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  1. So I run out of Stax Sigma replacement earpads. Are replacements still obtainable?
  2. faust3d

    Get your game on!

    Anyone playing No Man's Sky here? https://www.nomanssky.com/living-ship-update/
  3. I was comparing Koss to Sony ECR500 and Sony surprisingly still sounds very good. I would say not as good as Koss, but very liquid with lower end authority and good soundstage, and this is with default "sweaty" pads. This makes me think that new pads on Sony will make them sound better and make them that much more comfortable. Anyone know how if someone makes pads for ECR500? Maybe Vesper Audio can do make them? I think SR-007 style pads would work. Spritzer, did you ever swap pads on ECR500? What style worked?
  4. How much do these angled earpads ´╗┐go for? Now I need to look through all of my cables boxes to see if I still have that koss to stax adapter.
  5. Out of the box and based on my somewhat fuzzy memory of the original set that I had these sound a bit better with a bit more lower mids. Pads are not very good but, and it's a big but, they are not sweaty like the original pleather shit. Where can I get nice angled pads for these?
  6. faust3d

    Kaldas Research

    Looks interesting. If reviews are positive I am getting a pair.
  7. Good to know. Now if I can find that adapter that I had, hopefully I did not sell it.
  8. I miss my ESP950 that I sold a few years back, so I ordered this thing as well. ? Still waiting for it to come. Can I still run these off Stax amp using an adapter or did they change something?
  9. The SRD-313 with SR-303 sounds plenty good to me, no surprising that they sold this as a system. I was also surprised how nice SR-5NB sounds when compared to SR-X that I had, much more comfortable to boot.
  10. This explains what I am seeing inside. Thanks a lot. Now to try it out with SR-5, O2 and Sigma and whatever I can dig out from my closet.
  11. They better be with all that artificial stone stuff.
  12. No clear indication on what is inside but I would bet it's some kind of labyrinth, not BLH, but more of a transmission line type of a deal since they have that type of bass response, since there is an opening on the bottom.
  13. Interesting I just picked one up in champagne color with sideways PCB. How is this amp different from SRM-1/ mk2 in terms of topology? I seems to be running much less hot that I remember SRM-1 did.
  14. Yep, it came with bass conture modules, basically shapes the FR and inserted between the control amplifier and power amplifier. It made them sound better tonally and bass was better controlled with BCM. The opening is smaller than the drivers so it's kinda like a strange waveguide in there and a complex labyrinth inside. Speakers themself are made from some kind of composite stone "Gibraltar", cold to touch and heavy as heck. These things are big: Height 39.5 inches (100.5 cm) Width 10.75 inches (27.5 cm) Depth 17.5 inches (44.5 cm) Weight 115 lbs. (53 kg)
  15. Interesting. Was the first verion with jfets? What were they replaced with?
  16. Finaly I speand some time with these, since my uncle was curious enought to track and pair donw and buy it. Very unusual speakers that combine the best and worst things about crossoverless design.
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