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  1. Meh. It was one of those things. I generally don't follow for sale forums that closely and i do like Sennheisers.
  2. It took me 2 hours, but i got one. But now I'm not sure if I want it. That said, having a backup for my 580s is not a bad thing.
  3. So can't you just reformat the drive to be compatible?
  4. Well the stock Roxanne is 1599 whereas Headroom has priced the universal at 1299. So that's 300....
  5. PFKMan23


    Yup, given that I'm going to go with a paperwhite, I might just see if the holiday sales come up with something.
  6. Is the unconfirmed pricing now confirmed?
  7. So then it's more like the circuit properly implemented?
  8. All of the Above? So we're talking a total rebuild, which would yield more or less a totally different amp?
  9. Good Luck to Quest! As far as my day goes, I went to group today and now I'm just here at home stuffing my face and trying to make some decisions.
  10. When I was out running errands yesterday, I saw a guy on a unicycle. It was really strange and the first time I've ever seen on not on TV or a movie.
  11. That sucks. Sorry for your loss.
  12. Does anyone know if they offer tickets at the door?
  13. Indeed it is. I saw a reply on mlb.com and I fought not to puke. The sound was horrifying.
  14. Happy Birthday!! I hope you can enjoy yourself today.
  15. The death of an icon. I actually remember his voice from a few of the Madden NFL games.
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