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  1. If Koss goes Chapter 7, then the above does not apply, correct? If they go Chapter 11, the Bankruptcy Court could simply void (or modify) all existing warranties. I don't know how common that is. But for that reason, and the priority issue mentioned above, holders of warranties would almost certainly get the shaft if a BK is filed.
  2. I love my Aeron. At the time I purchased, I was seriously considering a Leap, but the deal I got on my Aeron was too good. Their 12 year warranty is for real - when I needed a replacement seat, I received one, via FedEx, within 24 hours of making the call.
  3. #163 was waiting for me when I got back from vacation the last week of July. I have spent a lot of time with them since then, as I find myself craving listening sessions. postjack's comment ("[p]ure Grado midrange crunchy radness") is spot on. In addition to guitars, a lot of vocal performances (Al Green!) have really shined.
  4. Or you could hang a shingle, and answer your own phone - like Todd.
  5. This is an opportunity to say "nice rack" without getting slapped.
  6. This problem is removed with 1000 hours of burn in (but only if done with the finest pink noise).
  7. I was wondering the exact same thing when trying to figure how this happened. I have this mental picture of "Grado Head-Fi Headphones" being hastily scrawled on a napkin and handed over to some wizened craftsman in a dirty apron.
  8. And just when I thought I had all my memories of 2003 thoroughly repressed, you dredge them back up. The horror. As to your larger point, your right. Les's posts were pretty douche-baggy, but it's not his fault. As for custom titles, how 'bout "Les Bartman"?
  9. As long as Matt Millen isn't making those picks (although given Jerry Angelo's early round picks, I shouldn't crow).
  10. Whiny diabetic or not, he's the closest thing the Bears have had to a real QB since Sid Luckman, so the giddiness of Bears fans is understandable, even if it's unwarranted. If the Bears stink, it will be (IMO) because the D. Urlacher was pretty mediocre after neck surgery, Mike Brown is gone, and Peanut is playing out of position. In that sense, Tommie Harris is more important than Cutler.
  11. As long as Tyrus Thomas and Luol Deng remain on the Bulls, my hopes lie with Cutler.
  12. As a Cubs fan, there are two words keeping me going: Jay Cutler
  13. I agree with the posters who recommend the Rubbermaid clear plastic stuff - it's cheap, you can get it almost anywhere, and it's modular. Of course, the only way to avoid being overwhelmed with crap when space is a real issue is to occasionally throw shit away, as hard as that may be.
  14. a cheap LG DVD player to use as a transport with my y1 DAC.
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