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  1. Thanks for sharing your considerations about the CCS.
  2. Most exiting follow your BH project. My you tell why you choose ccs 10m90s and not the 1968 version?
  3. May be it is you that should piss off, but who am I to tell. But don’t bother – I piss off.
  4. Maybe we have to give the headphone some thoughts. It has not chosen its owner and should therefore not be punished. Someone have to adopt this poor headphone.
  5. Thanks Victor. I PM:ed him a few days ago and so far no reply - but of course only a few days have elapsed. No question that Tran is a great board supplier for the DIYers.
  6. Justin, I'm about to pay for the connectors. Living in Sweden - how much for shipping? Thanks
  7. 13 JoaMat On board heatsinks, IXYS current source, 500V supply and no attenuator.
  8. Thanks Pars. Forgot to check for info on k216.
  9. I found the test points at Mouser. Link:https://se.mouser.co...ualkey534-11011
  10. Kerry, I red your post at 7 in the morning Swedish time. After a few hours of thinking and reading schematics and not getting any viser I did follow your advice to use a diode tester. And whips I found a K216 - Q26 - behaving different to the functional channel, replaced it with the very last spare I got. Now the T2 is playing just wonderful. That diode testing method will be my first choice next time, it´s like a Swiss army knife. When starting the diode test the whole process took less then one hour to get the amp playing. Thank you very much. That goes to all you other people out there, no names, that have contributed to the forum. I´ve read posts forwards and backwards and that have made it possible for me to build the T2. Well, maybe one person should be remembered - Dr. Takeshi Hayashi. Dr. Kevin Gilmore – thanks for your GKSSHV it´s a lovely amplifier.
  11. Thanks Kerry, yesterday I concentrated on the input stage and I replaced Q1,2,3 which didn´t solve a thing (trial and error, not so intelligent). Top batteries voltage are at +10V and Q4/Q5 gates are at -15V. D1 gives the right base voltage and hopefully the Q1,2,3 are OK. What brings the U2 anode voltage down to -15V when it should be around +200V? What effect do Q34,35,36 have, the current thru R9 is 15 mA and R10 is 6mA. edit: one more thing – will a faulty Q4/5 have effect on U2 anode voltage?
  12. Now I´ve done some measurements (I work slow - I´m just an uneducated amateur). Output +: Anode -460 V, Cathode -500 V; LEDs D10, D11 no light Output -. Anode +490 V, Cathode -318V Batteries top voltage +10 V and bottom -500 V. Input stage first tube cathode -27 V, second tube cathode -20 V and gate -19 V. Current thru R9 15 mA and R10 6 mA.
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