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  1. How about you change the colour of the "ON" light? That's gotta be worth at least 30% of subjective sound difference. RED = sounds more lively Orange/Yellow - more mellow Green - more relaxing. Blue - more cool/analytical. White - more detail. If you put in one that keeps changing colour you get the best of it all.
  2. That's called ear-rash. Shades of grado.
  3. That's what it's all about..........................
  4. I want shark skin earpads on my LCD-3. And a walrus leather headband....
  5. I was thinking about the washer and nut on the heatsink side. Screw , washer, transistor, thermalloy, heatsink, washer, spring washer, nut.
  6. That's what I figured. Nylon washers and perhaps Stainless steel nuts.
  7. PEEK screws are a pain to get here in the antipodes. $57+ for 100 m3 x 12mm screws and almost $90 for shipping........... Nuts & washers, ditto.. I'm feeling more like Birgir every day......
  8. All DIY is just collected parts held together by various means. (This includes wishful thinking). Surprisingly, some of the parts held together function more than the sum of their parts.
  9. AAVID THERMALLOY Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Insulator Mfr Part#: 4171G Packaging : BAG Std Packaging Qty: 1,000 Min Order Qty: 1 As low as: $0.2300 (USD) (More Pricing/Buy Now) In Stock: Yes Type: Washer Material: Metal/Ceramic From Future Electronics...
  10. Yellow daisies probably could do a better job. They just sit in the open and look nice. They don't make bad decisions which ruin peoples' lives......
  11. With the thread going all the way to the underside of the head certainly provides a weak spot for the head to separate from the thread. You'd think they'd leave a few threads width of bare shaft for extra strength.
  12. ECQF6392JZ3: 0.0039uF 630V Polypropylene Film Capacitor (Radial Leads) Made By: PANASONIC Part Number: ECQF6392JZ3 $0.5000 Seeing as Mouser has only 1 3900pF 630V multi layer ceramic cap left, would this be a viable substitute for the TDK FK20C0G2J392J in the power Supply?
  13. . x2 It would explain a lot.....
  14. "Allied Electronics used to do this all the time though they just sent my packages to Israel. I mean IL and IS are pretty much the same thing... right? " Being part of the Stax Mafia, They should have sent it to Italy.....
  15. On The preliminary BOM in the board buy thread there is a slight mistake in the spreadsheet for the KGSSHV power supply The BOM shows the 240K 2W resistors part No. 283-240K-RC as 2 per board. The quantity should be double i.e. 4 per board. Also, there are 4 0.1uF/1000V caps on the power supply board. Only 3 in the BOM. It also looks like there are 4 leds per amp board, and 3 listed on the BOM. D1, D2, D10 & D13.
  16. "and found a 3 inch long throw" Isn't this cone excursion, and not cone diameter?
  17. One of the problems with tapping holes is the methodology. I usually turn the tap about 1 turn then retract half a turn to break the swarf. If you don't do this usually the tap gets stuck on the hole and sometimes breaks in the attempt to extract it. Some tips:- http://www.spaco.org/taptips.htm
  18. I once had success with needle-nose pliers and worried the tap out, but the tap size was larger..
  19. That's made for fan cooling. You stick a fan on the end and blow air through the vanes. You'd tap the holes in the heatsink and screw the transistor onto the heatsink, using insulation as required.
  20. Probes: Have you considered a Fluke PM9100/101 High voltage probes with a 100:1 transfer ratio. Cable length 1.5 m. High input impedance (66,7 Mohm) and high isolation voltage of the tip allow measurements up to 1000 V CAT III or 4 kV on Type 1 circuits (Type 1 circuit has it's primary in installation category II). Equipped with command switch and range indicator (/191 only). Models: PM 9100/101 100:1, 200 MHz, 1.5 m, 66.7 MΩ / 3 pF, 1000 V CAT III **, Range 15 to 35 pF. PM 9100/191 100:1, 200 MHz, 1.5 m, 66.7 MΩ / 3 pF, 1000 V CAT III **, Range 15 to 35 pF, with Command Switch and Range Indicator. ** 1000 V CAT III or 4000 V type 1 circuit Each probe consists of: Probe cable assembly, Probe body, Retractable hook tip, Ground lead and clip, 6 colored identification rings. They're discontinued, but still available used.
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