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  1. I'm surprised you wrote off the LCD-2, but mine is a recent version with new pads and cable, so might be worth giving it another listen if you have the chance and inclination. Yes after the 007 with a decent amplifier (BH et alt) there's not much else that competes at that level, except perhaps the Sennheiser HE90/HE60. I'm looking forward to hearing the SR-009 which will hopefully be a worthwhile advancement. I think you should persevere with your K1K's so long as you dont blow too much money on trying different amps. If your reference point is the 007 I doubt you will like the HD800 as IMHO it sounds atrtificial and strained in comparison, i'm at the point of giving up on mine. The GS1000/PS1000 are the only grado's I can wear for any length of time, as generally find the others models very uncomfortable. They are expensive price performance wise to the 007 and coloured, but none the less can be enjoyable for low level listening and seem to work well with modest equipment.
  2. I cant really say personally what the Qualia is like as its one of the few top headphones i've never owned or heard. I think someone else on this forum might have owned a set. I would be surprised if it has the same sort of tonality as the O2. In my experience I have not heard anything much that can rival the overall attributes of the 02 (except another Stax or electrostatic). However; some dynamics can do things in different ways to the 02 that IMHO still make them worth listening to, even though they may be flawed in different ways. Many people go for dynamics over electrostatics for the supposed superior bass and on first hearing yes it has impact, sounds full, and prominent, but on closer and extened listening its really an illusion. Spritzer sums it up well as "one note bass", and the more you listen you realiase that the bass on many dynamics is not that articulate, and you really cant differentiate the bass line and textures that well, unlike the 02. The headphone that has impressed me recently in this respect is the Audeze LCD-2, really articulate tuneful bass, and to my ears similar tonality to the O2. However; I still feel the 02 is superior overall. Here is the link to the RKV My link. Produced in Germany they dont appear on the market that often so you might have to wait a while before one turns up. They appear to be more plentiful in Europe than the US and as far as I can remember I paid about €600 used. The one I had was best I feel with the telefunken tubes, but as the K1K needs a lot of current sometimes on big transients I felt it was underpowered. The K1K is better with something about 10 to 15 watts into 8 Ohms, more like a good speaker amp. I have a friend who uses an ASR Emitter 280 watts into 8 ohms for his K1K's. I would love to build some of Kevin's designs but just don't have the time as I dont know where i'll be working from one month to the next. Perhaps a hobby for when I retire (if ever I can afford to)
  3. I dont think you will find the Qualias or the MDR R10 anything like the K1K, its like comparing chalk and cheese As Tyll said the the Nelson Pass amps have a good reputation with the K1000, particularly the First Watt F1. Also the Audiovalve RKV and possibly Red wine Audio. Personally I use mine with a speaker amp setup, the EAR V20, but its rather expensive just for the K1000's alone. IMHO the nearest thing i've heard to the K1K in terms of soundstage are the 30 year old panoramic Stax Sigmas. The Sony R10 are a completely different animal to the K1K, more laid back, with a rich enveloping sound(a bit like the 007's). At first like all great headphones they dont impress but for me one of my favorite dynamics. I cant comment on the Qualias as i've never heard a pair but understand they can be very analytical and bright sounding, perhaps more so than the K1K. Also heard its difficult to get them to fit and seal properly which is why I believe many peopel have sold them for that reason. They have three headband sizes (S,M,L) with the M size being a little large for most people's heads. Yes you will find a lot more sanity here than the other place. People here tend to speak from and share actual experience and tell it as they see it (please or offend ) In the other place you find many recommend stuff they have never owned let alone heard. With this community being into DIY in a big way perhaps you could consider building something for your K1K's? If I had the time (and expertise) i'de love to try and build one of Kevin's designs.
  4. Well it took me years to get hold of an original T2 and it was worth every penny (dime), simply transformed the 007! However Kevin you can't make statements like this and leave us hanging, come on spill the beans what is the SR-009 like. Just give us a taster of your experiences so far
  5. Very true but have you thought why? It because people have realised this stuff can sound great when refurbished and likely to last another 30 years Unlike this Chinese crap that breaks in a couple of years and you cant get repaired. I've got several 70's and 80's amps and receivers and have no intention parting with them
  6. Its pushing up the value of the Yen which is why the central banks are intrveining to try and bring it down in price. Otherwise the price of Japanese exports will rise which not what they want. Could make 5 to 10 % difference in price.
  7. complin

    Audeze LCD-2

    Hey Guys, At the other place i've noticed that the number of LCD-2's coming up for sale is gradually increasing. Also people dont seem to be hanging onto the Audeze for very long, perhaps just a month or two. According to 6Moons these are the holy grail of headphones with the ALO audio cables I have personally never heard a pair and dont know anyone who has, so cant comment or had a chance to borrow or evaluate. Having tried most of the high end dynamics on the market over the years (AKG 701/1000, Sony R10, AT, Beyer, Sen 650/800 et alt) I always gravitate back to my beloved Stax 007, they just sound so right to me. A recent forray with a pair of Sennheiser HD800 have convinced me even more of this, even though they have a wider (if not natural) headstage. I would be interested in your comments why people seem to move the Audeze on quite quickly. Is it that people just want to give it a try, or are there other reasons like comfort, weight or tonal balance?
  8. Woo Audio are quoting $5250 but dont know what sort of profit margin Stax or their importer offer to retailers
  9. Well it really depends whats going to happen to the Yen exchange rate. Its has been strengthening a lot of late that will no doubt increase the sale price in the US and Europe. Depends if the intervention by central banks intervention manage to reduce or stabilise the value of the Yen. I understand the retail price in Europe will be around €3300 or £3000, so not exactly a cheap buy. So with the poor economic situation across Europe I cant see them flying off the shelves.
  10. Is this the SR-Lambda Pro or SR-Lambda Normal or Signature?
  11. So has the Zan surplanted the single power in your affections? You seem to say that the SP's have a house sound that you would not describe as neutral or life like? I feel this to be tru but have been having a converstaion with someone else at the other place who insists this is wrong. I just cant saquare his opinon with what ive heard myself!
  12. Any chance this is based on your new BHSE design?
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