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  1. probably! im going to end up eventually buying all the ap stuff again on dsd. i never did claim to be smart.
  2. baked beans from a bbq place up in mt. airy. had them this weekend up there at my niece's birthday. put in a specific request to my dad to pick some up next time he was up there. oh my god. im going to have to move.
  3. repeatedly solicit him to talk to him about finding jesus
  4. some bullshit about astrology and triangles
  5. Where'd the tv go?! Out of sight. That's where it freakin' went. Much better.
  6. cowboy junkies - trinity sessions (analogue productions)
  7. i think this is the best sounding hendrix i've heard. that, and he plays with the fist of an angry god.
  8. Actually, now i cant get my p.o.s. laptop to show the login screen. It thinks there is an external monitor attached. Im really not in the mood to buy a computer right now. Fucking HP. Tonight should be fun.
  9. next purchase is between the focals or these. cant decide.
  10. did i read correctly somewhere that there is no backwave? how the hell?
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