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  1. What sort of surface treatment are you suggesting then Birgir? Many tweeter treatments seem to be surroundung them with thich layers of felt 2 or 3 inches away from the driver i.e. BBC LS3.5a http://www.g4dcv.co.uk/ls35a/pics/Richard03.jpg
  2. Just means that the front of the unit is champagne colour which was in vogue at that time rather than the usual silver or black    
  3. Tyll... have you got her cell phone number
  4. Thats what surprised me. Having tried one in the past I would not call the sound neutral.
  5. Big difference in what way positive or negative !
  6. Interesting... So could it be a combination of the amps output impeadance and its damping factor? I know there has been a lot of debate about this with conventional speakers, some say it matters others its irrelevant. For example many claim that bass from 70's/80's vintage amps is much less controlled due to their damping factor. Amplifiers like the Accuphase E-202 had a control which ebaled you to change the damping factor, I think it had 3 setings. However; it could equally be due to the much better beefed up power supplies we tend to have today. As we all know headphones often magnify these anomolies and seem to be much more sensitive to both the electronics and source than conventional speaker set-ups Unfortunately i'm fresh out of pixie dust
  7. Yes that was my other choice. Looks like Bob Dylan era
  8. Birgir as the GS-X is aiming to be a zero ohms output impeadance (as other headamp dynamic designs) are you suggesting the 800's need an amp with higher output impedance than this? Your 48 ohm adapter? I have tried the 800's with various amps claiming output inpeadances varying from 600 ohms down to 100 ohms and personally only found the 800's listenable with the very low impeadance amps (i.e > 1 ohms) Tyll's comments regarding impeadance matching seems to concur with my own listening experience but as he says it is still rather hit and miss! "Electrical impedance and phase curves show a nominally 300 Ohm headphone, but with a fairly large and wide primary driver resonance impedance change that peaks out at around 100Hz at 600 Ohms. Though headphone amp matching with these headphones seems a hit and miss affair, an impedance swing that large to me would indicate the need for a headphone amp with a lower than 30 Ohm output impedance--but I know it doesn't quite work that way with these headphones."
  9. Not surprising given that the best stats offer the pinnacle audio reproduction
  10. Sounds like an interesting combination worth a listen However; having just gone balanced on my HD800's I'm feeling these were just made to be run this way. Picked up a Headroom BUDA and wow where did all that extended bass come from! Almost to the level of the Audeze. They can still be a tad bright at too high a volume or if the recording is a a bit hot, but overall a great improvement. The soundstage too seems to have become much more coherant and integrated, less artificial. So far really enjoying what i'm hearing
  11. Yeh the entry level Stax amp is bloody great value for money, and performs respectably with most of the range. Exceptions I think are the Omega and 007 and thats where things like the BHSE and T2 really make a difference
  12. What a quality piece of work, probably most of the workforce are not yet school age
  13. You left out the beats by Dr dre There are plenty of opinions and comparisons posted at the other place, but you wont find agreement on which is worlds best
  14. Yeh it way out man http://www.schumannresonator.com/ Must stop eating those magic mushrooms
  15. Well did you get to listen to the new Floats at the show?
  16. Could be worth getting hold of some internal images and details of the internals of the new transformer box I think there are a couple of people who have bought them on the other place Kiertijai and MuppetFace
  17. Yes I suppose thats a possibility. Perhaps cannibalise an existing PS2 box and substitute the larger transformers. They look at least double the size of the originals Two of these cost $520 for the cheaper type or $900 for the AM so with tax, duty and postage probably $700/Euro 550
  18. I want a set but the price is a bit steep Euro 1350 each for the headset and the transformer Would love to try the new transformer on my Jecklin PS2's
  19. Apparently the earpiece modules are made of plywood. I dont know how the headband is fixed so we will have to see how durable they are. I have to agree totally about the design, but Duggeh would have probably come up with something better I cant understand why they did not adapt the original design and use some updated material, perhaps the tooling costs were too great. Personally I prefer the PS2's and find them much more comfortable than the K1000's, its the pads on the temples that annoy me with the AKG's The Jecklin's I would say are a very different presentation and concept to the Omegas rather than better or worse. Having both I enjoy them for what they are, each have their own shortcomings
  20. Yeh How to take an iconic and timeless design and trash it ! Apparently the new Float QA transformer greatly improves the sonic performance of the original float
  21. I thought that was going to be the price of the new Stax SR-010 with amplifier anyway
  22. The graphene material looks really exciting, something that Stax ought to be evaluating?
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