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  1. Happy Birthday Kerry!
  2. AMS (audio midi studio) switches sample rates up and down to match the audio. It doesn't have the ability to upsample or anything that complicated. It's just a Utility for setting preferences for audio devices. Set your devices format to the max it can handle and AMS will switch the output to the appropriate settings. I believe Core Audio can up/downsample file outputs.
  3. Cool footage of SF in the 60's. The producer was careful to run the sound through an old Ampex 600 for the wow and flutter they are famous for.
  4. Holkenburg rebuilt his studio recently and even gave some of his gear away! Not sure if it's still there, but he did have a Reverb Store that he unloaded a lot of his collection. IMHO buying his stuff is a no brainer since he did whatever has to be done to keep it it excellent working condition. Very generous guy!
  5. Azerbaijan was wild and wooly! I've come to enjoy the that race over the years. Well worth watching IMHO!
  6. RIP Hunter, and sorry for your loss Todd.
  7. Very sorry to hear Todd. My condolences to you and all who knew her.
  8. Sweetwater and Vintage King have alway been up and down as far as shipping time goes.I'm usually happy or pissed on any given order. Could be that Sweetwater is being stung by the employee shortage thing. They employ a butt load of people there. With the live music scene starting back up, they could be getting buried with orders too. Sweetwater keeps a shit load of inventory in stock while VK does not but they have more locations to draw on. I prefer VK for most stuff and I'll live with and extra week or two to get it from them but for the run of the mill stuff, Sweetwater or Amazon is great because of their liberal returns/exchange policies. There's always the less visible sellers like Musician's Friend, Pro Star Audio, etc.
  9. Really enjoyed this one,.. some off beat acting kept me hooked!
  10. I was surprised that he was shooting finish in such a small room. Looked like he had some kind of large-ish exhaust system set up though. Totally interesting! I remember a buddy telling me that he was spraying lacquer on hardwood trim in a bathroom and he tripped over the work light's power cord which was stupidly plugged into an extension in the room. The spark from the cord blew the room up and knocked him out. As he was being dragged out of the room, he could see the crown, door jams and base in flames. We used to set up some pretty big spray booths since we had to set up racks for lots of cab doors. We had a warehouse sized exhaust fan we'd point at folks we hated. Good times!
  11. Happy Birthday Shelly!
  12. I've done a lot of fine wood finishing but this is as extreme as I've ever seen (love to touch this finish!)
  13. ironbut


    It took a couple of tries for me, but I was bummed when I binged that last one in series 1.
  14. More music merger news,..
  15. I get vertigo looking out my 2nd story window so it's all crazy to me! The video is entertainment and not instructional IMHO.
  16. Probably the first cut of removing the entire tree (topping). There are plenty of videos of folks destroying building, cars etc. when they try to cut down a tall tree in an urban environment by cutting it at the base. This guy will probably cut 4 feet or so, all the way down to the ground (once he has a chance to change his pants!).
  17. Whew! What a relief! Can't tell you how many times I saw something and would have loved to see some comments from you guys. Looking forward to a boatload of "Bobcat tossing" memes from Knucks,...
  18. Happy Birthday Doug! Hope you can get out and enjoy a Spring day!
  19. Very exciting first race! I was standing for a good bit of the end of the race. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet but I will say it is worth a watch if you are waffling.
  20. Not intimate with hookah bar music myself but I think I get the idea. Most of the weird sounds are heavily processed trumpets. The whole thing kinda started with them and I just followed where they went.
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