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Metric Halo LIO-8


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My only concern with units from MH or Sonic is that I am locked into Mac, of which I have never owned or wanted to own. I recently did create a hackintosh on an old computer and laptop. I am going to demo a Prism Orpheus soon to see what that is like. Have you heard one of those Al or JP?

I would also like to demo the LIO and the Antelope Audio Zodiac plus that is coming out next month. Choices, choices.

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Macs are for old people who like shiny things ;)

any many recording and mastering engineers

I liked the ULN-8 over the Berkeley Alpha in my short time with them. Barry Diament loves them and places the ULN-8 over the pac micro units in his experience. He did a comparison of most of the top flight studio units and chose the MH ULN-8. Doesn't mean you'll like it but in his extensive research it was the one for him.

Anyone in the NYC area, Baltimore/DC area or Phili that wants to compare/hear a unit before they buy I'd be open to a mini meet. It is the best digital I have owned/heard with the possible exception of the spectral cdp that retailed for $20K. I did not directly compare them but the spectral cdp is burned in my brain. The dacs from spectral I have heard are good but they did not shake the ULN-8 or spectral cdp from my head.

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