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  1. so there was an app called "handy Light" which for 99 cents would flash 5 pretty colors on your iPhone screen...pretty cool right? well its been pulled cause a built in easter egg of letting you tether your phone somewhat easily without jailbreaking or signing up under at&t's plan...my buddy got it to work and is tethering now, by the time i found out about it...was too late..damn!
  2. i agree with Naaman's use of a seperate amp, running all your speaker power from an external amp is such an amazing difference in quality. i would recommend you to match all your inside component speakers with the same make and model line with whatever you go with. back in the day i used the crossover on my 5 channel amp to seperate the freq's to the right speakers, but that was back in the day..not sure what these hip kids are doing today or what companies are in and what suck. back then i installed it myself to save money and just spent some time playing with the amps eq to get it just righ
  3. I have a giffen and a belkin, giffen is like a hard rubber and its better then no case but not as good as the Bumper from Apple. my friend has a bumper and 2 cheap soft rubber cases, the soft rubber does nothing for the deathgrip. which cases do you have?
  4. after watching the video of the press meeting i have a wild theory and i wonder what you all think, then again i know you all think i am nuts so..but anyway i have to say Apple (to me) basicly admitted they knew before this could be a problem, took a gamble, developed a bandaid in case the gamble came back to bite them in the ass, and still does not have a long term fix..at least of what they are telling now Apple knew this could be a problem.. Apple being the first for many things knew building the antenna into the siding of the phone or the actual casing of the phone could develop this
  5. just like How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
  6. the 3GS got the "tap to focus" while shooting a video and a zoom function i liked along with threaded mail.
  7. no probs with the update on the ip4, glad to see you like the 3GS Ryan...it really is a great phone today.
  8. well i guess im going to return the $60.oo in cases i bought earlier this month, if i scratch the phone i dont care much cause i plan on getting a replacement later in the month anyway under Apple Warranty.
  9. update is out, anyone try it? what ares your thoughts on before/after?
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    Remember the 4 golden words! Location, Location, Location, and chloroform.. you see ? now you to can have sex with anyone you want! seriously look at the positive in any negative!
  11. well if they're on the phone i hope they dont handle it on its left side...haha pun pun...yeah im done
  12. Apple to hold iPhone 4 press conference this Friday -- Engadget http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/comment/4/2010/07/2683b1ef538dbd26eb24e5f8271676e5/original.jpg
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    if this video was a gun, my brains would be all over the place!~!
  14. ITs the most overated and shitty part of iOS4. first off you have to ask yourself what apps would you like to run in the background often? second you have to ask yourself if those wanted apps can even run in the background, it seems those apps need to be written to be able to..in other words the dev has to update and make it happen. third you have to remnd yourself to close the background apps, not sure if this runs the battery down much but its useless to swipe thru three pages of mutlitasked apps that arent doing shit in the background. fourth only way you can close an app is to get in
  15. Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: iPhone 4 signal debate rages; we experience signal loss in some calls Consumer Reports finds Ip4 to have antenna issues and does not believe in Apples reason for the problem either..
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    Amazon.com: Hello Dolly: Louis Armstrong: MP3 Downloads Louis ArmStrong's "Hello Dolly Live" album for .52 cents
  17. n i did it when you couldnt activate, i went to apple and at&T and they said nono if its a new ipad with a new sim/number. you an easily buy a grandfathered ipad now and just change the payment info. a customer at the bar just did the same last week and it worked perfect, they even showed me the unlimited data plan on their ipad. just make sure the person you are buying from does not cancel the service, when you meet with them for the exchange you just replace their info with yours and thats it. AT&T can not stop you from changing the name,Credit card, etc if you have to and its not u
  18. you can look for a grandfathered iPad on CL, thats what i did and it worked easy
  19. i never had luck with handbrake, way too many converts that just dont work after all is done. i use earthsoft Bluray ripper with any dvd. i do most of mine in h.264 720p (blurays) and yes they work on itunes,ipad, and iphon4. out of maybe 30 movies i had one bluray that would not work but the others were perfect.
  20. LOL i average 22 down and 3.5 up on Comcast wired. with the wrt54 router ipad scores 20down/3up and the iphone sucks balls at 13down/3up. Apple Router comes tomorrow so il see if there is an increase. not bad cause the package i pay for is 12down, i guess my hood is not populated with com cast customers or something...either way i am not complaining
  21. did you hear a "deek deek deek" sound when the call was dropped? if not you may have a proxy issue!
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    Cowboom Deal of the Day - Apple Airport Extreme Wireless-N Base Station (MC340LL/A) $90.00 plus shipping for a refurb current gen Airport Extreme!
  23. i hit tap to focus a few times but when you're dealing with a husky that don't like anything pointed at him your timing won't be long. i still can't believe the focus the camera got while looking threw clearish rubber.. then again the yellowish coloring kind of makes it hipster like, lots of northsiders would love this "feature"
  24. This may seem liked a seriously flawed pic but if i told you there was a clear Belkin cover over mounted on the iPhone upside covering the lens when the pic was taken would you give the photo any credit for being in focus? in life The dog is white and so are the walls but how the camera focused right threw the clear rubber case is beyond me..remember the bottom of the case was on over the top of the iPhone..WTF?
  25. thanks for the reply, so scroll even works? if so im buying this pig!
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