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  1. 42 deg C (107 deg F), temperature raise 20 deg C (36 deg F). Heat sinks are Modushop 200 mm x 80 mm, voltage +/-500 V.
  2. After reading Walt Jung’s article Audio Current Regulator I think there are reasons to believe that the original output tube CCS has better performance than the 10M90S CCS. According to the same article one can believe that cascoded 10M90S CCS is better than not cascoded.
  3. I missed that you wrote original DIY T2.
  4. A nice build indeed. Like the vent holes pattern.
  5. There have been some posts lately about cascaded current source. With reference to JimL's srx schematic and the srx layout made by Kevin - I made a couple of small boards, surface mounted dn2540 along with some resistors and replaced the two 10m90s resistors.
  6. Looks very compact and elegant indeed. Nice work as always.
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