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  1. ...tighter, tightest. Very nice indeed! Is there room for a trafo as well? Ooh, is there maybe a trafo hidden under PSU?
  2. just curious, what are the specifications of trafos?
  3. Found a nice drawing, said to be done by johnwmclean, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4NVeoQi85GgOTdvOGpxc1hyRFU/edit?usp=sharing. To me it seems that you are going same route as the drawing.
  4. Made some research. Back in 2011/2012 I bought jacks from ujamerstand and PCIaudio. Both made very good Stax jacks.
  5. I use the T2 PSU sometimes and it has 12V LV section but it seems to work.
  6. Looks nice. Congrats.
  7. Really a lovely amp, well done!
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