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  1. Hi Miguel, como esta?, it's been a while but I check in once in a while :) Saludos de Hawaii, Jesus Flores

  2. There's no need to be sorry, I'm not
  3. Financially I hate each and everyone of yous, but I'm hoping my ears will love you guys and gals is they always have, I just finished reading this thread almost to it's entirety and I feel I will not be able to resist the temptation. THANKS ALOT! Aloha, Jes
  4. I suppose it wouldn't help to say that I'm part black. which is concentrated in the crotch area
  5. What do you call a black Smurf? Smigger What do you get when you cross a mexican and a someone who's black? Someone who's to lazy to steal.
  6. Jimmy Neutron and Disney's CARS, My son has full control over any TV decisions, xcept when watching football or porn
  7. Sorry to butt in but GO CHARGERS!!!
  8. choomanchoo


    Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, any ways , my G/F just got the game for as a fahters day present,
  9. can I be an ass pirate instead of an asshat? please oh please oh please
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