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Metric Halo LIO-8


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It's regular (frequent) but doesn't seem to follow a pattern. I always hear a click within 2 seconds, many times more often in that 2 second window.

I don't get the same clicks with the Ethernet connection. I can swap back and forth with the same source and it's only on USB.

I don't see them on the front panel.

I could look at the PSU, how did you pry it open?

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 8.52.46 AM.png

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I preferred the Ethernet connection to the usb for sound and stability. I know they were working on the usb but had the Ethernet pretty much nailed last I spoke with MH a few months back. 

im actually simplifying my rig and will be selling my ULN8 after ten years or so of service. 

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If you aren't getting the clicks with MHLink (ethernet) than it isn't the power supply.

If you ever want to open it, there are screws beneath the rubber feet (on mine there are 2). Then pry it open on the iec end.

You should submit a ticket on Metric Halo's support page (in the Help menu).


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I'm just using a USB-C to USB-A cable, no converters. When I change it to 4 in, 4 out it goes crazy and sounds like wrong sampling rate is being used. 8 in, 8 out sounds the same as 12/12 (clicking).

Is there a place to configure the max bits per sample (16-bit or 24-bit)?

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Metric Halo is a small company (mostly family run) so they have a lot of personal pride in what they do. If they say that 3D supports Linux, I'm sure they'll get it working.

They do rely on feedback from end users and the number folks running Linux are probably very few. 

So, don't be shy and expect someone else to have already called attention to this problem.


If you have a spare afternoon, there's a "Stax Thread" sized thread regarding 3D on GearSlutz.

Mostly studio centric talk, but GearSlutz has a decent "search this thread" feature to cut down on the noise.


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