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    Canjam 2010.

    So thats where the smell in the area is coming from... Enjoy Chicago man!
  2. after the first two games and esp after the last i would say Philly deserves to lose! going out and playing like a bunch of assholes in the first period wont win you games, putting Carcillo just wasted a line up spot for philly, they should of put someone with more talent then Carcillo running his useless shit filled mouth off. yes it is important to let the other team know your tough but to do it so blatant and still not win makes the team look stupid in the end, he was there to get under our skin and that type of play won't work with the Hawks. also how Philly didn't score in the third perio
  3. Oh i know this, i met you twice-ish and you always had my attention..seriously though if you gander in any of the actual Chicago neighborhood bars your asking for trouble (esp the Southside). personally i dont care what anyone wears and you should if its your fav team, just a warning to you and your good time here. Hell die hard Baseball fans will give a cubs shirt on the southside trouble and a sox shirt trouble on the Northside, and these are Chicago Teams.. It's not Billie, its Billy, Pretty P, Beelly, or Ms. Jackson if you're nasty!
  4. considering the local team would be playing the Flyers in a big game at that very moment i think its a real "look at me, i want attention" move, but rest assured since your going to a Headphone meet with a bunch of tech geeks i really dont think you'll get the attention. btw not sure if you would be willing but if you and a few people wanna do a trip to my bar on Saturday night i would advise against wearing that jersey..its asking for trouble, and people that ask for trouble are not allowed in. Though if you do decide to come up with something else on and Dustin Byfuglien scores then i'll bu
  5. the only team that gets me really worried is the Wings, maybe the sharks a bit also, other then those two i just take it game by game and see what happens. i see the Flyer's did wake up late in the year so i am hoping they bring it to the Hawks, we play better against good teams..Hawks seem to come out more hungry on the good teams then teams they think are easy. The Hawks have two ways of playing, laid back or hungry, sometimes they come out like they are just taking it easy and skating around (you can tell how they skate for the puck) but there are times they come hungry and will do anything
  6. The 4G iPhone: Wal-Mart (WMT) Cuts Price Of Current iPhone 3GS By Half – 24/7 Wall St. reporting FAIL! Iphone "4G" as some call it means fourth generation iPhone, not 4g data.... "4G" is not the official name by any means.. someone email this dude and tell him he sucks at his job, or maybe just attach a "orly" owl pic..always loved those
  7. The way he skates with the puck in life, that's all.
  8. Chicago has alot of great players to watch, Kandy Kane just has the finesse with the puck handling i have not seen since i seen Gretzky (he is amazing to watch live in person). also everyone in Chicago likes to get on Hossa as the jagoff of the team cause he takes stupid penalties in horrible useless times but no one can deny him of the talent he does have.. he just has not found his click with the team yet (i have a feeling the next series will open Hossa up a bit). Versteeg and Eager had the hard hitters, watch them play.. they will just go on a checking binge and just check everyone in sit
  9. i don't understand why Dan and Vicky don't want Chicago to go all the way? wait...Aren't you a wings fan Vicky?
  10. not sure what you people are talking about with Africa or Italy but you can buy an iPhone without contract here in the states.. Apple now offering no-contract iPhone option | Phones | iPhone Central | Macworld oops they are still locked just with no contract..
  11. i can see your point here with number three. after doing usb tethering on AT&T for a few days i can see where they think a "unlimited" 5gb limited mobile data plan for computer use to come to $60 a month cause thats what they charge for the laptop 3g service now, so $30 for an iphone and another $30 for use of a laptop would make it line up what other 3g laptop at&T customers pay now. the weird deal now on at&T of course is the ipad's mobile internet but if you want to use a full laptop with flash then you will pay $30 more and have the 5gb limit. if Apple scored a $30 deal with
  12. I'm not sure if I understand what these mobile hotspot thingies are, do they just throw out wifi like a wireless router does only using the 3g incoming service??? If so that would be a wild thought the next gen iPhone n90 would have the hardware to do so, no one has really disected the internal chips of the two leaks mules correct?
  13. At&T legit tethering was found in beta 4 that seeded to dev's for os 4.0 earlier this week.. read around the guess price is $20-30 extra a month. we shall know on june 7th! I will be in for an extra tethering plan when AT&T lets it happen in legit form, i tried Clear 4G and found lots of dead spots and trouble with the service..I signed up on the 3g usb card and it worked amazing but i cancelled the second day in hopes of the iPhone doing it.
  14. that would be great for the computer/hdtv user, well it will be better then whats out now. still i would guess the only reason why they have not pushed up resolutions in hdtv cause most people would never use the higher spec, most people are not concerned with the high spec, most if not all the tv/movie has a best of only 1080p, and of course you have to figure the extra stuff in hdtv's cost over the bare monitors.. which brings me to my other thought and why i never really cared for computer monitors in general. the cost for what you get is insane, 22 inches at $150 with two connections an
  15. true, it sucks why the resolutions can not be higher, personally i would never use any higher resolution myself though. Toshiba's Cell tv may support a 3840x2160 though but price and when it comes out is another question. i also believe most people sit way to far from the set to really notice the difference between 720 to 1080 in their movies.
  16. true I agree the local dimming led back lit stuff is considered the flagship of the brands and alot more then what a general Plasma goes for but my reply was to say that LED-LCD has stepped up and in some cases finally taken plasma. also the local dimming led back lit pricing goes up and down often (almost week by week), one week the LG 8500 is $2700 then the next week its $2200 with a free WHDI connection kit, then its $2000, then its back up to $2400..etc also one should expect a top rated picture and a flagship model would cost a bit over the general plasma set's. and when you compare th
  17. nope, sadly i will not
  18. For the 90+% of LCD-LED tv's you see at big box stores then yes i would not only agre with you but go a step further and just say they are complete shit in picture quality (imo). that 90+% is always going to be "edge lit", which is the cheap and easy way of using LED's. For the fewer then 10% of LED-LCD's that don't use "edge lit" but instead use "local dimming back lit" I would recommend you rethink your opinion on LCD-LED set's, seriously rethink! Very few sets use them but everyone one the sets is very highly rated for picture quality and usually in the top 5 all the best of the best (
  19. thank you for letting me know my human rights, i am over joyed you care enough about me to address your feelings/opinion/uselessothershit about what reflects on me in post #1912 of a thread regarding a cell phone.. as far as calls its also your call to umm keep your feelings/opinion/uselessothershit about what reflects on me to yourself on a forum your moderator of, after all it may not reflect well on you..but who am i to say and who are you too even care...probably as much as i do..yeah its like that.
  20. i don't find it odd you "trying" to call me out based on your hf observation, instead ask yourself (based on your hf usage observation) if i really give a fuck about your "odd" finding. was just going to post this! thats so interesting!! i am so into this like a chick is into Gossip Girl!
  21. i find it odd an At&T customer rep will give the tethering date out yet we read nothing about it on the e-blogs..hope so even if its $30 more a month i will do it cause Clear 4G sucks (had it, tried it) and At&T has amazing coverage around here with at times 5 mbps dl speeds (normal 2-4mbps around here, with Clear i was two city blocks away from the closet tower and was lucky to get 2mbps tops!).
  22. not a lawyer (and i dont even play one on tv for that matter) but i would guess with my limited research of Journalist laws would not apply to the raid or the investigation, the question is did Giz knowingly buy a stolen good. the raid would be valid cause the investigation is for the purchasing known stolen property not the "news" reporting Giz did later. if Giz paid $5000 for an exclusive story with pics and video then they would be in the legal clear..but they bought the phone itself and the raid probably seeks evidence pertaining to the transaction/sale of the phone which has nothing to do
  23. They Raided Jason Chen's house, full kick down the door warrant and seize style! the story is on Giz now, i'm not linking on purpose.. been threw a warrant search/raid before, (nothing to do with me personally or anything of my property or my previous actions) and i must tell you its a really messed up feeling to have your place raided!
  24. been watching this drama series since engadet posted the first pics..i do check them like 5 times a day on my phone when im bored. i want to preorder the phone now! when Toshiba's 2.5 12mm laptop hdd comes out to buy i will be purchasing my first macbook pro 13 (only 1tb option out in the 2.5 12mm is WD and i cant stand their drives).
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