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  1. I've had the 49 key Seaboard Rise for a couple of years now and in some ways, I'm finally getting some use from it. I was hoping that MPE support in synths and sampler engines would improve more than it has but when it comes right down to it, I've been the main bottleneck. There are a couple of Kontakt Libraries that I have that are made for it along with a couple of soft synths (Cypher 2, Strobe 2 and Equator). They're tons of fun and it would be difficult to create these sounds/expressions any other way (of course, anything can be done if you're determined). More to the point
  2. Speaking of Walkman,.. I've started watching The Crown season 4 and a scene with Dianna in Buckingham Palace rollerskating listening to her Walkman really brought back some personal memories of those times. My ex-wife Gael worked at a coffeehouse and she'd skate with Elvis Costello on her Walkman in the parking lot after closing. She too was achingly beautiful and it was a pleasure to just stand there and watch!
  3. It's just a matter of time. I have no doubt that in a month or so, 80% of the apps that are currently non-compatible or in testing will be in the yes column. For the one's that don't, it's very bad press but it seems like very well established apps just don't seem to mind it.
  4. Here's a page of Big Sur/M1 compatibility for audio apps. It should be updated regularly. https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/big-sur-audio-compatibility-chart#home/?view_1_page=1 Pretty poor for me so far (over 100 down or iffy) stopped counting after a bit.
  5. I don't know for sure but if that list reflects what is typical of pro audio apps, it's the app designers that needed to get a Transition Kit, and adapt their code to be compatible with the lastest OS/Hardware. As an example, it was just last week that Pro Tools became 100% compatible with Catalina. Apple has provided a few paths for app designers to port their software/hardware to Apple Silicon. It's up to 3rd party app designers to adapt (the more complex and multi faceted an app is, like the Creative Cloud or Pro Tools, the more involved the transition). On the end user
  6. Can you say motherlode ! Actually kinda sad in a way. I'll miss seeing all that gear in the background of Tom's videos. But,.. life goes on
  7. Why isn't there a "drool" emoji?
  8. One thing that really sets him above so many other greats is the way he makes the right decision over and over, race after race. It must drive the other drivers mad!
  9. Congrats to Lewis! Once again making it look easy and still showing humility. Not a fan but my hat's off to the best driver in the best car,.. again!
  10. Adam Neely, David Bruce and Beato's videos have taught me a lot! I try to take their ideas and use them, then go back and watch the video again to get it into my thick head! Unfortunately I just don't take the time to do that every time and I hope that I get the idea by osmosis or sumthin?
  11. Yup,.. Amoeba on Haight is one of my favorites stores (not just records). Streetlight in San Jose was a real haunt of mine when I still lived there.
  12. Check out Vintage Electronics. If you don't see anything that will work listed on his site, give Bob an email. He's usually pretty helpful. https://www.vintage-electronics.net/turntablebelt.aspx
  13. I'd try asking over on Audio Asylum in the Vinyl page. Another alternative that was touted with some of the Teres Audio guys was 1/4 inch magnetic tape ( If your motor pulley is flat that is ). If you want to try, the easy way would be to find an old VHS and scotch tape. If not, just give me your addy and I'll send you some for Xmas (if you're a bad boy that is!).
  14. A wet Turkish GP quali made for some major fun! I can only hope that Sunday will be as entertaining (and I'll try not to post spoilers till Monday).
  15. Enjoyed this one and can't wait for the next season.
  16. I installed Elmedia to prep for the death of Flash. https://www.wikihow.com/Open-SWF-Files
  17. Funny, I finally updated to Catalina 11/8 (and the first time I used Migration Assist instead of doing a clean install for, I can't even remember). So of course I was cursing "Fu***ing Catalina piece of shit!" I started eying that bootable backup of Mojave I made Sunday. And I'm usually the one that's "don't you panic me brothers". Come to think of it, those problems may have started last night. My Apple TV wouldn't boot so I ended up using the Android app built into my TV (after restarting my entire digital world of course).
  18. I had some wacky issues with some apps that are connected to servers today. I was on the verge of restoring Catalina and/or other panic driven measures. Things seemed to have settled down now so it could be related somehow? Anyway, glad you mentioned the server issues Adam.
  19. You might see if you can do a dual install (or at least be sure and have a very recent backup). If you rely on that computer for your work, that seems pretty daring to me! For pro audio work, BS is not an option,.. yet!
  20. Keep us in the loop on how OxDeadBeef is treating you. I'm always on the lookout for a decent player for Mac and that one looks pretty cool!
  21. Love the virtual conferences! The releases were what I expected. Nothing there for me yet (hell, I just upgraded my iMac to Catalina on Sunday) but I took a big swig of the Kool-Aid and now I'm looking forward to see what comes in the next couple of years! I can't wait to see real world benchmarks for audio processing with the M1 chips limited to 16G of ram. I worked with my 2012 15 inch MBP (4core) while transitioning into my place in Oregon and it's 16G. Used it in clamshell mode (closed) with an ASUS 24" monitor. It did a lot of high speed fanning but it did
  22. Have a fantastic Birthday shipmate!
  23. That's a beauty Kattefjaes! Love the way modulars keep all the sounds/lines separate. Super punchy too! Thanks for sharing you guys
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