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  1. entertainment and dinner. nice.
  2. so how long did it take you to make that quilt todd?
  3. Pittsburgh? so far.... someone give me a ride from Philadelphia.
  4. we should have a meet sometime then... philadelphia's reasonably closer to MD than santa rosa.
  5. you make those too now? lovely design... I assume that the bend radius isn't small enough so you can't use it with a stacked ipod / amp? (although it probably doesn't matter much if you're expanding your "portable" rig to include a bulky amp and other junk... might as well go for the largest footprint possible while you're at it.) I must say that is a great name.
  6. looks like a nice brick to clobber someone with. even has a handle too.
  7. the AH-D1000 seems pretty large to really be a portable can... but I suppose it's similar to walking around with a pair of DJ cans.
  8. Reks must have broken it for you. (works for me though, not that I ever use it.)
  9. seems reasonable. the JPN has slightly higher impedance and a slightly lower sensitivity level compared to the W5000.
  10. hey Peter, time to update your signature? btw, my W11JPN is on the other side of the continent sitting on my desk... sucks that luggage space for airline flights is at a premium.
  11. dropping it seems good enough. don't need extra tools or anything.
  12. nice. the W11JPN was my first full-sized / home headphone I bought perhaps 7 or 8 years ago. I still like it for what it is (as in after factoring in price and whatnot). it's probably one of the more balanced of the ATH-W series, with some warmth (thought not as much as the W10VTG) and good bass.. although probably due to its older design doesn't have the extension of the W2002, L3000, W5000, nor the speed.
  13. I like those shiny hole cover-uppers in the back of the PSU. very classy.
  14. transportation down there's gonna be too costly without owning a car here... I'm out this time.
  15. too far. let's have it in philly.
  16. looks like a QC2. given that they aren't that well-built and you are only looking for looks, perhaps a friend has a broken one you can have or maybe you can find one in the dumpster.
  17. I think I broke my camera when I dropped it yesterday.
  18. as for this quote I did not delete the picture or edit your post, so I hope you aren't getting the wrong idea, since you aren't making the distinction.
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