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  1. G600


    Pretty damn right. And listen to Philippe Dufour's opinion on how dull and disconnected to the legacy are the actual manufacturers.
  2. G600

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Olafur is very good indeed. If you don't know, you can try his German friend, Nils Frahm (for example album Felt). To be listened to relatively loud.
  3. G600

    DIY mini T2 Build Thread

    Its force is its footprint with Kerry's mini power supplies. For sure no way to shrink the transformers, but still. Will definitely build one one day.
  4. Briliant! Damn excited by the perspective of those miniature HV supplies. You are never short of wonders Kerry, are you? One day I'll have to study those relay attenuators. The coding (which you provided) and Arduino thing have always seemed too complicated for me 🤐
  5. G600

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Your SiC definitely need proper heatsinks.
  6. G600

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    As I don't have any running project, It is a 2$ basket with 25$ for fedex, that's why I ask here in the first place.
  7. G600

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Gentlemen, Is there anybody here with some Xicon surplus? I'm finally having my batteries reworked, and I'd like 24*820k + 8*390k + 4*62k. Thanks
  8. G600

    KZ mods

    Quite little for my taste... Did you use a magnifying glass? Glad it went alright.
  9. G600

    Voluntary amp builders?

    Do you have a timer setup for that chair-heating "device"? 😁
  10. G600

    Voluntary amp builders?

    I think that correct interpretation of measurements requires a huge lot of knowledge and experience. Read Nelson Pass description of curves for example... The easy way is probably to over-interprete things.
  11. G600

    Voluntary amp builders?

    Don't get fooled by the latest fashion. Buy one, enjoy it, and if it's not enough you can change afterwards. I bet it'll be keeping some money value in the future.
  12. G600

    Voluntary amp builders?

    Why don't you get in touch with Birgir? Mjolnir Audio. Not cheap but built for a lifetime, not mentioning the small footprints he delivers...
  13. G600

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Proper funding is mandatory for those DIY projects. Not mentioning killing yourselves with fake sand, along with troubleshooting made impossible not knowing who's who. Saving a few ten or hundred bucks is bullsh*t, common, you are going to play those with top dollar headphones, and they are designed to last decades. Quality remains, prices forgets. And some savings are costly.
  14. G600

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    Soldering in music... sounds like Head-Case panache!