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how headcase are you?


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Well it's kinda of more hopefully where people can have discussions without being flamed and insulted and people being driven away. Also where you can post about what you think about an amp and not have a 1000 fanboys all over you for your opinion.

That's the thinking behind this. What the reality brings is up to you.

Nicely put Chief Meatstick! I'm gonna enjoy this place...

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Franky I am surprised that I haven't been banned on Head-Fi yet. I am still sort of confused why everyone has been banned recently. Was that the reason this forum was created?

headfi has been in a pretty sad state of affair for at least a year or so. i guess everyone is fed up with jude, rick and all that BS.
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so I guess they banned neilvg too for no apparent reason, and now he's back to being unbanned after jude couldn't find a reason for his ban.

perhaps some mod banned him for starting a R10 FS thread that other people spammed, just because they like to ban people.

it didnt have anything with him drawing a naked woman for us asshole included? hahah

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