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Metric Halo LIO-8


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If any of you guys who have upgraded to 3D and are having issues with the front panel knobs not working smoothly (gain jumping up and down), it's an issue with a lag between the software gain and hardware gain sync.

There is supposed to be a fix coming in public beta 10 (pb10). 

In the meantime, open a finder window > open applications> right click (opt click) Mio Console 3D> click Get Info> tick Prevent App Nap

If you're using a laptop it will use a tiny bit more energy so close Mio Console until you need to change something you can't do with the hardware.

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12 hours ago, ironbut said:

You might need to set the number of channels via USB in the 3D Console.

If you right click on the image of the interface in the upper left corner of the mixer (that strip is called the inspector) you'll see the dialog for setting the number of channels.


That shows 12 input and 12 output channels. Taking a step back, I'm taking the output from the monitor output into a headphone amp, through TRS to XLR cable. What I'd like to do, is have the USB interface show up in CoreAudio and play via this device. I'm assuming I can still take output from the monitor. I haven't done anything to "route" anything to do with the USB. The Firewire light is on the front panel.

I'm connecting the USB through a C-B adapter then B-C dongle. I don't see anything in the Hardware->USB tab on my Mac (10.15.3).

edit: If I just use straight USB C, I can manage the device! Interesting. (I'm using the 4-pin XLR power adapter). I still don't get anything in CoreAudio, so I'm guessing a configuration error?

edit: re-installed the firmware via Utilities->Install Current Firmware... and now it shows up!

edit: also works from Linux

edit: and microRendu

edit: yay!

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In the future, when anything seems out of whack, take a look at the mixer. If anything is yellow, it means there is an issue. 

Usually it just means that you should reboot the Mio or the computer, but sometimes a software number at the top of the Inspector panel will be yellow and needs to be updated/reinstalled.

Let us know how you like the changes in the sound.

The new board has a new clocking system. 

My LIO-8 is more transparent IMHO.

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Several of us need Analog to Digital converters in addition to a high quality DAC for playback of digital sources.

jp# does needle drops of vinyl and if you want to use digital signal analysis software, you need a way to convert audio and analog sources to get them into your computer.

Me, I have a pretty sophisticated home studio.

I started doing live music editing, a little mixing, post production and now I concentrate on music production of my own works.

It's a real golden age for guys that do stuff like me .


I got my first Metric Halo interface (ULN-2) way back in 2009 IIRC. I've updated it once and I still use it for location recordings. 

I bought Voltron's Amarra (LIO-8) a few years ago, added 4 mic preamps and then upgraded it to 3D about a year ago.

Each of these upgrades were like getting a new updated interface with improved sound and more modern connections.

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The guys at Metric Halo don't do very much advertising and this was their first year at NAMM in a while (they got a TEC award I think).

Even in pro audio there are plenty of flavor of the month (or year) products and the interface market has been super hot for a decade or so and the magazines are packed with full page ads from different vendors.

IMHO The bottom line, there is a lot of great pro gear and software out there these days and very few dogs manage to hang in there very long with such stiff competition.


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If you look at the mixer>inspector, there should be a couple of little clock faces. One is just below the MHLink Domain ... (your box and the sample rate you've set). It should say Internal unless you've set up something else intentionally.

If the clock isn't connected, the clock icon should be yellow since something ain't right.


Are you getting a regular clicking or is it randomish?

Were you getting it with the ethernet connection?

Can you "see" the click on the front panel level meter?

Does it seem to be getting worse?

The reason I ask this is some of the power bricks have long term issues with bad caps.

The bad supplies were made by Fairway (I have one). 

Luckily, most can be fixed by replacing a couple of cheap 470uF 35v caps.

If you have one of these and it's starting to act up, you might as well pull it apart and replace those 2 caps (or buy a new one for $75 or so).

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