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    Stax SR009, SR007 MK1 ES Labs ES1A Kaldas RR1 Audeze LCD-4, LCD-2, Mobius Oppo PM-2 Westone W60 Gen2
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    KGSSHV Carbon Golden Reference by headinclouds Mjolnir Audio KGSS-HV Mini Monoprice THX 887 Ifi Micro IDSD
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  1. Hey, emailed you back, Will get some pics. I also have a SUSY Dynahi that Thuan Sold.
  2. No issues with mine. i have 2 sets. once with a serial number in the 1x and one with a serial number in 3x.
  3. this would look great next to my kerry t2! lol, what are the outside measurements, this build looks tight!
  4. have a set of these coming, as part of the first batch?, will pair with kerry's t2. If Kerry were interested, i could drop my set off with him to listen.
  5. I actually have bought something from Tran on head-fi. A CFA-3 build. It is working fine so far. I sent some pictures of the internals to Kerry when i first got it, and it didn't seem to raise any red flags. I also have one of his KGSSHV Carbon builds he sold on ebay. It does some crazy inrush that my lights in my room dim a second when it turns on, but works well otherwise. I haven't used his carbon enough to know if it will fail, as i was lucky enough to get one of Kerry's T2s. Also forgot to add, i have a SUSY Dynahi from Tran that is also working well. Haven't used in a little while though If @Kerryis reading this, i'm waiting to get one of your CFA3's haha.
  6. rayofsi

    Abyss Phi TC

    running a pair of these on a CFA3, easily the best i have. have lcd2, lcd4 and susvara also.
  7. apologies... apparently nothing is wrong. went back to my kgsshv carbon. no issues.
  8. amp is fine - Kerry built t2 that i just got today. switched back to my sr009 for now. Will figure this thing out with es1a soon. haven't had this issue before, have the sr009, sr007 mk1 and the kaldas rr1.
  9. can someone point me to how to work on this.. even with nothing playing i get some popping in my left ear piece. dont have this with any other headphones i have. thanks!
  10. curious if any builders are selling these.. I know how a soldering iron works.. but something like this is beyond my scope.
  11. these came with the pads that the maker said were the better ones. i have no complaints with these pads.. that are the "dark" ones already.
  12. got my es1a yesterday. need more time, but first listen, they sound great! i also bought the kaldas rr1 out of curiosity. I might like these es1a more then my sr009 and sr007mk1
  13. already ordered a set hah.
  14. good to know. luckily my head is ok with the heavy weight, i have a pair of lcd-4s also. i'm in nyc also hah
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