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  1. Just want to say that it’s Kerry’s KGST that inspired me to build this offset servo. The KGST version Kerry built is very impressive. Use of smd parts and the offset servo is IMO a step forward. I’ve spent some time to figure out how to get a working offset circuit (studied pictures of Kerry’s KGST).
  2. I'm very interested in your servo, so ideas and information are welcome and I'm sure builders out there are equally interested.
  3. Congrats! I took the hammer drill and ran a hole - big enough for Stax extension cable - through the wall to bedroom. Now I listen in bed. Still married.
  4. Thanks a lot JimL. I'm very grateful for your kindness giving some insights. Do you have any thoughts about the way offset is controlled on the T2?
  5. JimL, I'm wondering about the way you are handling the adjustment of the offset on srx revisited. I suppose you choose the current sink method for some good reason? Do you mind telling?
  6. I really like the homemade look and I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work well. Is that Kevin Gilmore's layout you have used? Isn’t the tubes sticking out on solder side? More pictures, please.
  7. Great, well done. Next amp in sequence?
  8. Beautiful. Amazing work. ..and really like the "remote" power switch and volume control. Nice.
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