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  1. Originally Posted by n_maher Got mine, they are indeed nice. . x3 x3 x3
  2. parts connexion now carry khozmo attenuators, but they don't carry the 50k quad. https://www.partsconnexion.com/conrtols_attenuator_khozmo.html
  3. My Khozmo showed up yesterday. ordered last month. The steps are more firm amd pronounced than the DACT. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3711[/ATTACH]
  4. Let me know what my bill is and I'll paypal you as soon as possible.
  5. I need to start finishing things... doh! . Tom, You're way ahead of most headphone buffs - they're finished before they're started when it comes to building their gear....
  6. How about Quasi Complementary Symmetry? All the same topology, N-channel or P-channel.
  7. someone build it and let me know how well it works. . You know you want to build one................... Perhaps nattonrice might fall for it..!!
  8. Fully differential fully complementary symmetry amps are the best. Unfortunately not possible in electrostatic amps unless you want to do serious transistor stacking. . Something for the future....??
  9. Is the BOM for this amp pretty much set in concrete, or are there envisaged changes to parts in the works?
  10. Sacres cows to the golden eared brigade.
  11. Spritzer posted:- I can't imagine going back to unwieldy commercial cables. I can wrap my cables around two fingers and they weigh next to nothing. . I can wrap my cables around my neck - and as long as I don't pull on the ends, I'm OK.
  12. I owned a pair of AD2000's They were great for female vocals, but had no top end whatsoever. They ended up as a give-away at a headphone meet.
  13. Yep, that's them - Future Electronics.. IXCP10M90S @ US2.20c each back in June.
  14. There is one problem for those outside tie US with Mouser. They do not supply ixys sand. So, unless a group buy by someone in the US happens, we outsiders will have to source the components from elsewhere.
  15. Crappyjones123:- Originally Posted by Sherwood CJ, I nominate you for team "source absolutely dead fucking last". Originally Posted by HighLife AND STOP BEING LIKE A ASIAN GOLD FARMER IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT....they dont play, all they do is buy-sell-buy-sell-buy-sell.... Never mind the detractors, there are two principles in life to keep in mind............... 1/ Nothing (nobody) is ever a complete failure - they can always serve as a bad example. 2/ It may well be that your sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.
  16. Oops dunno how I missed that. . Too early in the day here in Aus.
  17. Put me down for 2 sets of boards, and 2 kits of parts.
  18. Seems like supply issue is resolved...
  19. I found that they have problems with not supplying the goods after payment.
  20. High Quality Audio & Industrial Attenuators any comments...?
  21. kevin gilmore posted:- you gotta love engrish translations... . That's classical Japlish......
  22. Everything is "moar bettah" when it's at the expense of quality. That's why we have Bose headphones and cheap opamp amps.
  23. Got my KGSS boards populated except for the 180k 5 watt resistors which are in the mail. Got the trannies fro SumR on Thurday. Will hopefully get the casing in the next week. :)

  24. I really appreciate all your help, fellas. farnell MCPRW0AWJP184B00 is 10W will it fit in the footprint on the PCB? KOA Speer resistor are 2W rating. Parts Connexion OK.
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