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  1. Im hoping my last upgrade for the Senns. I need to focus on music for a while now. Though I do need better interconnects. But I hate spending money on those. Of course I'll be running a PICO at the office, for desk space. (And a 2nd pair of Senns if I get tired of my Dennon 2000s; they feel a little heavy and awkward on my skull)
  2. My wallet is in tears, lol. But I currently live w/ my parents, so my discretionary money is at an all time high. I tried to avoid getting any of the releases also offered on the limited 45s by Fantasy or Music Matters, as they are surely better, but I made a few exceptions. I'm waiting to see if I did really get what I bought; I checked the selections I bought again on their page and they still appear in stock (?) Hopefully nobody beat me to the punch. I actually would have gladly bought more, had I not just bought an Ear HP4 from renderson on Headfi And after I rip em....there's always Ebay
  3. So Acoustic Sounds just bought a smorgasboard of OOP CDs from all the jazz greats. Caveat: 1 copy of each http://store.acousticsounds.com/search_results.cfm?id=0&searchtext=cjpn&field=All&OrderBy=Products.Rank&keywords=NL122807 I just picked up a buttload of stuff. So the following wont be available: Sonny Rollins Quintet and Quartet: Tenor Madness Jackie McLean Quartet/Quintet/Sextet: 4, 5 And 6 Jackie McLean Demon's Dance Jackie McLean Jackie's Bag John Coltrane Trio: Lush Life John Coltrane Settin' The Pace John Coltrane Black Pearls Thelonious Monk Quintet: Thelonious Monk Quintet Miles Davis: Miles Davis All Stars Vol. 1 & 2 Stanley Turrentine: Lookout! Stanley Turrentine Up at Minton's Vol.1 & 2 Hank Mobley: Dippin Johnny Griffin: Chicago Calling
  4. ^^ I just sold my 0404 USB on the other site. Its not high end, but it sure does a good imitation for the $, imho. Forget about the internal amp though. Its kind of clunky, and requires an external power brick ( ) but it does its job. What I dont like is it tends to loose its handshake with your PC if you have it go into hibernation or stand by. Sometimes I have to turn it off, other times Id have to unplug it then turn it back on, or any other combination of unplugging and rebooting, etc. Pain in the ass. My Bel Canto Dac 3 has been ROCK SOLID. (and it sounds better too )
  5. In my case, I have no pre existing vinyl collection. Cleaning is supposed to work, but there are some expensive cleaning solutions/methods out there. I'd just assume buy new if its something like a preorder. I think he is actually going to clean these anyway, even though thery're new, but Im not sure. Im just sending him stuff, so I can afford to be uneducated on the matter
  6. This is exactly what I've been gearing up to do w/ a buddy from Headfi. Chances are you've heard of him. But I dont know if he wants his name revealed. He has so much stuff digitized. Ive heard samples and it kicks ass. Sure vinyl beats it, thats obvious, but for listening at work... We are planning on tackling all of the Fantasy 100 45 RPM vinyl releases, as well as the upcoming Blue Note "Music Matters" 45s. All remastered from Steve Hoffman and Co. Its a huge investment, but I need more jazz, and I will be getting some sort of high end turn table down the road when I move into a bigger space. Needledrops of old dusty records are not worth it, but virgin vinyl is a whole 'nother story
  7. My buddy turned me on to this set: http://store.acousticsounds.com/bestjazzever.cfm I am listening to a Bill Evans vinyl rip sample right now. Magnificent. From what I understand, this whole series is also Hoffman stuff. Just a different label. They release 2 per month, in increments of 25. .....Looks like Im going to be buying a lot of vinyl lol.
  8. It is a lot of music and alot of $. But it is coming out fairly slowly, so I think its do-able
  9. Sweet. I have been in discussion w/ someone at headfi about digitizing me some vinyl. I am also looking to expand my non-rock library. The stars are aligning lol. OP, going from my tiny jazz library, I would recommend Art Blakey Indestructible. The horns will sound smooooooth.
  10. After listening to Stadium Arcadium, digitized from the Steve Hoffman vinyl rip, Im looking forward to having about $1000 worth of vinyl digitized for me from a fellow headfier
  11. I sold my SR71 to help fund a GS1, about 2 months back. I bought the TH when I was planning on getting IEMs. But I've heard too many horror stories about proper fit w/ UE10/UE11 to risk buying. I'll probably sell the TH when Justin ships the GS1
  12. lol, do you have any idea how much trouble I'd be in? I'd be gettin PM's a plenty. Hostile ones. From Mr. Ray S. Wait thats too obvious...Mr. R. Samuels Jude would NOT take a sad song and make it better....
  13. Not that I'm considering buying one, but I don't understand the comments about battery life. It is being touted as the best ever. Yet the Tomahawk gets like 400 hrs per charge (or battery). How is 56 hours better than 400? Granted the Predator is powering a DAC, but I think I'd rather have 400 and use another (better) DAC. I'm certainly not buying a different portable amp just to have lithium batts; thats like buying a new $20K car that gets better gas mileage.
  14. Out of curiosity, has anyone who's heard this amp also listened to the Ear HP4? If so, any notable differences, comparisons, etc? I've been planning on an Ear HP4, but this E.C. amp looks intriguing.
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