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  1. Wow, what a cascade of horrors!
  2. Thanks for maintaining the house afloat!
  3. Great job. Looking forward to the other mods!
  4. Beautiful! Listen to it, and post some more pics
  5. This one might give you guys a good laugh. I don't own a heat gun, so poor man's way... That being said, it gives a warm and smokey sound
  6. It's just insane to see how many iterations of alternative batteries you and Kerry produced!
  7. I would like to revise my position as follows : 2 main boards 2 LV78 and 2 LV79 2 HV partially asembled 2 bare HV Thanks!
  8. G600


    Pretty damn right. And listen to Philippe Dufour's opinion on how dull and disconnected to the legacy are the actual manufacturers.
  9. Olafur is very good indeed. If you don't know, you can try his German friend, Nils Frahm (for example album Felt). To be listened to relatively loud.
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