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  1. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    I was testing some KingSound - I didn't like them too, dark, flat, lifeless. Any Stax, even SR-3 are better. What kind of mods did you make to the KingSound??
  2. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    In my opinion it has a detachable cable, but it's just an opinion ;-)
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    I wonder what happened? Do we have any others pics and any informations?
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    Well done Arthrimus
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    It is possible. I have recoated two pairs of old Lambda Signature and they work fine. There is a risk of breaking mylar as I did for the first time, when I was opening driver. But any other try was without issues.
  6. Sennheiser HE1060/HEV1060 (New Orpheus)

    Picture from show in Warsaw (the same where Padam was.): In short, old Orpheus still rocks
  7. Small amplifier for Stax

    JimL - I hope now that you won't call me "heretic" when I publish my amplifier with tubes and chokes I read your thread about using current sources and driving electrostatic headphones. Very interesting, thank you.
  8. Small amplifier for Stax

    JimL, thank you for your detailed explanations. I promise to search and read the thread you proposed. I know how CCS works, and I agree with you in fundamental rules you described. I build others amplifiers with CCS or resistive and I don't want to build another the same topology's amp. When you decide to build tube amplifiers there is a space for many imperfections. In your eyes my decisions of using chokes is technically wrong. And you are right. For me it is just another way. Is Megatron with it's CS on EL34 technically better than KGSS? I bet it is not, and that proves nothing, as Spritzer would say
  9. Small amplifier for Stax

    JimL, do you suggest that electrostatic headphones should be driven from high impedance output? Can you explain why?
  10. Small amplifier for Stax

    You don't have to be so cruel It is possible to build something good even if you don't think so. Did you build an amplifier for electrostatic headphones with power stage with choke?
  11. Small amplifier for Stax

    JimL, Spritzer - I can't agree with you about chokes and electrostatic headphones. I build an amp with 6C4C as a power stage with big 100 H chokes. It worked very well. I couldn't measure any resonance in audio spectrum. I didn't finish it only because it was too big and heavy. It was build only as a prototype, so I can't prove now anything else.
  12. Small amplifier for Stax

    JimL - thanks for explanations. My future projects will be something with DHT with chokes as a power stage. I have build one like this, but it was too big and heavy. I needed small small amp so changed topology and build small. Here is a pic of the last stage with DHT:
  13. Small amplifier for Stax

    Dear Kevin The only thing I am saying is that my project is mine, I don't know what you have done and when and how. The second and the third stage is multiply by 4 in my amplifier and if you look at this, there is nothing special. Just two stages with CCS and simply NFB. The first stage is also simply and known. Is there anything hard to develop and design what could be called it is mine, yours, theirs etc ... ? I would not call this NFB "dual". Just four simply amplifier, each with its own NFB.
  14. Small amplifier for Stax

    That amp had to be small and stronger tubes and higher voltages with CCS meant more temperature. Sometimes you need to make decision - to make amp that folks on forum will call "awesome" or amp that you need but it won't impress the others :-) I like listening with low volume level but I know that many people like high levels. My amp is not good for everyone but it is perfect for me and Lambda Pro. The others of my Stax'a headphones will have stronger and bigger amp in the future.
  15. Small amplifier for Stax

    Thanks JimL, DefQon and wink for your posts. It is not state of art to make amplifiers with tubes like everyone around I know 6CG7/6FQ7 are better in last stage, but I have about 40 pieces of E80CC and lot's of 6H1P-EB. I love the way Tungsram E80CC looks like, only Tungsram's E80CC have holes in anode. You are right about limitations of voltage swing and deliver current to headphones. This helps me to keep volume on healthy levels I designed this amp to drive my Lambda Pro while I am working on my PC, and Lambda Pro are easy headphones to drive. With Lambda Pro max volume levels are still above levels I like listening to the music with pleasure. Stax SR-007 are harder to drive and volume level is to low then. I am going to build bigger amp for SR-007 in the near future. E80CC won't be in the last stage But 6CG7/6FQ7 and 6S4A won't be there too :-) JimL - I have absolutely no idea about Kevin Gilmore's topology, but in my opinion 3 stages like this can't be called anyone's topology. I ended in topology like this after many tries, it seems obvious to me, that many people could end their research with similar schematics.