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  1. ? What do these do that some other x-ray crystallography system can't do? . Grow tomatoes...?
  2. Elephas posted:- head-fier, . He swore, he swore....... Shame on you, naughty pachyderm......
  3. Would the 598-CDV19CF050D03F be a viable substitute for the 75-561R10TCCV50 5pF 1KV cap?. Mica vs Ceramic...
  4. 747-dsep12-12a dioded are restricted export from Mouser. Digikey has 497-5150-5-nd TS devices. Digikey also has 4171G al oxide washers. Problem is minimum ammount is 1,000 pieces. Not too good if 3 or 7 are required. 2SC3381 were available on ebay from little-diode. Neither Mouser or Digikey had 100uF 50V caps. Will source them locally, probably WES Electronics. Digikey has lm4040-10 ixtp01n100d is restricted on Mouser, none at Digikey. The saga continues.....
  5. Yep, they were great feet - not a sign of tinea or ingrown toenails amongst them.......
  6. Bom: Bridge 747desp12-12a quantity is 8. Should be 2. Mouser has nil stock of the following parts 273-120-rc. They ran out between me putting them on my order and the checkout.... 273-300-rc. nil stock 75-561r10tccv50 nil stock 273-20k-rc. nil stock 273-100-rc. nil stock 667-eet-uq2w681lf. nil stok 661-esmh41vnn101mp3. nil stock 647-ups1h101mpd. nil stock
  7. I must have missed something. In the new BOM there is no OP27GPZ Is it an omission or a new circuit that omits it?
  8. Originally Posted by wink TRANS DARL NPN 2KV TO-220 - STP03D200 Like I said - Digikey is showing zero stock. I'm pretty sure they had some when I looked the site up. Had the same experience at Mouser. Looked one day for some transistors that had 5,000+ in stock. The next day when I decided to get then with a few other bits, it was nil stock.
  9. TRANS DARL NPN 2KV TO-220 - STP03D200
  10. That photo came from here:- Tesla Systems Research - Tesla Coil & High-Voltage Gallery My own little one runs off a neon transformer with a secondary of 7.5KV @ 30mA. It goes into the Tesla primary of 5 turns, and the output is a secondary of 250 turns. It produces about 200Kv - 250Kv and will push an arc through more than 20mm of glass. No good for headphones - even electrostatics.........
  11. ] and this is why i've been so busy lately http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/prospector1.jpg http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/prospector2.jpg '>http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/prospector3.jpg Nice! Here's one I prepared earlier (2002) http://www.tech-enterprise.com/tekstuff/DSCN0622.JPG The bad boy in the 3rd picture has the equivalent flux of 10% of the APS Argonne Labs Beam line. i.e. about the same as 20 watt laser. Cuts thru flesh if you are stupid enough to get in the beam. And while there is no smoke (at least there had better not be any smoke) it is in fact all done with mirrors. Runs at 50kv and a little less than 1ma. The one next week is a dual source. And a triumph monochrometer the end of this week. mere bagatelles. This is moar powahhh!!!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]3988[/ATTACH] Many thanks for funding from the State of Illinois.
  12. How about a nice shade of boysenberry..? Sepia is definitely out.
  13. Are you syre your speakers aren't Wurlitzers... tee hee.
  14. Electrical Safety (link). . All that to replace the moist finger test...........
  15. I'm going to smash it to bits is what I'm going to do. . High tech answers are always the best. And it keeps the manufacturers in a job.
  16. As you can see, there is some sort of white substance on it. . I could be wrong but the thought comes to mind - Dusty Chalk - You think....???
  17. They're Borg terminals - you know, the Borg are villains from Star Trek the new generation. They're shorted together. The Borg's standard phrase for those who opposed them was "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE". If you put you're mouse arrow over the picture, you should get a larger view of it. It's a feeble attempt at humour. Some may appreciate it....
  18. You just can't fight old age.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]3887[/ATTACH]
  19. I'm going on to 62.5 years. I am short-sighted and could hold things to within an inch of my eyeball, even when I was 50, and could see it with perfect clarity. Now, there's a point about eight inches away which is in focus, and forward or back of that becomes blurred rather rapidly. I praise modern plastic lenses, for without them I would have to wear the bottoms of coke bottles.
  20. It's not something to take too lightly - even in our lighter moments.... Whet LED you to go to all this trouble just for a few more lumens? It must be real TORCHure coming to grips with the problem. VIVA LAMPADA
  21. Desert Ironwood from Griffin Exotic Wood Density 0f 1.2 Genuine Lignum Vitae (guiacum officinale from Griffin Exotic Wood The real stuff, not Argentinian. Both are from the link above..
  22. Griffin Exotic Wood--the high quality exotic wood source! Anyone bought anything from this mob?
  23. I wonder if us aussies could get a hold of some mallee roots and do the same...??
  24. hahaha must...resist....but...cant... x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 . Is it that nattonrice being a Ph.D student is impervious to the mathematical onslaught of this bit of tom-foolery. I hope so, as the only other logical explanation is that someone doing a Ph.D in maths can't count to five - which, on the face if it, seems preposterous.
  25. This whole discussion is in a state of flux..... I have had occasion to use it on old wire when normal rosin cored solder just didn't do it. I don't use it habitually, but there are times like when de-soldering components, when it becomes a necessity.
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