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Actually, when I was "jounger," I was pretty good at yoyo's....

Maybe I should get a yoyo again, to see how I do, now these days....

or maybe I shoudl get two, and do "balanced" yoyo tricks. that be something, wouldn't be it?

I remember one year on Fox they showed the world Yo-Yo competition in Hawaii. Crazy, crazy stuff. You could seriously fight off a motorcycle gang with those kind of skills and a Yo-Yo or two. :o

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TEAM Yo-Yo Member


Playmaxx Butter Bee (Butterfly Bumblebee) with custom Spintastics holographic sides, Slick 6 String

Playmaxx Cold Fusion - Stock w/ Slick 6

Henry's Viper - Glow/Black

Custom Mini - half Black LTD. ED., half Green

Custom Mag - Purple with matching anodized Stand

Tom Kuhn - SB-2 (1 silver, 1 custom)

Spintastics Technics x2 (2 handed looping)

Koosh Pro Yo 2 x23 (2 handed looping, 1$ each at walmart, bought for friends, have leftovers, somewhere)

Others abound, but I can't remember 'em all. I'll Shoot The Moon for Grado's, btw.


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Nice to see you around Mex ;D

Nice to be here Thaddy. I have some brand new RS-1's on loan I'm putting up against my HF-1's. Very nice, very nice. I'm just saddened that I must go to bed before work. Oh well, the joys of tomorrow being sunday, no postal runs... can't ship out til monday at the earliest. <g> I think I'd be happy with C-pads and black mesh... we'll have to see. I still want to get larry to make me custom wooden buttons that say "MD" on 'em... and, of course, a purple heart yo yo.


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I try not to think of yoyo's... it makes my finger hurt. But i'm going to have some mad vintage stuff when the craze comes back around. The new kids though are insane. I was on a nice singled handed amatuer level, competitive level. These days, its sick. I grew up in the sport when the world record for the longest sleeper was just under 3 minutes (i have that yoyo). Then it went to 7 minutes 8 seconds (i have that yo yo as well). Last I czeched, it was at 19 and change. That's like kenny G breaking the single note record at 45 minutes. I play sax as well, but that would be too incredibly boring. I'm just gonna quit thinking about that, and go back to listening to my stolen RS-1's... well, borrowed. THey won't be stolen for another few days.


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My all time favorite was a ceramic "Coca-Cola" yo-yo. I had about four of those. One had to be really careful with those, because if the cord was to break during use, then it would most likely chip out from the impact with the ground.

Great looping yo's. I forget who made them, but I had 4 as well. I got some in Atlanta, and walked the dog on top of Stone(d) Mountain. Good times. If those had been able to come apart, would have been amazing. The wooden axles were a little soft though, I remember the friction actually wearing a groove in one of mine. Then again, I have a crazy fast spin, so that might have been some of it. Oh well... We should have a yo yo meet sometime...


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so where's my condascending yet silly custom title?

"The pretzel dork"

"mr pretzel douche bag

"the guy who uses pretzels to get lucky with chicks"

"spaz of pretzels"

my feelings are getting hurt here... sheesh!

How about "Spazoid, with extra salt". ;D

EDIT: Oooh or maybe "Would you like salt on your Spaz?"

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