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Don't Headphone freaks like motorcycles? How fast have you gone?


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I posted this thread over at head-fi, and not one other person has posted their bike.


WTF are you telling me that Head-Fiers truly are a bunch of geeks that have no interest in riding motorcycles and going fast?

Look at the last photo. Can anyone else show proof that they have gone faster on two wheels or even four wheels?

FYI speedometers are wildly inaccurate; usually they are 15% to 30% optimistic at high speeds. I?ve owned motorcycles that I rode and the speedometers indicated that I was going 140 mph. When in reality the bikes top speed under perfect conditions was around 120 mph (118 according to tests).



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i have a real motorcycle, a 1980 harley.

real men ride harleys!

It depends on what your definition of ?Real Men? is.

If the definition is: Someone who rides a motorcycle that can be outperformed by any 1970?s Japanese Superbike or modern 500cc class sportbike, then yes real men ride Harleys.

If the definition is: Someone who rides a motorcycle that is all image and marketing, then yes real men ride Harleys.

If the definition is: Someone who is so cheap that they buy a motorcycle because it ?Has lower depreciation? then yes real men ride Harleys.

If the definition is: Someone who is so terrified of making turns that they buy a motorcycle that discourages doing so, then yes real men ride Harleys.

If the definition is: Someone who is so insecure in their own manhood that they actually buy into the marketing and image that says ?Real Men Ride Harleys? that they go out and buy a Harley and then they have to repeat the saying that ?Real Men Ride Harleys? at every chance, then yes real men ride Harleys.

If the definition is: Someone who so desperately wants to be one of the village people that they buy a Harley so they can wear all of the super black leather, then yes real men ride Harleys.


All jokes aside, whether you are a real ?Man? or not depends on what you do, and say, not on what you ride.

Now what determines if you are a pussy IS determined by what you ride, and PUSSIES RIDE HARLEYS!!! :dance:

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wow, nothing like taking something a bit too seriously.....

seems like someone has a tad bit of an inferiority complex.

and would you say that jap bikes arent status symbols? fuck if they aint!

harleys are a hell of alot prettier than any of the pictures posted so far, but whatever, i was only kidding anyway. ride what you want, in fact, go as fucking fast as you want, it only makes more work for me peeling your squished carcases off the road.

im not buying your cables anymore you turd!!!!


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I?ve hated Harley ever since they cried to the FTC in 82. >:( The tariff on all import motorcycles (750cc+) went from less than 5% to 49.9%. They claimed unfair yada yada yada. Like my 82 GS-1000S Katana competed in any way with any Harley. It also didn?t help their case with me when they forced the AMA to bend the rules to allow their god awful VR-1000 into Superbike racing (It Never won) . They also changed their franchise agreement forcing longtime dealers to either redo their store (Fit the corporate mold) or loose the franchise. That is the main reason you don?t see any more mom and pop dealerships.

I feel that form follows function. That?s why I think sport bikes are beautiful. If you feel Harleys are better looking then more power to you.

As far as my taking it too seriously, you are the one that insinuated that if you don?t ride a Harley then you?re not a real man. I didn?t see a smiley face or whatever. So you were serious, right?

If you believe that I think all Harley riders are pussies then you must have missed the Dancing icon. Most maybe, but not all. ;D

Most Hayabusa owners absolutely have major issues and need to prove something by having the fastest motorcycle. I don?t really fall in that category. I have a Hayabusa because I am a really big guy and it takes a very fast motorcycle to haul me around. Have I gone fast? Absolutely. I'm now a slow poke, I seldom go over ninety. My next bike is likely to be a BMW GS.

I?m so sorry if I upset you. As I was writing that post I was laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes. It was two years worth of pent up rant against Harley, not you. I knew that it probably went too far, but I was compelled to post it. Sorry.

You own Siltech, well then at least you have good taste as far as cables go. DOH! ;D


See I don't even know if you were really pissed or not, the signing off with Pretzels confuses me.

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youd have to do much more than insult my hog to upset me...

Let's keep your wife out of this O0

I've never owned a bike and I've always lusted. I've always loved BMW's bikes....sleek and classy. My old Boy Scout leader had a few Indian bikes as well. He was my friend's uncle and he used to take us out everynow and then on summer days. My parents never let me get a bike, my wife will protest greatly...but someday.

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