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  1. Looks very interesting. Would it be possible to have some pictures of the inner layers? What might the maximum voltage between layers be? Beautiful symmetry of the board.
  2. Well done. Congrates. The blue electrolytics, are they from the group buy?
  3. As a Carbon amplifier I just use a trimmer to control the offset. Yes, it’s 0603 LEDs – TLMS1100.
  4. Absolutely magnificent!
  5. Thanks. Just so I get this right. I assume it's 9.5V from pot to the opamp - not 9.5V from output of amp. R6 and R7 are 120 ohms? (I've a schematic showing 100 ohms) so that gives some 25 mA. The 100 ohms pot for Offset is used when... just to get above in range?
  6. What is the procedure setting up the Circlotron using Offset respective Output Stage Bias trimmers?
  7. Is it possible to have feedback from driver output instead of Circlotron output or will that just end up in a disaster?
  8. Good idea pads both styles. FET is Toshiba 2sk208. LEDs are TLMS1100.
  9. Indeed interesting. Thank you.
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