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Custom Millett Hybrid

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As some of you may know I've got a bit of history with the Millett Hybrid Amplifier. It all started about a year ago when I set out to build a headphone amp for each of the members of my wedding party (all music lovers who use headphones in some manner). Two of these came together rather quickly as they were pretty much bone stock Hybrids. The third of the bunch which was to be built for en480c4 got a bit more complicated. First was the addition of a STEPS power supply for his birthday, next up was a set of diamond buffers for no reason and finally it was finished off with a custom Walnut enclosure because I wanted it to be in a case that no one else had. This weekend with all the rain we've been having in the NE I set out to get the amp working in its final enclosure. It's 98% done know, just a few final tweaks left and it's currently with its owner for testing.

Here's a pic:


It sounds pretty darn good to my ears and I must admit that I'm pretty proud of the way it looks too :).


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i know how big that conditioner is - i own one. meaning, that amp is on a scale of WHOA that's BIG! i'd say, about the size of a Rudistor RP5.1. Those tubes look tiny up on top! But still, kudos for keeping them exposed versus swallowing them up in the box. Great job, I'll look forward to impressions!

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It needs bigger tubes. Get something like a 6AS7 or 5X4 and wire it up so the filaments glow nicely. People will ooooohhh and aaahhh and be tricked into thinking it's some super amp when it's just a Millett.

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