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New acquisition - an unplanned cat


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Here's a pic after he's eaten for a couple weeks and had a bath (the vet got most of the tar off).


And he finally earned a name that stuck: Groucho. He likes to get his way and is a pouty grouch when told "no." He's a good cat and funny when he's complaining. My parents are staying with me for the rest of the winter, and he's taken a liking to my dad, or rather, my dad's belly. :)

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And he finally earned a name that stuck: Groucho.

I love the name. I have a cat with very similar coloring who's named Rufus T. Firefly.

I remember when I got my first stray, many years ago. I was at U of Illinois, and took him to the vet school for his shots. He had ear mites, and the vet wanted to take him back to clean his ears. I warned her that he didn't like having his ears touched, but she told me that she had done this many times and it would be no problem. Five minutes later, she brought him back out. She was putting bandages on her arms, and his ears hadn't been touched. If a cat could grin, he was doing it (he only had one upper canine, so his grin looked absolutely evil).

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