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  1. Wow that's amazing. Had my first meal at Cordon Bleu in SF... been wanting to eat at that place for a year+ since I learned of its existence. I destroyed a monstrous amount of food... the 5 spice chicken combo (with meat sauce/rice and salad) and 3 of their insanely delicious imperial fried rolls.
  2. Nod, the reason I said this was a stupid request is that I was told that there's no way to get answers to any further questions so we can't get additional criteria to make the decision. I have no problems with buying a 600 dollar bottle of wine as a gift, but blindly buying 1 seems stupid to me unless it was for someone that cares more about the $ cost than the quality of wine. Though I was told it was to be for 1 or 2 bottles of wine with preference on the 1. That being said Edipis and Tmoney's info probably will fit the bill! Forwarding this to my brother. Thanks guys! Edit: Nvm just checked in with my brother and he had been following the thread and based on advice given his friend picked up a bottle of '90 latour.
  3. Pretty stupid request I know. Apparently my brother is trying to help his friend who is buying a bottle for his wine geek brother. I have no other preference details besides maybe a bordeaux or californian vintage. Not sure why people make these kinds of poorly thought out extravagant gifts. Feel like it's similar to if my brother asked a headphone audiophile what they think is awesome and they say Grado PS1000 and he gets me a Grado PS1000. That being said... that's the gift givers problem not mine I guess. Said I'd ask though so here I am Throw out whatever you'd get if you won 500-600 bucks in a lotto and felt like blowing it on a bottle of wine. Thanks in advance. Edit: Tips on where to buy/source would be good to. No one involved in this game of telephone or game of shitty gift giving knows anything about wine.
  4. Hrm, kind of tempted. Have a vague resolution this year to go to LA and NY a few times this year which I'm pretty much failing at so far!
  5. Went into the doctor's today! Results were good. No rupture in the ear drum. Clearly a cut in the ear canal with an unstable blood. No IEMs for a week she said (Probably playing it safe, but I can live with this.... probably. We'll see when I do cardio tomorrow ;p). Thanks again for all the info/advice guys. Never been a big contributor in community-sense in this scene, so the outpouring is extra unexpected and appreciated.
  6. Thanks guys its evening now. I'm feeling okay right now. left a message with the audiologist and making an appointment tomorrow
  7. Thanks guys. what are my options for diagnosis and treatment? Does emergency and urgent care make sense at all? I'm cheap when it comes to medical expenses have very good blur shield hmo
  8. Well. in case anyone that is a doctor sees this and can help me figure out what's happening (I know Torpedo is ear nose throat etc.) but calling the audiologist because... On the list of things I least expect upon waking up. Massive, continuous leakage of blood from my left ear is pretty damn high up on that list. A little freaked out. Related to the fact that I had ear impressions taken yesterday at the headphone meet for the purpose of at some point getting custom earbuds? Coincidence that's the ear that hurt/had pressure when they pulled out the impressions? Audiologist told me it was no big deal. Was fine at the time, but now maybe less so. Can't hear too well out of it but maybe that's just because there's massive amounts of clotted blood. Well, I guess it's good I got her number for in case I had problems or needed new impressions. Calling that now. Hrm, now the question is if this is reason enough to cancel the quest for Pliny the Younger. No pain and reasonably sure that the blood flow will stop and maybe my hearing will come back after the blood is cleaned out. Decisions, decisions. Phone call first. http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/421907_3219192479742_1264298259_33282644_885616500_n.jpg http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/429685_3219192679747_1264298259_33282645_472819010_n.jpg http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/432267_3219193039756_1264298259_33282646_1461849289_a.jpg http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/432267_3219193039756_1264298259_33282646_1461849289_a.jpg
  9. Thanks y'all see you tomorrow!
  10. Ah in SF forgot to bring a Mac laptop charger. if anyone can bring a slow spare much obliged. if not no worries will figure out another transport
  11. Hrm I kinda want to try Pliny the Younger, but.. lazy.
  12. Hrm, might be awesome to attend. Maybe I'll even bring gear. This v-link does make the question of transport a lot easier and I was going up to SF night time anyways... We'll see!
  13. http://www.dailynorthwestern.com/campus/class-sex-toy-demonstration-causes-controversy-1.2501746 is this what Kevin Gilmore did today??
  14. Yes the new amp will be about 1k. Why the bemusement? Craig's amps are one of the best values from an established maker (Along with headamp/woo audio) not to mention what all it can do.
  15. Deets on amp from Craig "The EC Hybrid is a vacuum tube bi-polar headphone/ speaker amplifier. It is a true dual mono design with two separate power transformers. The 12AX7 tubes run on plus and minus 300 volts. There are four regulated high voltage supplies, two for B+, and two for the tube current sources. The bias circuit is boot strapped to the high voltage circuit, and the current gain comes from six output transistors plus two driver transistors per channel. Each output transistor has very fast Ft's of over 80mHz. The amplifier bandwidth is -.5dB 5Hz, and 70kHz. Each output transistor has it's own 10,000uF power supply capacitor at the collector for a total power supply reserve of 120,000uF. Power output is 15 watts 8 ohms, and 30 watts 4 ohms. The Hybrid will have a three input selector switch, headphone/speaker switch, and front panel 1/4" headphone jack." He's still trying to figure out chassis and possibly some other features. As Ric says it was crushing things with my 89 (Or was it 90?) db GMA europas. Best thing I've heard in conjunction with it. His buddy Andy who inspired the solid state portion of the hybrid is designing an all out balanced version that is much more powerful will be in the 5k territory range that is fully balanced and will come in either a Joel designed chassis or a chassis milled from a single block of aluminum. Craigs amp will be in the 1k range and frankly will do my speakers more than enough justice. Will look at Andy's offering when I have a room that can justify speakers that can justify ze amp ;p Andy is his friend who was hired at Harmon to design a flagship amp that sadly never saw the light of day and also is of Great American Sound fame.. outfit who did Ampzilla etc.
  16. Okay so this is coming up so a reminder to those interested. PMs reconfirming your interest would be good ;p I'll reach out to those who PM'd me before when I have spare minutes. A reminder that space is somewhat limited so preference will be given to those who rsvp'd the first go around, but there weren't that many of those and some have indicated that they can't make this new date.
  17. Haha, guzziguy you are welcome to come if you want, but I'm not sure it'll be worth it ;p Will be a very small meet in a very small space. (8-10 people max with less functional rigs then that). But would be good to see if you if you decide to swing it. Socalers so hardcore.
  18. Got an email from Craig apparently his wife made him aware that they actually are coming up the weekend of Oct 30th instead of this weekend. So I guess this is postponed until then.... if someone can edit the first post with that info much obliged. If there are any updates to the situation I'll update this thread. Edit: Yup just heard back from him. It's Oct 30th ;p
  19. hopefully his sales are doing well! I guess his amps compete with each other though but i think the BA is selling well.
  20. I'm not 100 percent sure, but k1ks will work with it since yours have speaker friendly bare wire ;p
  21. Sounds good Al! Would be great seeing you again But totally understand that there are exciting other things happening that weren't announced so last minutely ;p
  22. Hosting a little meet if anyone is interested. As for now I have me, foo_me and Craig in. Craig is in town delivering his daughter to her new school and has a day to kill and a new toy to share (If he throws it together in time amongst his busy-ness "Should be good to go, I have all the parts here, and boards are scheduled to arrive today. I could have it working by this weekend"). My place is in Mountain View, 94043, CA. Start time will be around 11 am to whenever PM me if you are interested. My place is tiny so I think I can support a max of 8ish. Details: "The EC 215 is a hybrid by polar, 15 watts 8 ohms, 30 watts per channel 4 ohms. Single ended in, and out." Speaker amp etc.
  23. Icarium

    Audeze LCD-2

    Just like the people who think there are dacs better than audio gd dacs huh? ;p
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