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  1. I'm sure that I will buy some components for my next proyects. This could be a good choice to find the components that I can't buy in my country. Fantastic news, fantastic idea Justin. -- o -- Rodrigo
  2. Congratulations eggil -- o -- Rodrigo
  3. These connectors have a fantastic aspect -- o -- Rodrigo
  4. I sold all connectors of the first batch (including my connectors) and I ordered more connectors than I need because my friend didn't wanted to do only the connectors for me, for this reason I can sell 15 connectors of 5 pins and 4 o 5 of 6 pins. -- o -- Rodrigo
  5. I cannot change that type of connector for other with female contacts . I have to find another solution to this problem, if the act of designing a equipment were as easy to buy some things and throw them in a box, everything would be boring Thank you very much for your help. -- o -- Rodrigo
  6. Anybody know where I can acquire a 6 pin mini-DIN connector male for Panel mount?. All panel connectors that I found has female pins -- o -- Rodrigo
  7. I have the other connectors I need, I will send some PM's in the next hours These days I'm very busy with my work, I'm sorry. -- o -- Rodrigo
  8. The connectors have the same measures as the design that Dr. Gilmore published I prepared and checked the connectors few days ago But I could not send the connectors up today because I was sick. Connectors sent to deepak, vvs-75, jantze, Flyingsparks, eggil, wink, cobra_kai, JoaMat, ironbut, JensH, Jazzbass, cetoole and Emooze. My friend told me he wants to do the rest of connectors this week. -- o -- Rodrigo
  9. PM's sent to all members that I can send connectors, I need some days to the rest of the group buy members because my friend will make more connectors in the first days of the next week. -- o -- Rodrigo
  10. I received the new gold pins today and have the same external measurements than the old pins This time I will send the connectors assembled and tested to avoid the problems of previous connectors. I will send PMs to all members of the group buy in the next days to arrange the shipment of the connectors. -- o -- Rodrigo
  11. I revised the problem with the insertion of the connector and I'm sure that the aligment of the holes with the Stax jack is good. I think the problem is on the hole of the gold pins, it's very closed for the pins of the Stax jacks. I have used the basis of a 3mm drill bit to open the hole diameter of 5 pins, I've inserted the drill bit deep inside the hole about 3mm, with this modification improves the insertion of the jack. You can see the difference between the modified pin (left) and the normal pin. My friend has changed the connectors and now they enter in a 18mm hole, I did a piece with a 18mm hole to check the modified connectors In the process of reducing the diameter of 18.2mm to 18mm, my friend has broken several connectors, for this reason my friend will do more connectors in the coming days. The pins are somewhere in my country, these days the post office has collapsed with all the letters to Santa Claus, Christmas shipments to the family outside... I hope to have the new connectors in the coming days. -- o -- Rodrigo
  12. I think the problem is on the gold connectors, I've revised the holes of the teflon connector and the aligment with the jack pins is good. I think the tabs on the gold pins are too close, if you enter a 3mm diameter rod into the hole of the pin (only about 3 mm deep), the pin tabs open enough to the jack pins fit well. You can try to open the tabs in 5 pins and check how enters the jack into the connector, do not worry if you breaks a pin, I have more pins than I need and I can send you more. My friend has modified Teflon parts today but I may not move to collect them in the next few days because I'm going to go traveling, I'll be out the next 10 days. When I return, I will send the modified connectors to all members of the group buy, also I will send modified connectors to Deepak, vvs75, Jantzen and Colin because the Teflon parts that they have are defective. Sometimes things do not work on the first try, I'm sorry for all these drawbacks, I assumed that my friend's CNC milling machine was not going to cause problems -- o -- Rodrigo
  13. Yes, I think that the connectors have a good finish but today I discovered a problem, my friend has made ​​a mistake with these connectors, the diameter of the "cylinder" where are the pin holes is 18mm, on these connectors is 18.2mm. Today I tried to stick pins in the connector in a 18mm hole and the plug fits into the hole if I do a little strength, but I think it goes too tightly and deforms the pin holes. I talked to my friend to tell him this problem with the connectors and he said he would verify the cause of this difference in the diameter and he is going to modify all the connectors, but I'm not sure if that's a problem or maybe can be a virtue... The diameter of the bottom of the pin is larger than the diameter of the top, if we placing a 18.2mm plug in a 18mm hole, and the holes of the pins lose a little in diameter at the top, maybe the pins could fit better inside of the hole? (I'm not sure if I've explained it well? ) Tomorrow I'm going to check two connectors with pins (one 5 pin, and one of 6 pin) in a 18mm hole and I'll connect my OII and SR-003 to verify the connection. My friend is disliked by this mistake, and has asked me that I transmit his excuses for this mistake and for the delay in the delivery of the connectors. -- o -- Rodrigo
  14. Great work, looks awesome. -- o -- Rodrigo
  15. When I bought the first batch of 100 pins, the eBay seller sent me a mail the following day of the purchase to confirm that he had sent me the connectors. I bought the second batch some days ago and I haven't had any news of this seller until today, this is his message: "Dear sir: I received the new version lot on today, and find there are something different than before: (1) Outside looking be modified. (2) dark golden color than before. other functions are same as before. I also correct my description: the pin's material is copper-alloy, from beginning to today, never changed. I just want let you know, and waiting your confirm. If ok, I will ship ASAP to you." You can see images of the new pin on this link. I have asked the seller to send me the new pins. I need some days to receive these pins and verify that fitting well into de jacks, I've decided freeze the group buy these days I hope to tell you good news soon. -- o -- Rodrigo
  16. I need the shipping address of all members of the group buy to calculate the shipping and handling costs. Please send me a PM with your address -- o -- Rodrigo
  17. I forgot to mention that I've closed the Google spreadsheet, if anyone needs more connectors I have more than I need. -- o -- Rodrigo
  18. My friend gave me the connectors this afternoon, I need two days to check that all the jacks are fine. I tried to contact with the seller of the pins by mail and through eBay, but he has not replied yet . I think I'll buy the pins I need for the rest of the jacks on eBay. I hope to start with the sending of the connectors during the next week. I will send pm's to all users the next week to organize the different shipments. -- o -- Rodrigo
  19. My friend made one 5 pins connector and other of 6 pins to verify the measurements. I have a doubt, the pins are 1 mm below the front of the connector. Can anyone confirm that this distance is correct?, Is it enough to prevent accidental electric shock? I checked these connectors with the jacks of my SR-003 and the OII and fit well. If the safety distance between the pins and the front of the connector is correct, my friend can start making these connectors tomorrow or the next monday. -- o -- Rodrigo
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