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New Toy on its way


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So even though i wanted to get RS-1's, I didn't really want to get rid of my HF-1's. I came across some Darth Beyers today, and couldn't resist. They'll be my priciest cans to date... Sometimes, hobbies can be dangerous. To get the goahead for the purchase, I had to promise to not complain about the amount my fiancee spends when we go clothes shopping this week. What have I gotten myself into ladies and gents, WHAT!?!?...

Oh well, a nice big box in the mail later this week will make everything better...


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<Edit>... I can't get the pix to work from my head-case photo album link thingy. Someone who's had sleep, please give me a little guidance. Til then...



That MIGHT work, but its not as nice as them being right in the post.

**BRENT** </Edit>

Its about time, no?



Couldn't get the image thing to work earlier, and I'd forgotten the tag. These are fund cans guys, I got them in less than 45 hours after I paid. This was NOT overnight shipping. My love goes out to the time zone differences, and the great USPS, for which employees me... until I go on my shooting rampage. Countdown: 94 days.


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