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    the iPad has n 5ghz and the iphone has n 2.4ghz, was thinking of extending the ipads 5ghz since its used alot further from the router now (with the WRT54 G band i have now the ipad is getting 6Mbps where its mostly used, but closer to the Router it gets 20Mbps). of course if the 5GHz N for the ipad gets good speeds without the need of an repeater/extender then i'll just extend n2.4GHZ so i can use the iphone in the garage which is way far away from the router. i was also planning on comparing the extreme's 2.4ghz G band and 2.4ghz N band first cause i dont understand the difference between the
  2. agreed, Apple will never and can never admit to or say anything towards an Antenna (functional Hardware) problem..they would be shooting themselves in the foot for class action suit's (there is one pending already). they will say what they said in the press release and fix anything else in the patch without saying much of what they are doing. i have a feeling the proxy sensor is worked out in this update also among a bunch of other stuff Apple will call "bug fix's". from all the 3G owner complaints to the iphone 4 owner problems this update will be well taken when it comes. its good to know i
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    yelp same here, installing the extreme down stairs and the Express as a repeater upstairs! here i come 22-24Mbps!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! must do some research on how to connect these two!
  4. Apple: iPhone 4 reception problem is a software issue, fix coming in 'a few weeks' -- Engadget thats the most pussy legal answer i ever heard! yet all i am taking this as i was lied to the entire time owning any iPhone about signal..
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    slow forum

    Premium Berliner Gramophone Kit me want
  6. it does make me feel better actually....least i'm not alone with my evil cheek bones.
  7. Ferrari 430 spyder? Jenny mccarthy? Breitling? well i got one down, sorry Jennifer but the Ferrari is next! WOOT WOOT!!!!
  8. When you're on a call and the phone is up to your ear, the screen turns active thus having your cheek open different shit (facetime,hold,keypad,etc) without you knowing that you are doing it. i think its because i am tilting the phone away from my ear just enough for the screen to come on while my cheek goes to town and does whatever, every other iPhone i had never was this touchy. the replacement is just as touchy with holding the phone and the bars going up and down..so i basically wasted 2 hours of my life exchanging phones for the same outcome..i'm an asshole LOL! I asked the
  9. Just returned it for a replacement, made three calls on the replacement sofar and the phone went to my contacts once, made two attempts at FaceTime chat all while I was holding the phone to my ear...ugh!
  10. So now there is a Teleprompter kit for the iPhone, i guess Obama will be getting his own iPhone soon.. "Ask not what Apple can do for you-ask what you can do for Apple", “In the End, we will remember not the words of our texts, but the silence of our calls.”, "I cannot swallow whole the view of Steve Jobs as the Great Emancipator.", "Great Apps are programmed, not by strength, but by perseverance" Prompt-It iPhone teleprompter perfect for business meetings, Internet cranks -- Engadget
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    HAHA shit like that must of came from 4chan
  12. anyone here making calls (like face time calls), putting people on hold, showing the keypad, or going to your recents or contact list while you have the phone up to your ear on a call? this is really showing itself more and more as i use the phone..like almost every time i am on the phone on a call! i have a feeling the bar graph is too sensitive and the proxy sensor is doing most of the hang ups being the cause for this "antenna problem", Apple better come with a fix soon or they will be getting lots of returns! i called twice to apple and have the case numbers to show when they try t
  13. if you are using the iPad alot while sitting or you're traveling alot the Apple case rocks, but if you're holding it with your hands alot then i found a soft rubber-like case is much easier to grip thus relaxing your thumb. mine came with an Apple case and a Belkin clear rubber one, the belkin just sticks the ipad to my open palm while using your thumb for a tiny bit of balance and safety
  14. just got off the phoen with Apple tech support, i told them i reset/airplane on/off/ restored my phone and i am still seeing dropped calls. seriously i cant tell you the last 3GS dropped call i had in my area and to make matters worse i bought two cases (griffen and Belkin, Apple Bumpers where not available) and am still dropping calls...like i think i had more dropped calls since Thursday then i did over the last three years. they had nothing to say and i understand that but i just wanted them to note it incase i need to return this device later in the week. i have amazing 3G coverage in my a
  15. from the old incase stuff to the new griffen i just picked up i always had to remove the case or top part to plug into the headphone jack, though any cable with a skinny iphone first gen connector works perfect! is there even a diy jack available like those? only a few times do i use the headphone out, always going line out..
  16. Nope I just keep my head down and mind my own, I'm only an asstat on the forums Anyone watch a high def movie on theirs yet? I loaded a 720p avatar and either know the iPhone4 screen is not 720 it's seriously beautiful!!! Even DVD quality blazing saddles is awesome! I had three more drop calls tonight
  17. RemoveRick Wagoner Personal iPhone in waiting line thought #386: it would be fun someone at the back of the line whispered in the ear of the person infront of them and told that person to pass it forward to the next person. If I was in back of the line, like 354 people deep I would say "my pants, there is a hole in them and he got out, a...sk the person infront of you if they would be willing to grab him, k thanx" One dropped call and .50Mbps 3g speed, they had no cases left...not to worried Apple has good Customer service
  18. Remove Rick Wagoner Personal iPhone in waiting line though: 284, I wander what these people waiting in line with me would do if I pull down my pants and scream "HELP! HELP! HE'S LOOSE SOMEONE GRAB HIM"? 16 minutes ago via Facebook for iPhone*
  19. In line now 15 people ahead all reserves, got here about 45 mins ago, lots of cute girls, bored, I keep posting Personal iPhone in waiting line thought #'s on Facebook,
  20. least there is two lines!! lol
  21. they looked away but were watching before, i was calm and polite to the Apple peep and one person that was a few people infront of me said something like "true, this aint no way of doing a reserve". the mall closes at 9pm and i figure the store has to run out of walk in phones so the only line will be reserve then..fuck it im going back at 8:30!! lol
  22. lol fuck that, seriously i have no problem waiting in line with reserves..you know people who were up at 3am trying to get threw the online order but the only way that worked was a pickup. im not waiting behind someone who decides a second before i got there that they one and we both are in the same line. i love that shirt btw!
  23. Just walked out of the mall, the line is nuts but what pisses me off is the fucktards who just are waiting for one and the people who were up at 3am last Tuesday reserving theirs online are in the same line! I told the apple bitch to cancel my reserve. Fuck that I ain't waiting behind no asshole that didn't reserve
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