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  1. X9000 has been hard to get ahold of even at shows. Only one at CAF, and it’s paired with an LTA Z10e. For what it’s worth, reviews here have been very positive. I only spent a few minutes with it and would’ve preferred to run it on something like the BHSE which was also at the show, so I’ll refrain from giving impressions.
  2. They have a Carbon and a Z10e at their booth.
  3. Is there any chance these end up at CanJam next week, since HeadAmp and Woo Audio will be there?
  4. I was able to pick up an old Dynahi a few months back. Even though it still operates just fine, the chassis is pretty beat up and the internals are quite a mess, so it's mostly been gathering dust on the shelf since it arrived. However, I'd like to start using it again, and I think it deserves to be turned into something nice. Would anyone here possibly be open to repairing it for me? I'd want to work on it myself, but I'm currently swamped with work and am also coming up on a career change. So, I won't have enough time to sit down and really focus on it until well into 2022 at the earliest. Edit: Someone is helping me work on it.
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