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  1. G600

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Yours is safe. But just take a careful look before starting populating the Beast.
  2. G600

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Sometimes I hear some random cracks. They come and go, and at some point the channel goes south. Voltages are off, with something like 40 V between the two right batteries, and a very large offset at ouput. It could be cured instantaneously by putting a Voltmeter between battery testpoint and +500V supply entry. Tried to adjust the batteries in many ways, but it comes back anyway. I have also uprated the compensation cap to 15 pF. The amp runs cooler afterwards, but the problems is still happening.
  3. G600

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    I'm pretty sure I have the same problem too. No devices to test it. But as far as I remember in this topic, it is always the right channel that causes trouble. Mine too. There must be something in the layout, no clue till now.
  4. G600

    grounded grid

    How much should we bias the EL34 ? Is it 20 mA like the Carbon, or more 25 mA, like the many designs with EL34 ? Or personal taste ?
  5. G600

    Exploding headphones

    Was it a Dynahi-powered BeatsĀ© ?
  6. G600

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon

    Interesting reading. If a black thing looks & tastes like shit, how could that be carbon ?
  7. G600

    grounded grid

    GRLV @+-15V GRHV @ +459 and +464V Waiting for a few more passive before starting to wire the Thing.
  8. G600

    grounded grid

    140*70 cm, 5 Kg roughly And not Sumr, but British one-man company with stellar products.
  9. G600

    grounded grid

    Received the transformer today. Didn't imagine such a big boy. But perfectly built. Changing plans for casing, unless it won't fit. Despite some mistakes and need of adjustment (make the tubes symmetrical for sure), you get the idea :
  10. G600

    grounded grid

    For sure ! I use the RENY screws I have left from the T2, with spring washers over standard washers. Outstanding stuff from Chemis. The steel screw you can see just holds the board in place.
  11. G600

    grounded grid

    Drill press madness...
  12. G600

    grounded grid

    Not built, still waiting for the custom transformer, and a bigger issue is the lack of a drill press and the related skills. Still being a very young padawan in DIY. Need some more weeks before completion.