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  1. I'm not referring to repair but upgrade to a current version. Given the way they manage production if you buy one of their products you have no way of knowing exactly what it is, as its actual configuration is not stated on the product, so is it the original, rev1, rev2, rev2.5 rev 3, rev 2.7 veiled, rev 2.7 unveiled ad-nauseum. I have never ever seen any manufacturer operate in such a way.
  2. Actually i'm pretty pissed with Audeze I would never buy another of their products as they have built in obsolescence. This situation severely impacts their resale value on the secondhand market. I'm not against change and innovation but you need a system where by people who have earlier revisions can easily upgrade them at reasonable cost, not a wholesale replace. In the UK its just expected that any audio company worth its salt offers its customers this type of service.
  3. Well I may be wrong but I thought out of the all the various mods made to the Fostex T50RP only a very few actually use a bass port? Thunderpants Rastapants Alpha Dog ? I much prefer the version of Thunderpants with Stax Omega pads I have to the Audeze LCD2
  4. These are basically another take on the Thunderpants, but more expensive Why would you want 3 bass ports anyway? I would bet they sound really b-l-o-a-t-e-d
  5. Worrying quote from recent 6Moons review On May 9th I got a surprise email from Peter Hoagland, Fang's PR man. "As hard as this may be to believe, Fang has identified two critical design changes he needs to make to the HE-560 so we need to bring it back and ask you to wait for its replacement before you write about it. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. My colleague in the U.S. Summer Yin will be in contact with a prepaid return shipping label. Then one of us will let you know when you can expect the replacement." http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/hifiman/2.html The 560 seems to have been withdrawn from sale too as its dissapeared off both the US and HFMDirect web sites?
  6. Thought that was more due to the Japanese and their love of whale meat
  7. I'm not sure if they have fully bottomed their quality issues, like driver failures. Much has been made at the other place about channel imbalance on the 009, but as far as i'm aware its a very small proportion of those sold. Having used stax for four decades personally I have never had a driver failure.
  8. Presume yours must have been an early pair? I wouldn't call my pair basshead cans, quite the contrary, well balanced really throughout the frequency range. I very much prefer them to the Audeze LCD2, especially with Stax pads as the Audeze is quite rolled off at the top end, so you miss quite a lot of plankton, quite closed in too. The headstage especially with the more angled pads is superior and it doesn't really sound much like a sealed headphone. I'd like to know what happened to Smeggy as its a great pity he's not producing these anymore. Well if you love the sax, like I do too, then you really need a pair of Stats, nothing better for Jazz and exposing the texture and harmonics. Even the basic Lambda IMO is better than most dynamics out there.
  9. Thanks Kevin I heard that on its first outing it sounded so poor against the competition (BHSE, DIY T2) that there was need of some redesign and swapping of parts to up performance. Been claimed it sounds more like the Aristaeus or the EC "house sound"
  10. Interesting.... I thought the WA5 was supposed to be fantastic with Sennheiser HH800's? 300b's and all that!
  11. This looks fantastic Birgir/Kevin I bet Tyll is like a dog with two tails I understood Craig bought in some industry expertise from outside to help with the design of the stat amp?
  12. Well maybe there is a clue in this statement from the web site ? Inspired by and committed to underground music, arts, skateboarding and sustainability What comprises the genre of underground music, and what do skateboarders like to listen to
  13. Quote "What’s the thing about the RCA plug? The goal here is to democratize the concept of swappable/replaceable cable with a widely available open standard. At the moment, the female part on the cup is a Switchcraft USA with a thick gold plating, not just gold flash stuff. No, this ain’t cheap."
  14. A closed dynamic transducer with a titanium diaphragm and a neodymium magnet combine to precisely reproduce every sound across the entire audible frequency range, even from low-powered portable devices. I wonder where the drivers are being sourced from? They sound similar to those used by the French guys (AEDLE) who started producing last year
  15. So are you referring to the Electra, or the so called "God Amp" for dynamics based on '45s?
  16. Ah I know it becomes addictive after a while, like reading other works of fiction. Gems like these ............ "I can't stay still as I type this. I'm moving around in my office chair like I'm sitting on something near a Funktion One speaker stack in a club bangin' away. My heart and my body have to follow the beat. This is, what I believe Hp (Harry Pearson) used to refer to as the "twinkle dust factor" or "TDF" as they used to call it at The Absolute Sound until the mid-nineties. The sound transcends the system, and I'm caught up in this flowing, meditative sort of head-bobbin', body-moving rhythm that only special components like this grant me! It's like being at DC-10 in Ibiza at 9:00AM and Damian Lazarus of Crosstown Rebels is gettin' nasty on the 1's and 2's... " Is this what they term legal highs ! Or this "She put on the headphones and danced next to me like the time we spent in Ibiza I mentioned above. And we're both rockin headphones! Realize this is something I never imagined a few years ago. Admittedly we've done this before: had our own silent rave in my home office, but this could possibly be the closest I've felt to dancing in a club. The momentum of the sound is so powerful, so enrapturing, I couldn't sit down anymore Now if that's not an indication of the magic of this amplifier than I'/m not sure what is! I'm not sure what else could possibly trounce that feeling. " Perhaps he's celibate or something?
  17. Neh its a crime.... under US law http://legis.la.gov/lss/lss.asp?doc=78684 §84. Pandering A. Pandering is any of the following intentional acts: (1) Enticing, placing, persuading, encouraging, or causing the entrance of any person into the practice of prostitution, either by force, threats, promises, or by any other device or scheme. (2) Maintaining a place where prostitution is habitually practiced. (3) Detaining any person in any place of prostitution by force, threats, promises, or by any other device or scheme. (4) Receiving or accepting by a person as a substantial part of support or maintenance anything of value which is known to be from the earnings of any person engaged in prostitution. (5) Consenting, on the part of any parent or tutor of any person, to the person's entrance or detention in the practice of prostitution. (6) Transporting any person from one place to another for the purpose of promoting the practice of prostitution. B.(1) Whoever commits the crime of pandering shall be fined not more than five thousand dollars, imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than five years, or both. (2) Whoever commits the crime of pandering involving the prostitution of persons under the age of eighteen years shall be fined not more than fifty thousand dollars, imprisoned at hard labor for not less than fifteen years nor more than fifty years, or both. (3) Whoever commits the crime of pandering involving the prostitution of persons under the age of fourteen years shall be fined not more than seventy-five thousand dollars, imprisoned at hard labor for not less than twenty-five years nor more than fifty years, or both. Amended by Acts 1978, No. 219, §1; Acts 1980, No. 708, §1; Acts 2012, No. 446, §1; Acts 2013, No. 83, §1.
  18. Well Birgir (or Kevin for that matter) never received any bouquets on HF for pointing out issues with other over priced crap. There was never much of an informed debate, usually the conversation descended into various unfounded accusations. This has even extended now to the likes of Pete Millet and Todd Green who produce some excellent commercial stuff way ahead of some of the other over priced turds that people seem to think are fantastic. In any case now its not worth even commenting as any criticism gets removed or threads sanitised pdq and you might end up being banned. IMO Head-fi really reached rock bottom a long time ago in terms of offering useful information, informed debate or critical opinions. Its just a shop window for the sponsors to promote their products with associated "sausage jockeys" pushing them to the fore. If you are putting yourself forward as a professional commentator and journalist then its vital you come across as objective, well informed and impartial. However; the more I see of Mr Mercers various outpourings only seem to confirm my opinion of a complete and utter T__t
  19. Columnist, MusicBiz Vet, Reviewer, Audio Evangelist: Audio360.org, The Daily Swarm, Part-Time Audiophile, Positive Feedback, Enjoy The Music, social media expert & brand-building So now you know
  20. I thought this was an April fool at first, but apparently not! If you fancy a good laugh have a read of his review @ the other place http://www.head-fi.org/products/cavalli-audio-liquid-gold/reviews/10823 Just to whet your appetite Only Solid State Amp I've heard that Sounds Like a Hybrid: The Texture and Warmth of Tubes, but Control, Power and Precision of the Very Best of SS! From DAC or phonostage - to various musical genres! It just goes about its business and does its job better than almost every other amplifier I've heard. Perhaps the most musically engaging of them all actually - but I'm still figuring that out! Pros: Outstandingly Musical and Easy to Listen to for Hours. Fully Balanced (w/ 1/4" capability as well). Built Like a Br__house. Looks Fantastic Cons: Sorry, None. It's too heavy? I can't even say that. This isn't Pandering either. mikemercer 4/13/14 at 9:35pm Thanks @warrenpchi!! and @smial1966 - unfortunatelt I've only heard the Headamp GSX at shows, and I don't believe I've ever auditioned the KGSShv. Using my Alpha Dogs w/ the Headamp - which is what I used when I heard it - I'd say the LAu has the capacity to go further into the frequency spectrum - both highs and lows. But, like I said: That's a first impression! I also remember the LAu breathing alot more, more dimensionality. It would be a fun A/B!! Thanks for reading
  21. I hope his hearing is better than his grammar Yep adjectives like dry and sterile come to mind when I listened to the Chord 64 DefQon, on 07 Apr 2014 - 1:17 PM, said:
  22. IMOE I have never found the so call Stax fart a problem in daily use. As Spritzer says Stax drivers are quite reliable, i've been using their headsets since the mid 1960's and never had a failure. I have had other problems due to wear and tear like cable strain or a lambda driver that came loose due to the glue drying out, all of which could be easily replaced. Most issues have been very occasional problems with an energiser or amplifier, often again due to age.
  23. How different is this from the likes of Audeze and Fostex? Diaphragm – OPPO’s planar magnetic driver diaphragm has 7 layers of thin materials that provide excellent performance, reliability, and longevity. The construction of the diaphragm ensures that it is very stable under thermal stress and vibration. Double-Sided Spiraling Coils – The diaphragm utilizes a spiraling pattern of flat aluminum conductors on either side of the driver. The double-sided design allows twice as many conductors to be placed within the magnetic field, which leads to higher sensitivity, better damping, and even drive force.
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