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  1. Imagine what the 3G would be like with multitasking! Screw that
  2. Ohh like tomorrow date was highlighted in blue in the email reminder I got from apple and when I clicked it it asked me if I wanted to create an event, this is using aol mail..hmm weird
  3. explain what you want to know, whats an invite? Thursday is looking to be a huge mess for most people, I got an reminder email telling me not to forget my reserve at Apple store on thursday and what to expect if there are more people picking up one at the same time. seriously its awesome i get the reminder cause i might just forget to pick up a phone i waited for hours to just preorder...yeah
  4. My mom is on her third day with the iPad and she won't put it down! After she bought two laptops and never touched them after the first day cause she was just affraid of doing something wrong or breaking them she is now surfing the web without fear (or flash). Sofar she uses YouTube and google search and the NBC app, I showed her wiki and the app store today. I told if she keeps playing with the iPad then maybe next week I'll show her emailing..I don't want to throw to much in her brain too fast, a little at a time won't freak her out as she gets used to a modern electronic device. I never tho
  5. Thanks for the replys, I am using a linksys wrt g router now and was thinking about the latest gen airport extreme recently...probably at the end of the month I'll buy it..just wanted to know if n band really is worth it for distance and speed
  6. has anyone seen a wifi speed decrease after installing 4.0, my average wifi speed was 13Mbps download using Speedtest.net app using iphone os 3. now its 11.Mbps after iOS/4..funny thing is my iPad scores 20Mbps on the same G band at the same distances, though my lan connected pc scores in at 24Mbps average...i really hope the wifi speeds are better on the new iphone, i could live with 20Mbps on G! wonder if going to a wifi N router would boost speeds, anyone?
  7. Steve Magical unicorn came back to bless your shit
  8. IMO a good case should act like a crumple zone on a car and break apart upon impact when the device is dropped, which is why i like Agent 18's Eco cases (the plastic is made from recycled pop bottles). when the device hits the ground it bounces up an inch while the two case peices go their serperate ways. the rubber glove/skins and the slider cases i used in the past just lock the phone in while doing shit to protect from impact, im talking about cases that dont add much bulk to the phone...really why would you want to carry more bulk? dropped my 3gs many times yet never gained a single scratc
  9. anyone have a Magic mouse and windows 7 pc/lappy (not a dual boot mac) that can test if the Magic mouse works and if you can scroll with windows? need a mouse and it would match my Apple Keyboard nicely..
  10. I think yes and no, like using the remote app for example. say you went to artist Beatles then you seen all the album you have of the beatles (and we know you have crazy numbers of Beatles albums on your itunes) then you would choose an album off the list and select a song. well you could always back out of that album and go to the album list as long as you didnt close the app. if you closed the app then you had to go back to Artist to get to the Beatles album list..with multitasking you still have to start over just as before so i would guess some apps yes and some apps no. i think evey App c
  11. in google maps or any app that uses your location you know by An Arrow that apears on the top of the screen next to your battery life...nice!
  12. it didnt take all that long, actually average... in one word of the new is "Amazing!". the ipod playlist editing is awesome just this feature alone, the graphics are so updated, folders rule but there seems to be a 9 app limit to each of them, mutlitasking really is what is it, and spell check in any where you type is kinda cool. the zoom in camera is nice but the tap to focus while you are video recording has some cool benefits also.
  13. almost done updating the phone now but i'm already naked and ready!
  14. iOS4 is good! update yo shit now!
  15. i was always under the impression the store replacements are refurb's, its what they do on the iphone's and i high doubt Apple is going to replace an iPad with a brand new untouched at their cost. then again every replacement iPhone i got usually worked better then the new unit i bought, still you paid for a brand new unit and never got to use it once...ask them about returning the entire unit with all packaging at the store. if you plug the iPad into a computer and it does not sync with iTunes or even the computer does not see it at all then your shit is dead!
  16. thanks for the reasuring reply! we should be good on the 24th..should be...hoping!
  17. Aim for the F or J key, they have a Spooge stopper mark on them..totally revolutionary!
  18. It works perfectly perfect on the win 7 machine I built last year! Best keyboard I ever used, easynto clean and easy to read in low light. Mine is the wired num pad one also The USB hubs on the sides read but don't charge or power anything, I have my mouse plugged in there and it works great
  19. can you call and confirm the reservation? let me know what happens.. i asked one of my customers who is a manager at an AT&T store last night about the noncontract price in our email from the reserve from the iphone app and he said he see's no reason why the people at the Apple store won't be able to check if you can get the discount and apply it, he noted the app reserve process probably didnt check anyones account info for upgrades cause there is no rate plan listed in the email...so Apple just reserved one for us and will work out the price/plan when we pick it up..which makes sense.
  20. Ryan would you have any idea of the used $ rate of the 3G you have vs a 32gb 3gs? i am planning on keep my 3gs only for a back up so its really not important i have the S model of over the 3G
  21. if you get the confirmation email your are good and hotsauce! no worries
  22. You people must really trust AT&T cause i sure as hell don't, also Bestbuy is not guaranteeing your reserve will be at the store on the 24th...so since you cant get threw apples online store why not order your iPhone from your iPhone today!?! If anyone has a Apple store close and does not mind picking one up then you can easily reserve a iPhone using the "Apple Store" app that was just released this mourning...i mean it goes threw like butter! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/id375380948?mt=8 I wanted to pick mine up at Orland Park store cause i love the experience of wa
  23. tried 10 times, made it so far to the select your option pick up or delivery then BAM! time out! its done now, We Crashed Apple! i love this shit!
  24. that and freddys pizzera are amazing! not chicago style at all but omg its amazing
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