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  1. I have the all-ett nylon inside-id wallet. It's the slimmest wallet I've had. Durable too. I'm very happy with it and would buy another/recommend.
  2. gtp


    Excellent choice. Sapphire or acrylic? Looks like acrylic but not sure...
  3. Great choice. Perhaps the 2nd most iconic watch ever. I'm wearing my Moon Watch that I hope, someday, to give to one of my children.
  4. Have the same. Amazing little camera. Near-DSLR quality, but not speed.
  5. HEY! I just bought a Marantz 2238B from Craigslist for $100. Only one bulb out, otherwise it is perfect. I am a happy camper. I ordered PSB Image B5 to go with it. Hopefully it'll be a nice living room rig. For replacement lamps, I found: Marantz Lamp Kits and Marantz Lamps
  6. Not as heavy as the same thing in leather, but definitely heavier than it looks. To me, that just means the canvas is thick and sturdy, and it lends to a feeling of quality. It's a decent daily bag and a great travel bag. I cut out one of the inner dividers - it took 10 minutes with a sharp knife (thick stitching!) but I'm happy with the result. Got mine from Crane's Country Store - best prices and great service.
  7. I use a Filson 257. It's built like a tank and gets better with age. A year later, it's still not close to broken-in. I don't mind that it actually looks like an oversized purse, though it looks more rugged and masculine in real life.
  8. gtp


    That's what we use our Squeezebox Radio for...we love it.
  9. Looking for guidance on a budget system: I inherited a Technics SL-QD33. It has a Audio Technica 1001 cartridge. Seems to work OK, but I'm unsure of the cartridge history and figured I'd start from scratch. So, being a TT beginner, I'm looking for guidance. Are there significant step-functions in performance versus price? Would I be fine with a $30 AT or Shure cartridge? Is it worth the extra cash for a <$100 Grado or Ortofon or AT? Money is not strictly an issue but I'm sensitive to diminishing returns. The rest of the system is still being procured: Leading contenders are PSB Image B5 (good cost/performance/form-factor) and HK3490 (phono+DAC+sub-outs for future expansion, all for $300). Thanks for any and all advice.
  10. Interesting stuff! I grew up with Bialettis and still like mine well enough...never knew anything else so I guess I've never been indoctrinated with the artisanal stuff??? Hmmm, now I have to decide: should I live in ignorance or get an education...
  11. How about good, old-fashioned stove-top Bialetti @ around $30. Machines always break down. I've had my stove-top espresso maker for at least 12 years and it's still going strong. The only thing that can fail is the gasket, and they are less than $10 to replace.
  12. PX100-II, new version. $50 headphones have no business sounding this good.
  13. IE8 ER4P MS-1 Portapro~PX100 SE115 HD201
  14. I am sorry for your loss, Ken.
  15. Yep, back to looking for the perfect IEM. Every IEM has had some fatal flaw for me. With the new generation (IE8, Westone3, etc.), I figured I'd investigate. Life is going well. If you want to meet up for lunch in IV or elsewhere, let me know. I should have the IE8 on 4/27 if you want to try them out.
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