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  1. Akathisia

    slower forum

    QWOP is seriously the hardest shit I have ever tried.
  2. Akathisia

    New setup help

    Update - I picked up the STAX that John posted above, and I am finally getting to listen to it now. Obviously it will not be going with me on my deployment, but I am extremely happy I finally joined the 'stat gang. I just finished the Inception soundtrack and now I'm listening to Karajan's Symphony no.9 and am in disbelief. My source is embarrassingly lacking right now - went to find a DVD player I thought I had stashed to use until I picked up a DAC, but I brain dumped that I gave it away. So I'm using the headphone jack directly into the SRM-1/Mk2 which is probably blasphemy, but plan on picking up a budget DAC without delay (Pico DAC or something else around that price range). Thanks for all the help both in this thread and the chat, Alex
  3. Akathisia

    Stax - foam or cloth?

    Can someone recommend a good U.S. source for the cloth pads? I am looking to replace the rotten foam on my new to me Lambda Pros. A quick google search only returns Audiocubes II, and I have never ordered through them/don't know of their reputation.
  4. Akathisia

    New setup help

    Yeah, the Stax would definitely be more for home. I'm starting to think I may just take my KSC75 (or pick up some 35s and try those) for my deployment.
  5. Akathisia

    New setup help

    Alright guys - thanks to everyone that posted in this thread and helped me out in chat... But there has been a turn of events, would anyone care to comment on the worthiness of me buying this little setup : Audiogon SRM-T1/Lambda Pro I have wanted to get into STAX for a while now, and this is well within my budget - just not sure on the details of what to expect.
  6. Akathisia

    New setup help

    I didn't even know JH Audio existed. It's been a while. I am an Air Traffic Controller in the USAF (so my hearing probably shot anyway), and I wear a custom/molded earpiece in my right ear all day and I really don't want to relax with them in my ears. I should clarify a bit, now that I'm awake. The portability of the cans is not a necessity - I won't be wearing them outside of whatever my living situation will be downrange. It's really just the source/dac/amp/whatever else that will have to be portable, as I'm going to have a bunch of people living in the same room. Isolation should not be complete (I need to hear mortar attacks and alarms), but I can't have too much sound bleeding out of the cans since everyone sleeps on different schedules downrange. I most likely will be listening at reasonable volumes while I am there, for the situational awareness reasons listed above, but since my government sponsored vacation is of unknown duration (could be two months, could be six or more), I want to have something that I can build on when I get home. And to grawk - I have an iPhone 3GS, and will probably upgrade to a 4 before I deploy - is the sound quality inferior to a current generation iPod? Here's a little USAF ATC cocksmanship for you guys :
  7. Akathisia

    New setup help

    Well hello Head-Cases. It's been quite a while since I've been in the audio scene, and this post probably belongs with much of the other unread drivel "what should I buy with $XXX" posts on another forum... but I like you guys much better. I am getting ready to go to one of the sandy places America is currently occupying, and I'm wanting to build a somewhat portable rig to take with me. My sources at home are mediocre at best (budget turntable, laptop, iPhone), and with the exception of vinyl, I am not sure what I am going to take with me. My ears have been battered to death by car stereos and some Polk Audio home speakers, so I don't need the best - just looking to get my feet wet again. My budget is around $500 per component - I'll do a home rig as long as it can be made somewhat portable (home amp/dac, portable amp/dac, headphones that will work with both). I still hope to someday get into STAX for home use, but I think that my be a bit much to pack... I appreciate the help in advance, I wish I had more time to be active on forums and didn't have to ask questions like this. ~Alex
  8. Akathisia

    What are you EATING right now?

    Ate some In-and-Out earlier. Delish.
  9. Akathisia

    What are you EATING right now?

    Ettan l
  10. Akathisia

    What are you listening to Part Two

    Muse "Origin of Symmetry"
  11. Akathisia

    Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records

    Not bad at only $20, and he takes custom orders.
  12. Akathisia

    Concord Cd's & SACD's for $5.98

    Thanks to the OP for the link. It seems the sale will go through July 1st, so I may have to shop for an SACD player before I place an order.
  13. Akathisia

    What did you do today?

    Woke up with hangover, ate a panini and soup, laid around, drank good beer over at Dad's and ate burgers, watched a bad movie, currently listening to great music Great Saturday.
  14. Akathisia

    DIY cable gallery

  15. Akathisia

    Stax SR-44 Amp

    So I'd like to get a small desktop amp to power my SR-44 setup from my laptop and I was wondering what other options aside from a T-Amp might be out there? Budget (Sub $100 would be preferable) or something along the lines of the Starving Student Millet for speakers would be awesome if such a thing exists.