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Minimalistic Receiver


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So, looking for a way to hook up a pair of wireless headphones and powered monitors to my TV. I only have optical out and don't really need hdmi switching... I can't find anything obvious out there. To integrate I am think I need remote control which I can override with my Samsung learning remote, as with my Panny the optical out wasn't variable.

I looked at emotiva and nothing obviously fit the bill. Since I am going active I really don't need a receiver, something more pre/pro ish... Surely someone has made the ideal gadget?

Maybe even active speakers with optical in and RCA out that has remote? Heh.

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What is your price range?  What about something like the Outlaw Audio Model 975 (not that I have heard it or know much about it).  Of course, it does a lot more than you need. 





Edit:   I missed the part about the wireless headphones, I don't know how one would hook those up. 

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Does the TV optical out downsample/mix to Stereo, or is it a 5.1 feed?

 * stereo optical out -  Something like a Matrix min i ?


- Balanced analog out for active monitors

- rca analog out to hook up to wireless headphones base station.


If not then a/v receiver  pre-outs using the dusty approach

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