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Stax SR-3 back to life


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I bought pair of SR-3 year ago. I knew they had failure, left driver was quiet, right driver was only little louder.
After year I've decided to give them new life this spring.
At the first I've discovered holes in diaphragm of the left driver as you can see in the picture.
I decided to use 2um mylar to make new diaphragm for both drivers and self made coating with some antistatic spray+isopropanol.
Now I am sitting with them and writing this post, they sound great, with good bass, with sweet and not sharp highs.











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Refresh of pictures.
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Good job, with the help from wachara I also restored a completely dead silent SR-3N in the Stax thread here using the anti-static gel solution but since then have decided to make the fix permanent by using ESL speaker repair kit liquid compound from a local distributor.

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I've also restored drivers from Gamma Pro. Only coating was lost, and now they work great but I have no idea how long they will do.

New diaphragm in SR-3 sounds better than Gamma Pro with only new coating.

I wonder if in 1968 year in SR-3 Stax used mylar or something else?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to fix my SR-3 with severe channel imbalance (already confirmed it's the drivers and not the energizer), so I'm going to try recoating the membranes. I've removed the drivers and have gotten as far as removing the four copper pins - I can't seem to figure out how to take the rest of it apart. I'd thought when the pins came out the whole thing would just fall apart, but it seems rather tightly stuck, still. Is there a trick to further disassembly of this? Feeling rather daft. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Got it open! The outer and inner plastic discs were quite firmly stuck together, but I was able to get them apart after running a scalpel blade in between them, around the whole circle. Put on some antistatic gel, let it dry, and it does seem to be improved. Not certain it's quite right, still, but much better.

The ring with the membrane was stuck to the inner shell as well, so I only coated the top side - maybe that's my problem. Didn't see a clear way to pry it loose without risking puncturing the membrane.

Thanks much for your help, spritzer!

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OK, makes sense. I think it'll be a few days before I get around to opening it up again.

I realized also that I haven't confirmed the energizer is putting out the right bias voltage. Since the two channels are biased in parallel I figured it wouldn't be a consideration, but maybe if the bias is low the two would react differently.

Such a finicky beast, but I'm quite enjoying even the flawed sound.

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