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  1. I only wish I can understand what you are making.
  2. I love those purple color wood stripes. Are those Purpleheart?
  3. Nothing bad should happen. It could probably be the loosen wire connections. You might want to try resolder all the soldered joints first. Well, some small dust could also be a problem. Check and clean the stators and the diaphragm could solve the problem too.
  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have you a picture of the other side of the stator, the side that faces the diaphragm? What is the material and thickness of the spacers?
  5. Are they using felt as the dust cover?
  6. I really like to try to make some wire stators for my DIY electrostatic headphones. I've bought some wire mesh, but I have no idea how to stretch it so that it's absolutely flat and tight. Any ideas?
  7. I’ve used something similar with one of my headphones for a while now. It’s been OK. Yes, it’s not double insulated and it’s not as soft as the Koss cable.
  8. Finish a new pair of electrostatic headphones today.
  9. It’s funny that the size of the transducer is exactly the same as my DIY headphones - 120mm x 90mm.
  10. When I went and bought, I didn’t check the differences in price and quality. It’s what’s available in my area and I needed it quickly.
  11. I use SCT3080KLGC11 in my Grounded Grid power supply and it works well.
  12. Thanks for all the good advices. I change the air nozzle to a bigger one so that it has slower air velocity, and set the temperature to a bit higher, and now it goes a lot better. I still have a long way to go though. By the way, the smell of the flux is really bad. Do you guys wear a mask or use a filter fan when doing the hot air soldering?
  13. Wow! I tried to solder some SMD resistors today using solder paste and hot air. It’s so difficult! I turned the air down to the minimum already, but as soon as the solder started to melt the resistor got blown away. Is there any good tip for a beginner?
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