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  1. Until now, I've been using the included GE 8CG7s in my 007t. Today, however, I received a set of Japanese-made B&K 6CG7s and swapped those in place of the GEs. I then went through the re-biasing procedures (akin to trying to enter a revolving door in the middle of a tornado). Now for the problem... With the pot turned all the way up, I'm barely getting any volume. This is compared to the ear splitting volumes the 86G7s put out at about 9 o'clock. Are the tubes bad, or did I not bias them properly?
  2. I think there's a bit of cherry flavor to it. I've only had it once at a friend's graduation party (he has a lot of Ohio-based family), so maybe it would be different if I grew up on the stuff. Unfortunately, on my last Midwest road trip, I was unable to find any.
  3. FWIW, I am jealous of your Barq's Red Cream soda and local chili.
  4. Just finished some tasty, tasty blue crabs. And an ear of corn.
  5. Went to the DC Barbecue Battle. The heat generated by people and equipment did not help an already uncomfortably hot day. It was a lot of fun otherwise.
  6. I'm trying to fix my grandma's Westinghouse electric griddle from the 50s. The resistor (at least I think that's what it is) has failed. Unfortunately, whatever insulating material was used to encase it has melted, so there is no way to make out any part value labeling. Is there some general "close enough" value part I can replace it with or is an exact replacement the only way? I know this isn't audio related, but I thought I would try asking here before seeking out a vintage appliance repair forum (which I'm sure exists somewhere).
  7. El Ten Eleven - Every Direction is North
  8. How about adding a separate filter into the chain?
  9. Started rebuilding the Thorens E50 motor. Then I lost one of the bronze bushings en route to the oven. Replacements are available if it doesn't turn up, but still -- .
  10. More bits for the Thorens E50 overhaul.
  11. A variac. Phase 1 of the TD-124 restoration to begin shortly.
  12. I still have (and wear) my free lala "Monday" shirt. I never understood the attraction to the pay per play system they adopted.
  13. El Suprimo. Purely vinyl, unlike Soundgarden.
  14. Had a job interview, which went pretty well.
  15. PID'd Silvia Definitely out of the OP's stated price range, but it's a pretty slick package overall.
  16. What kind of roaster are you using? I've got a little hot air popcorn popper, but if you're buying 100+ lbs. at a time, you must be using something pretty hefty.
  17. I dig the Cleveland Express, except for crest at the other end of the second hand. It reminds me of a sandwich skewer.
  18. Both of my espresso machines came off of Craigslist. One was $50 and took about $60 in new gaskets to get working. By manual, I assume you mean lever-action? Most lever machines are fairly similar designs, which aren't exactly modern.
  19. sschell

    slow forum

    Notice the raw speaker driver sitting next to it. Obviously some sort of retro room treatment.
  20. The prepubescent wrist makes it difficult to gauge.
  21. "Listening loudly to music is not a statement, it's a way of living." Sure, just as long as you don't expect a long life of actually being able to hear music. Check out the miraculous floating black monolith under the "Balanced" section. With a Victorian backdrop, no less.
  22. I'm fairly new to lever machines, but yes, there definitely is some room for adjustment with varying the pre-infusion time and the applied pressure of the actual pull. Beyond that, you can get into the really over-the-top accessories, like naked/chopped portafilters and convex tampers. Personally, I'd rather have a better grinder.
  23. I hope so too. As far as being old school, the machine was actually made in '89, but the design is from the '50s. It's essentially a rip-off of a La Pavoni Europiccola.
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