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  1. Have you tried the Mullard re-issues that are now Russian made? I have heard whilst they sound quite good they are not as robust or long lasting as the originals. Personally I prefer european EL34's. If not original British Mullard/Brimar then the Philips from the Netherlands. Philips acquired Mullard so some of their EL34's are basically Mullards but with Philips branding. East or west germany RFT or Siemens/Telefunken can be good too, but they can be a little brighter than the Mullard/Philips so fine with a 007 Mk1 but might be too much of a good thing with the 009's.
  2. I think many of us here tend to spend too much on this hobby, especially as we only have 1 set of ears I have both the supposed bass heavy and normal K1000's and there is no getting away from it they can be bright. I think they are just as difficult to get right as the Sen 800's
  3. I use mine stock too. I tried a few mods but it seemed to compromise the soundstage rather than necessarily fixing any brightness. I agree the amp and source seems to make the most difference but the cable much less so, if at all. Broadly i'm satisfied most of the time but recordings I would expect to be really great catch me out on the 800 sometimes and come over rather bright in places. I do find getting the volume right too also seems to make quite a difference as it is often so clear I crank it up too far, like I do with my Stax
  4. complin

    Audeze LCD-X

    Thats all well and good but when the constipation breaks I for one don't want to be around
  5. complin

    Audeze LCD-X

    Yes BUT its wierd that Frame says in his review "Although the Audezes were darker than the Sennheisers, they were as good at revealing fine recorded detail. In fact, the LCD-Xes reminded me of the recorded detail that could be heard with Stax's Lambda electrostatics, with the important difference that I didn't become fatigued after long listening sessions, as I used to with the Lambdas." I find that a really strange comment as I have always felt that Stax, including the Lambdas, are one of the least fatiguing of all headphones, particularly as he is probably referring to the previous series and not the current.
  6. Just a bit of loose change then
  7. Well the Audiovalve spec is only 3 Watts max so nothing like the power of a BHSE or DIY T2, but then I suppose the 009 is easier to drive. So if the transformers in the Wee are bypassed how is the bias voltage being supplied? tech. describtion: OTL - transformer outless tube amplifier double mono construction Alps volume control 1 pair 6,3 mm stereo jacket for headphones tubes: 4 * PCL 805 (PCL 85 or 18 GV 8 - german old TV "vertikal" ampl. tube ) power output: each channel 3 watt SINUS, ( between 100 to 400 ohm loads ) bandwide: 15 - 100 000 hz damping 3600 ! distortion 0,002 % at 1 Watt-200 Ohm load max. output voltage 80V sens. 0dBm IC - full autom. - controlled bias class - a power consumption min. 60 watt size 360*200*120 mm (d.w.h.) weight 6kg patent full automatic servo tube biasing
  8. I see he has started selling "training kits" now to tame supposed treble issues with the Alpah Dods? There are a pair of Thunderpants for sale at the other place LFF is introducing something call the Enigma which is a closed headphone but no pricing yet. Some are talking about custom drivers but could be a bastardised Hifiman?
  9. Great work Spritzer - really like the compact design
  10. Thanks Didn't know extension cables were available for these as the 950's are quite difficult to find in Europe. I should be able to order one direct from Koss. Next problem will be finding a Stax male plug.
  11. Does anyone know if Koss 950 to Stax converters are available from anywhere rather than recabling the headphones ?
  12. Yeh he sometimes contacts me for information on some of my Stax and Sennheiser gear. Pleasant enough chap but he lays his prices on with a trowel! You will regularly see his sales going around and around on ebay. He had some sennheiser orpheus that were regularly on ebay for two or three years. Whether he ever sold them I have no idea, but they are not at a price that any sane enthusiast would ever consider paying.
  13. Yes he is an ex engineer for the UK stax distributer Symmetry
  14. I have never seen a pair for which so much has been asked !!!! But thats Wiktor all his sales have astronomical prices, best suited to Russian oligarchs
  15. It might be one of those kitted out for cyber sex and the like?
  16. I presume you never tried any British or European tubes then? (Mullard/Brimar/Philips) Isn't the GS-X sound signature very similar to the Gilmore Lite? I tried the Lite and it was very good, in fact it was the first amp that made my stock Sen 800's listenable, but could still be a tad bright at times. I much prefer the Peak with a Mullard/Brimar tube, but then we all hear slightly differently.
  17. So whats your poison with the HD800 then?
  18. Neh the Peak is nothing like the B22! The B22 IS BRIGHT Ever heard of tube rolling? You can make the Peak bright or not just use a different 6SL7.
  19. Yeh together with half of the bottom of the headphone Have you seen the Sigma Pros Wiktor is selling on fleabay really cheap https://tinyurl.com/okzuu8a
  20. Personally I don't think the current Lambda range sound as good as previous generations, but I have only had chance to listen for any length in the dealers showroom. They may sound better at home on my own set-up
  21. I have been using the Apex Peak/Volcano with the HD800's for the past couple of months and have to admit they have the best synergy of anything I have tried so far. They sound stunning for dynamic. Currently tube rolling as well, Brimar/Mullard 6SN7/CV1988 is a great match. I have not tried the Eddie current or ECP audio offering as of yet as current funds won't permit this. I also think the source is important as I don't feel any of the bright very analytical DAC's are a good match for the HD800's, it just sounds too digital and I find the 800's tend to emphasise this.
  22. The vintage ones last for many decades, some say a lifetime, so good to see a legend rise again. BTW does anyone use a 300b based amp for headphones?
  23. Ultrasone Edition 10 or 5 perhaps? I seem to think there were some of Tyll's most memorable headphones. The made it to the wall of fail
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