1. This place is going to make me spend more money than I already do, which is saying something. I don't own many watches....although that is becoming more challenging following this thread. I love the Omega stuff. Had a nice Seamaster swiped when we were relocating during a stint in South America. This is one I bought myself a couple of years ago. It's a Seiko Japanese model I purchased though Massdrop (meh on this vendor). Something about "Cocktail watch". I wear it quite a bit to work. It's a nicely made watch although I have to say the clasp/buckle mechanism is not only funky for being upside down compared to what I'm accustomed to but it's a lot of work as the length of band setting mechanism often comes out of the hole and I have to chase the secondary belt for the band all too often. 48 hour reserve which is not bad nor great as I've used it a while now. Didn't seem to like our watch winder although I should put more effort into that. All in all pretty good value for money and it kept me from buying something more expensive while we pour money into our kids, our old home and my crack habit like pursuit of vehicles.... I used Massdrop's pics as the ones I took with my phone were, shall we say, lacking. The specs: 6R15 automatic movement Seiko Cal.6R15 Manual 23-jewels 21,600 bph Hand winding compatible Hacking seconds Case: Stainless steel Crystal: Domed Hardlex Case width: 40 mm Case height: 13 mm Lug width: 20 mm Power reserve: 50 hours Water resistance: 50 m Made in Japan HS
  2. A lot of truth to that. Take fancy china and crystal from wedding gifts. What's the point if you don't use them now and again... Probably a bad example after the manly wood chopping one...lol. HS
  3. Ford Fiesta breaking hearts.... HS
  4. Ford Focus to be made in China??? https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/your-next-generation-ford-focus-will-be-built-in-china/?ftag=CAD13782fc&bhid=25929228263003360050844531033783 HS
  5. RIP, Vic. I believe they've tried to sell quality stuff. Not a lot of MOPAR love, but heck that's the same for most vendors. We don't have the numbers live the Ford and GM guys. Godspeed, Vic....hope you get to race and have fun wherever you are. HS
  6. In case this is of any use... http://www.smokedbbqsource.com/best-smoker-thermometers/ HS
  7. Spirited exchange... HS
  8. RIP Flounder... HS
  9. Looks like the new Honda Civic Type R is headed stateside. There's a convenient vid in the photo gallery for the less than motivated. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/auto/2017-honda-civic-type-r-preview/ One thing Honda can do is build motors. Really impressive mills they make IMO. Not a big fan of the looks, but that's just me....old school. HS
  10. Truly heart wrenching. HS
  11. Kind of funky but working for me on a lazy Sunday...give it a few seconds to settle in suggested HS
  12. Oh no.... Iconic figure in my early years. So good at that twisted role and series. Worked for me in the early '70's. Godspeed, Adam... HS
  13. For fans of the rotary engine... https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/05/31/four-cycles-three-chambers-60-and-50-years-dual-anniversaries-for-the-wankel-rotary-engine/?refer=news HS The post above I thought was posted days ago...LOL. Oh well. This one was intended for today....with some luck. Made me chuckle. HS