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  1. More music merger news,..
  2. I get vertigo looking out my 2nd story window so it's all crazy to me! The video is entertainment and not instructional IMHO.
  3. Probably the first cut of removing the entire tree (topping). There are plenty of videos of folks destroying building, cars etc. when they try to cut down a tall tree in an urban environment by cutting it at the base. This guy will probably cut 4 feet or so, all the way down to the ground (once he has a chance to change his pants!).
  4. Whew! What a relief! Can't tell you how many times I saw something and would have loved to see some comments from you guys. Looking forward to a boatload of "Bobcat tossing" memes from Knucks,...
  5. Happy Birthday Doug! Hope you can get out and enjoy a Spring day!
  6. Very exciting first race! I was standing for a good bit of the end of the race. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet but I will say it is worth a watch if you are waffling.
  7. Not intimate with hookah bar music myself but I think I get the idea. Most of the weird sounds are heavily processed trumpets. The whole thing kinda started with them and I just followed where they went.
  8. This one's almost danceable (need a vacation or somethin')!
  9. Never been caught running a stealth rig but I have had a few tense moments when security seemed to be taking an extra long look at me. I can't imagine trying to keep my cool with an $$$ rig like that! Fun times!
  10. Love Schoeps!!! I used to use a matched pair for recording ensembles and overheads/room sound. You get that "light as a feather" super clear sound with the omnis I used to use. Used a Grace 808 pre or an early SD 702. Either way, it has that audio jewelry feel!
  11. Stumbled across a great video on M/S recording and processing. The example is done in FL Studio (I think) but you can do this in Cubase just as easily. I sure wish I'd seen this when I first fooled around with this technique! It kinda messed with my head just reading about it?
  12. A quick look at that GS thread,.. It sounds like a some folks are comparing recording an instrument like guitar with 2 mics (super common) with one mic on the neck and one on the body and stereo recording. In that case, matching really doesn't matter. You just move the mics around until you get what sounds best to you with those mics, instrument and room. grawk is right about using a stereo bar. It all depends on the kind of recording you going to make on what technique you employ. IMHO the best way to do a stereo recording of a room and avoid any of the typical headphone
  13. I've never been a fan of the threaded clamp on my Aires. I have the stock one and the heavier TNT version. I also tried a couple of non-VPI weights with the same results in various degrees (non-threaded). It's probably just personal preference but the sound is more open without a clamp. I've never put a meter on it but I don't doubt that I'm trading some low freq definition for the highs. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Happy Birthday Al!
  15. Nice virtual tour of Wright's Imperial Hotel.
  16. His videos are completely addicting (once you start,..)!
  17. I finally got around to giving Apple Tv+ a try and I'm loving Servant. I don't know if I'd say that the acting is top notch but the casting and the quirky characters all the principles have applied to their parts really tickles me in all the right spots (particularly Rupert Grint and Lauren Ambrose who I love-love-loved in Six Feet Under). If you haven't grabbed your 1 week freebie, give it a try.
  18. I've never owned any UAD plugins but I have used some at studios with their cards. Be aware that their plugins require the use of one of their Apollo interfaces or a computer with one of their DSP cards installed. I'm not so sure how relevant these systems are anymore since computers are much more capable than they were when these systems were developed. Still, putting cpu intensive software on another computer or another processor system (DSP cards) makes a lot of sense if you do a lot of laptop work or just want to load up a ton of plugins/processing. There are other non-
  19. Either way,.. What a match!!!! That whole era of fights were awesome and I loved the "Pay Per View" gatherings my buddies used to have for them.
  20. I saw that too and meant to post it here. Pretty cool no matter how it was filmed!
  21. As far as the Native Instruments crossgrade trick goes, I don't know why I shouldn't just post it here since it isn't like some kinda big secret. It has changed a bit since I took advantage of it a long time ago. The idea is to get a free or cheap Kontakt instrument that comes with the full version of Kontakt (there is a Player version which is always free). When I did it, I used the free Senheisser Drum Mic A instrument but I guess that no longer works. Anyway, once you have a full version of Kontakt, you can crossgrade that to a Komplete bundle during a half off sale whic
  22. Kinda hate to interrupt Marc's cool series but,.. https://phonocut.com/
  23. I've been a happy consumer of plugins for quite a while. I have around 300 and that's not counting the ones that come with my daws. That was over a decade of fooling around with these things and I've learned a few things about buying these things. Maybe I sound a little like a character from a Woody Allen movie but "never pay retail!" There are a few companies that sell their software for pretty reasonable prices (Valhalla DSP for instance) but for the most part, plugin developers big and small have regularly timed sales and many have "flash" sales that exceed 50% . T
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